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David Broke Me In

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My surprising first sexual contact with a boy. Surprising in that it started out as a ride home.


I was introduced to this boy name David at a friend's birthday party when I was 16 years old. David and I really hit it off with each other and we spent the whole evening with each other. David told me he'd be glad to take me home when the party was over. I called my mom and told her that I had a ride so she wouldn't have to come get me.

A little after eleven David and I left the party. We drove around awhile and talked. Before too long our conversation turned to sex. David went to questioning me about my 'sex life' which at the time was just that I masturbated and did it often. He then asked exactly how I did it and what I felt. I was beginning to feel a bit embarrassed about his questions and to get him off of this I begin to ask him about his 'sex life'. What he did and the like. He said he masturbated too and did it at least once a day. I, like he did me, asked how he did it and what it felt like. Unlike me, David wasn't at all embarrassed talking about himself. In fact he seemed excited talking about it.

David went to telling me how he'll lay in bed with his eyes closed thinking about some girl he'd seen and would think about what he'd do to her sexually. He got quite detailed talking about this. I was beginning to get excited about this too as I was learning a lot about boys and how they think when it comes to sex. He was now referring to the masturbation as jerking off. When he got to how it feels he went into saying 'cumming off' and 'blowing my wad' and the like. I was now really beginning to get curious. I'd heard about some of this but from girls at school. Here I was talking to a boy who are the ones that do these things. This was first hand info.

Things finally got down to 'do you want to see' stage with him. By this time I actually did want to see! I told him that I would like to see. David then turned around and headed to his neiborhood. I saw him now with his hand down between his legs rubbing on himself. He knew a good deserted place to go. We got there and parked. He asked me again if I was ready. I said yes. He undid his pants and pulled them down. He turned on the interior lights and I looked at his rock hard penis. The first I'd ever seen in person and not just a picture. He then reached to the back seat and brought up a newspaper. He covered his belly area with the paper telling me it was to catch the cum so it wouldn't get all over him. I was so excited when he said this. Here I was going to see a boy squirt his cum for the first time. He laid back all he could and wrapped his hand around it. I asked him if I could touch it. He said yes and took my hand and put it on his cock and wrapped my hand around it. David then showed me just how to 'jerk' it and how tight to hold it. David was letting me give him the hand job! It wasn't too long and he went to making sounds with growns and ahhhs, etc. He then went to telling me 'oh my god; I'm going to cum. I'm cumming, I'm cumming'. He took my hand and aimed his cock up so the cum would end up on the paper. I watched the white gooey stuff stream out of his cock with squirt after squirt. It was so cool, I thought. A boy's cum and I'm the one that made him cum off. I felt excited about this.

David and I continued to see each other for several months and I also introduced him to fingering a girl and seeing a girl cum off. David finally got to where he wanted to take our relationship another step (meaning intercourse) and I said no. I guess this was what ended our thing with each other. But, I had sure learned a lot from David that I have sure put to good use ever since. To this day I'm sure good at making my boyfriends cum off with my hands.



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