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Daughter's Revelation

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I never heard of this site until just two days ago when I was sharing my very unusual story with my sister. She tried to give me some advice and she told about the site and suggested I tell my story so, for what it's worth, here it is...

My daughter Katrina is eighteen and is a complete joy to my husband and I in all respects. She will be starting college next Sept. and we are very proud of her. She presently has a boyfriend and several very nice female friends. A few nights ago Kat and I were talking about a variety of things and at some point the subject of pre-marital sex came up. Kat told me that she is still a virgin but she also said she had something that she may as well tell me. She said that she has had sexual relations with two of her female friends. My first response was to shout, 'WHAT!!' She said, 'you heard me.' I didn't want to believe what I just heard. I would never in a million years imagine Kat having sex with a female. She then said, 'mom, I like it a lot.' I asked her finally if she thought maybe she is a lesbian and she said absolutely not. She said she really likes guys and that she does the sex things with girls just because it feels so good and she likes the way they touch her.

I didn't say anything else because I really had nothing to say on the subject. I told her to come and sit next to me. I wanted to cry and I wasn't sure why. She moved over to me and put her head on my shoulder. I was, at the time, wearing my robe having just showered a little earlier. All of a sudden Kat moves slightly and I feel her hand cup my one breast. Her finger tip is on my nipple. I froze! Kat began to squeeze my breast and rub her finger tip over the nipple. I didn't say or do anything and she continued to now tweak the nipple and then squeeze it. She then loosened the robe's sash and pulled my robe open exposing both of them. She was now fondling both of my breasts and teasing my nipples which I could tell were quite hard to the touch. I quietly said, 'Kat, I think you should stop.' She said, 'in just a little while mom.' She leaned down toward my chest and put a nipple into her mouth. I could feel her sucking it. I then tapped her head and told her to stop. She stopped sucking and pulled her head away. Kat then re-tied my robe sash and kissed me on the mouth. I felt the tip of her tongue at my lips and I allowed her tongue to enter my mouth for just a little while. I touched her tongue with mine and then we stopped. Kat went back to her first position on the couch and I turned on the TV. Very little was said and then I went to bed. I couldn't sleep thinking about what just happened. I was also terribly stimulated sexually from the experience. I put my hand into my panties and they were wet. My fingers smelled of sex. I couldn't resist the urge and for the first time in a long time I masturbated until I came.

The following day while Kat was at school I drove to my sisters to share my experience with her. I had to tell someone and there is no way I would tell my husband. Cathy couldn't believe what I told her. She was stunned. She didn't seem to think that the situation of Kat having sex with the two friends was any big deal but she wanted to know how it felt to have my daughter touching my tits (her words) and actually sucking on a nipple. I told her it sexually stimulated me. Her comment was, 'Oh wow.' She asked me if I wanted to do more and I said I did but I didn't. I shared with her that I masturbated afterwards. Cathy said, 'I would have too.' She then suggested that I leave the matter alone until another similar situation arises and then I'm going to have to make some choices as to either stopping it for good or further involvement on my part. She then told me about this site. I have to ask, Cathy, how did you find this site?



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