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Daughter Needed To Learn

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I knew the day would come sooner or later


At the time, I was a stay-at-home mother and my husband was working afternoons/evenings. I have two children, my oldest boy always in and out of the house and my daughter starting high school. Because of my husband's work schedule, my daughter and I had become very close.

One afternoon when she came home from school, she seemed pretty down. I asked her what was wrong but she wouldn't say. I dropped it, but later on after dinner she told me that a couple of her friends that day were talking about masturbating and she felt left out because she didn't know what it was. This was before we had the internet and I couldn't just show her a website and have her read it, so I sat her down and started telling her all about it. I told her about the way her body had been changing and how masturbation was something that everyone does, including her own mother. I said that she could be wearing clothes if liked, such as her pajamas, but that I prefer to strip nude so I have complete freedom. She was curious how often I did it, and I told her not every day, but sometimes 2-3 times if I was really feeling horny that day. I told her about the different parts of her vagina and how good it feels fondling each area. She seemed really interested and even a little confused when I talked about orgasms, but I told her she would just need to experience it for herself to understand how wonderful it feels.

We talked for a good half hour, even going so far dildos and vibrators and her virginity. I asked her if she had any more questions and she said she didn't, but a couple minutes later she sheepishly asked me if she could go masturbate right then. I told her absolutely, and that she can whenever she wanted to at home and that it was only her business. She smiled and went upstairs and I heard her door lock. By this time my pussy was soaked just talking about it all, but I didn't think it would be right for me to rub one out at that time, so I just went into the bathroom and wiped myself off and dried off my panties the best I could.

About 20 minutes went by and I heard her door open and she walked back down, feet bare, purple bathrobe tied tight and grinning from ear to ear. She stopped in front of me and just said that she did it. I got up and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek, saying that I was proud of her and that she just took her first step towards being a woman. The rest of the night was pretty average, but before she went to bed she closed her door and came one more time before she fell asleep.

The next day I had to go grocery shopping, but before I went I stopped by an 'adult book store' and bought her a small vibrator and left it on her bed with a bow on it. When she came home, she was all smiles because that day on she was a masturbator like her friends. I told her her day was going to get better and to check in her room. She ran upstairs and I didn't hear anything for a few minutes so I went and checked, and when I peeked around the corner her door was wide open and she was spread out on her bed, vibrator buzzing away at her hungry vagina, eyes squeezed shut and her toes curling, spreading and grabbing at her sheets. Seeing her like that, I needed an orgasm of my own so I went to my room, stripped nude and grabbed my own vibrator, cumming in less than a minute. I'm usually pretty quiet when I cum, but that time I let out a long, deep moan that I knew she could hear. I just laid there with my vibe sitting on the bed next to me, hands behind my head and ankles crossed when she walked by and stood in the doorway naked as her mother, holding her vibrator and just told me that she loved it. I told her I was glad, and when she walked away I got a little teary-eyed seeing my baby girl grow up. Later that evening I told her the vibrator would be our little secret, and to let me know any time she needed more batteries.

That was many years ago and she is now grown up with a daughter of her own, and even though she has a great marriage, she still loves to masturbate, just like her mother. Someday she is going to be able to teach her own daughter just like I taught her, and I know she's going to do a great job at it.



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