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Daughter-in-law a Real Peach

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Many years ago, as a lecturer in a college, I had a student who I was constantly admiring, especially her lovely tits and feet. I had her sit near the front where I was able to get several nice peaks at her. I couldn't help looking at her tanned feet which was made even nicer when she removed them while taking a test. This gave me the opportunity to look without being noticed. She also had 'perky' tits, not too big, just right for squeezing and fondling. Little did I know that in a few years Jessica was to be my daughter-in-law! Boy, was that a wonderful turn of events.

I was at home one day when there was a knock on the door and it was Jessica. She had been running and got caught in the rain and was soaked. I told her to come in and get into the shower, give me her clothes and I would toss them into the dryer. She did so and I couldn't help but feel her panties and sniff her bra before tossing them into the dryer. I had a hard on the size of a flag pole.

When she got out of the shower her clothes weren't quite dry so she found an old jersey I had and put it on without her panties. It stretched just down enough to be a tease and cover her cute little ass; that was until she went into the kitchen and reached up for a glass. I saw her cute little ass as she was on her tip toes. I kept glancing back and forth at her ass and feet.

When she returned to the room she said her feet were sore from the new running shoes. I quickly offered to rub them for her and she said that would be great. I sat down on the couch and she laid them on my lap. Oh the times I had dreamed of this opportunity and now it was about to occur.

I gently started rubbing them and discovered they were even softer than I had imagined. I did this for a few minutes and saw her smiling.

Then I decided to take a chance and started gently tickling them. As I started she tensed up trying not to move, smiled, and then giggled. I continued and she giggled more but I decided I better not push it and stopped. She told me not to stop and that she really liked it so I continued. She laughed out loudly which really turned me on even more.

Finally she had enough and wanted to do something for me to be fair. I had no idea what she had in mind but was about to find out. She got up and said she knew it had been hard on me being alone for several years so she wanted to help me relieve the tension. She left briefly, returning with having put on her panties while bringing a tube of vaseline. I stood up and she pulled down my pants and underwear. She then started to put a thin coat of vaseline on my cock very slowly.

As she continued I was looking at her pixie pigtails and saw her biting her lip and sticking out her tongue as though she was really concentrating on doing a good job. She looked so 'into it'. She looked up and saw me smiling and I told her she seemed so interested in doing a good job. She said she had a very good teacher once who told her to always do her best at whatever she attempted and wanted to impress me. I told her that she was well on her way to getting a good grade. That seemed to really please her so she took off the jersey. Wow, those tits were fabulous!

She then had me lie down on the floor with a pillow under my head and she straddled me with her legs on each side of my head. She continued rubbing me and placing more vaseline on my cock. She then told me I could lick and rub her feet as she was jacking me off. I was in ecstasy! Her feet were so soft that I finally started to suck on them. She used one hand to rub me and the other to tickle my stomach and inside my legs which drove me crazy. She really seemed to enjoy this starting and stopping as though she knew about edging.

As she continued she leaned forward and allowed me to rub her tits as I licked her feet. She even put vaseline on her tits to make them slicker. I couldn't hold it any longer and told her I was about to erupt and she said that was fine. Wow, did I ever shoot several streams on her tits which seemed to give her a thrill.

I was disappointed it was over but she said we could make this a bi-monthly ritual. She even let me take a few pictures of her standing there naked as well as one with her hands on my cock and near her face with that smile of hers. I told her I would never show the pics to anyone. Yes, Jessica is a peach of a daughter-in-law. Looking forward to the next session. By the way, she got an A+ for her performance!



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