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Dating Adventures

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This is the story of my first sexual adventurres with a girl friend who was a classmate.


When I was 14, Gladys invited the whole class to a party at her house with the only adults present being the caterers, and her aunt. Nothing special happened until Gladys and I got into a such a long conversation that she sat down on an ottoman to relax. The conversation was nondescript and rather rambling until she leaned forward, and said I know why you and Tom get together every afternoon pretending to be studying. I was suprised that she even knew of this, and pretended not to understand her. She leaned forward with her dress billowing outward revealing two little tits not confined by a bra. She smiled, and continued saying, 'I know you two are jerking off every day, why do you want to do this with him when we could be doing the same together.' My jaw nearly hit the floor. I stammered saying, 'I didn't know how you felt.' She said, 'you know now.' I said, 'let's go to a double feature saturday. Wear a full skirt without panties.' She agreed. Neither of us was old enough to drive, so we depended on our parents or my older brother to transport us back and forth on dates. When saturday arrived, we went to the double feature which lasted about three hours. We sat in the last row, Gladys spread her skirt over my lap so I could reach her very wet little pussy and stroke it furiously. She gave directions on how to pleasure her, telling me to polish her pearl. I didn't know exactly what she meant, but finally got on target, and gave her a good orgasm. After her first one, I felt her reach over unzip my pants, and begin to stroke my pecker.I quickly got my handkerchief over the head of my penis to catch the soon to arrive come. We repeated it; orgasming her excitable thing again, and spent the rest of the movies playing with her little tits.
That was a good start. Next day I went over to her house finding her in a very relaxed pensive mood, and after a slow start with conversation began playing with her tits. I asked how was it that she knew what Tom and I were doing. She sighed, and said, Frances lives next door to Tom, doesn't she?' Yes, said I. 'Well close the drapes tomorow', she said. So, that's what happened, I thought. I had to figure out how to get to her when no one else could interfere wih us. She was thinking the same thing as I, but more efficently. Frances had no siblings, her mother worked and was not home until after five. Taking a leaf from Tom's and my book, she got permission to go to Frances's after school to study beginning the next monday. She then said I should tell Tom that Frances would study with him while she and I did our thing. Meanwhile she told me to go to the Shell Station and get as many packs of condoms as possible. I got about 10 packs, and gave 5 to Tom. Monday came, I went to Frances's with Tom. We paired off, with us going into the guest room. With the door closed, I got her clothes off, started stroking her clit, and giving her little tits a good work out, I laid her down on the bed, spread her legs, then her pussy lips, and began to push my eager pecker into her wet thing. At first it was hard to get it in, but with gentle and constant pressure I finally got all 6 inches in up to the hilt. The first one lasted about 3 minutets, and hen I had the strongest orgasm of my life. I didn't want to let a condom full of baby juice in her too long. When I pulled it out, the condom was covered with blood. Gladys being the thoughtful horny girl she was put a towel under her so no blood got on the bed. We finished off by my stroking her clit until she came. She smiled and said, 'there, isn't that better than jerking off?'I grabbed her and kissed her pasionately trying to swallow her tongue. The next day all four of us were in other worlds. As our teen age affair progressed, we got to be better at diddling. Occaisonally, we could get my brother and his date to take us to the beach where we could wander off and diddle. I finally talked my brother into letting us double date with him and his girl (they were 18), and go to the Chrystal Club which was a night club with music catering to the college kids. They had a motel which shared the parking lot, so boys with cooperative dates could walk across the lot, go into a motel room , and do their tricks. Gladys and I grew closer, finally falling deeply in love. When we graduated from high school, we attended the same college, and married in our senior year.



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