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Dark Night Under the Stars

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This is a true story, This Site Rocks!


Well let's start with some background first. I'm tall, with long straight brown hair, brown eyes with red highlights and an okay figure.

Well one night I went to spend the night with my best friend Sara*. Let me say now Sara* has two brothers named Mark* (14),and Anthony*(13). Now Anthony just happens to be my ex boyfriend, and as many times before tried hitting on me every time I set foot in her house. Now Anthony was not the ideal boyfriend he was an asshole, the sad thing is that's the nice way of putting it. Don't get me wrong Anthony was hot! Tall, a beautiful bronze color and biceps to kill for. I never forgot how he treated me, how unforgiving I am, I wouldn't even glance at him ignoring every advance and attempt he threw my way. I always stood my ground and never gave in until that fateful night I mentioned earlier.

It was me, Sara, Mark, Anthony, Danny(17), Ray(19), Jesse(22). Mark and all the other guys had left to Danny's house leaving me and Anthony by ourselves and Sara sleeping in her room down the hall. I told Anthony I was going for a walk heading towards the door, I felt him grab my hand 'I'm not letting you go alone' he whispered to me careful not to wake Sara. 'Why not?' I asked impatiently 'First of all it's 3:00am.' 'Secondly because there's a lot of sickcos in this neighborhood. One might try to rape you and you're too beautiful to get hurt like that. I'd kill myself if that happened' 'Okay suit yourself.' I mumbled disbelieving every word he'd just said. So with that we left and started walking.

We walked a couple of blocks before we came to park. I raced him to the top of the play place where the highest peak was the slide (it was the kind of slide where there's walls on each side about four feet tall and wide so nobody around looking up could see us. Laughing because I beat him there I pointed to the sky where I witnessed millions of shining stars 'They're beautiful.' I gasped 'Just like you.' he whispered into my ear as he embraced my waist. He combed my long hair out of my face with the sweep of his hand and brought up my chin to stare deeply into my soul 'Anthon... was all I could breathe before he kissed me hard on the mouth, massaging my tongue with his. I pulled back abruptly realizing what was going on. Then I looked into his gaze and fell right back in love with him. Just as I had the day I first met him.

'Babe I'm sorry, You just looked so pretty. I couldn't help myself, I changed, I know I was an asshole, just give me another chance...' he said it all in a jumble. I just stood there shocked gathering everything he just said in my mind. Then I wrapped my arms around his neck and softly started kissing him on the mouth. I moved down to his neck and started licking and kissing his neck. I heard his gasp in delight, he pulled away and pushed me into the wall and started to kiss my neck and chest. I felt the growing hardness of his erection on my thigh, suddenly I felt a rush of pleasure race up my spine as he moved his hand down to my womanly hood. He reached his hand down my shorts and stared to caress my wet labia. Moans of pure bliss escaped my mouth.

We stopped kissing and he sat against the wall. I sat down on his lap facing him one leg on each side and started dry humping him through my thin cotton shorts. I could now easily feel the shape and size of his love muscle rub against my soaking vagina. Now supporting a full erection he gasped. 'Stop! you're gonna give me blue balls' (for those of you who don't know what it is, it's when a guy has a full hard on and can't do anything about it) I on the other hand knew he was way past that and kept going 'Give it to me rough baby' I teased 'O MY FUCKING GOD I want you so bad right now babe!' He moaned 'Well you can't have me!' I said laughing. After a little bit more of suffering I fed him.

I slowly moved off of him and unzipped his pants pulling out his throbbing penis. I grasped it in my hands and jacked him off until he blew his load all over my hand and shorts. Immediately after this he fingered me to a mind blowing orgasm, which I've never felt before. Then we lay there under the stars. Tired and satisfied, we walked hand in hand back to his house. When we reached the door, he asked 'Will you go out with me?, I promise I have changed, I know I was an arsehole, but I love you.' looking into his truthful face I said no. When he asked why. I simply said 'You're in eighth grade in I'm ninth you'll end up cheating on me. 'No I won't...' I brought my hand to his mouth 'Shhhh.. listen to me it will be better off this way.' Okay he said while taking off his favorite necklace and placing it around my neck, 'Promise me we can be together next year when I get to high school.' He said while his fingers were laced in mine.' after a moment of silence I leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips. 'I promise' I whispered in a smile.




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