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Danny and I

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this was my first and only MM experience, I'm not gay but this happened as I was young and I think most people experiment. I most definitely do not regret it though.


Through most of primary school Danny and I were best friends. We were inseparable. We stayed the night at each other's places all the time. We were very comfortable around each other and there were no secrets between us, we told each other everything. We were so comfortable with each other that we changed in the same room and had even shared a shower together, due to his family being on tank water and had not had rain in quite sometime; nothing sexual happened though.

I was also the one who taught Danny to masturbate. That happened on our sixth grade camp. We shared a tent and were talking quietly when I told him I could make it feel like I was having sex. He asked me to teach him how to do it. So we got out of our sleeping bags, got out or dicks and I started to wank, Danny copied. He said it felt great. We continued for a while but got tired and went to bed. Neither of us had a dry orgasm that night.

The next encounter we had a year later.

I was staying at Danny's house over night. It began with the usual, playstation, tv, playing outside. After dinner we both had had a shower (seperate this time)and were in our boxers watching tv and playing the computer games in his room. By about 8 we had given up playing and were chatting with the tv on.

The conversation quickly moved to girls, sex and masturbation, as all young teens beginning puberty. I asked Danny if he still masturbated and he said that he does.

The conversation had made me hard and commented with, 'All this talking has gotten me hard.'we both laughed and Danny said he had gotten a hard on too.

'Hey wanna see something cool?' Danny asked me with a grin.

'Sure,' I replied, curious as to what he intended to show me. Danny pulled off his boxers leaving him naked. His dick was pointing straight up, touching his stomach. I had always been a little jealous of Danny's dick, it was longer and thicker than mine, it was also uncut, like myself, a really nice cock in all.

He layed down on the matress on the floor that we were sitting on, got a rubber that was under the bed, pushed his dick so it was now pointing down, held the rubber on the top. like a catapult, and let his dick fling back into position. The rubber went flying and hit the wall.

I laughed and got my dick out to try it, however, my erection pointed out, so I didn't get much distance at all.

'I wish I could catapult as far as you,' I said.

'You can have a turn if you want,' Danny said.

'Ok,' I replied.

I sat between his legs and pulled his dick back like he had and fired the rubber, Danny smiled at me as I did it. He said to do it again if I wanted. I got the rubber and pulled back his dick but I began to jack it instead.

'Mmmm. That feels good,' Danny said as he continued to smile at me. I smiled back. Now we were both naked, Danny reached down and began to gently stroke my dick as well. He then leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. I after we broke the kiss I told him to lay down on the bed. He did as I instructed. I ran my hands over his slim, slightly muscular body and worked my way down to his dick once more. I spent a long time working his his dick with my hands.

After what seemed like half twenty minutes he said, 'Your turn.' I laid down and received the same treatment I had given him, only with a few added extras (sucking, kissing and licking my nipples and kissing my chest and stomach. It felt so good and I let him know he was doing a good job).

We continued like that for hours, we even took it a step further, but that can be said here. We didn't go all the way though, I wouldn't have anyway, nor would I now. That night we both gave each other our first orgasm, they were dry, but we had at least three each. We slept in his bed together that night as well.

We never did it again as he soon had to move and we lost contact. I miss his friendship and haven't had any similiar experiences with anyone else, other than my girlfriend.

*** After Thought ***

You never realise what you have until it's gone. Danny and I had our rough patches in our friendship, we stopped talking to each other from time to time but always worked it out. Now that I don't see him anymore I miss his friendship more than I ever had.

I also feel that this encounter made our friendship stronger, until he moved away. I am not sure whether Danny turned out gay or not, last I knew he had had a girlfriend, but I think it was only very short term.

If you happen to be reading this Danny (not your real name), and realise it's you then, it would be good to get into contact with you again.



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