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Dani's First Time With a Guy

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So I recently broke up with her after two years, but Dani is still my best friend. She is short, with dark hair and light skin, about 120 pounds or so. I am tall and about 180.

Dani is a very good Catholic girl. But she masturbates and she was shy at first but we got into a very intimate relationship together. Our first really sexual experience (apart from a few times she saw me naked or I took her top off) was at her house. She has a finished basement and we went down there and started making out. I told her I wanted to do something for her:

I love you and I want to give you one.

I don't know Tom, this is kinda a big deal to me.

I know and that's why I want to do it.

So she said okay and then we started kissing. She wiggled her way out of her sweatpants and I put my hand down around the outside of her panties. You sure youre okay with this? I asked

Yeah, I'm positive, but sorry I didn't shave.

I didn't care at all, I slipped my middle finger up her pussy and she jumped, it came out with blood on it and I freaked out a little. Hey it's okay Tom, I love you, don't worry, just keep going, slow.

So I went back in and this time it was just wet cream in her, warm and wet, just like I imagined it. I rubbed her clit and she cooed a little and we kissed. I took her top off and then rubbed the outside of her bra. She unclipped it while I kept on stroking her perky little boobs. I licked her nipples and then I rubbed her clit, my middle finger kept going into her while my thumb hit her clit. She started to tense up and moan quietly (her parents were upstairs and she was afraid we'd get caught.) she began to edge closer to her orgasm. I kept moving and her breathing kept going faster.

Oh stop stop stop! I had it. Now you have to marry me you know?

I'd love to.

Well, since you did me, how about I do you?

I was 18 and so was she, I was 7 and 1/4 of an inch and uncircumcised (since she had never seen a penis in her life outside of a biology book she didn't know the difference but she liked it none the less, which was a relief because its tough to be an uncircumcised American boy!) with some blonde and dark hair. I pulled my jeans off and my boxers and she went to town. She pumped it hard and at first it roughed me up a little so she slowed down, she pulled my foreskin back and she pumped fast while playing with my balls and then I brought the foreskin back up and she kept pumping rhythmically. She is really small and weak so this was actually the only time she made me cum using her hand. I came into a wad of tissues that she had nearby. We looked at each other and said we loved one another.

We usually did mutual masturbation as our sexual activity, but we did other things which can't be discussed here later. We broke up but there are no hard feelings and we also are going to get back together in a few months when I come back home for a while, in the meantime I hope she can open up sexually with the other people she is seeing so that she can get a broader view of things.



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