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Danielle's First Time

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I had my first masturbation experience when I was eight years old. It was during the summer when I used to spend a lot of time with my best friend Amber. We would hang out mostly at her house because her parents left us alone more. We were in her room one day and she mentioned that she had something she wanted to show me. She explained that she had accidentally discovered a funny ticklish feeling between her legs when she was climbing on the pole in the basement. She said she had known about this for a while now, but had waited to tell me until she perfected it. She said it was like a weird ticklish or tingly feeling that would rise up like a wave to a 'high point' and then she would get these little contractions in her vagina for about five seconds or so. She could get the feeling whenever she wanted, although it was harder to get sometimes. She said she would show me and we proceeded into the basement.

This sounded very exciting and I couldn't wait to try it for myself. She said she would go first and I stood real close to catch every little detail. She climbed up the pole a little ways so her feet were about a foot off the floor. She then spread her legs pressing her crotch into the pole and started kind of a humping motion. This went on for about 30 seconds and she stopped to rest. She told me it was starting and that it would happen real soon. She started her movements again this time for another 15 seconds or so and stopped again. She was now breathing a little harder and looked a little red in the face. She started the humping once more and after about 10 seconds said, 'Almost, almost, here it comes.' At this point she closed her eyes and tightly squeezed her legs around the pole. After another 5 seconds or so she came down still breathing hard and said, 'See, that's how you get it.'

Now it was my turn and I couldn't wait to try it. I climbed up the pole and started the humping movements just like Amber did. It wasn't long before I felt kind of funny down there. It reminded me of a feeling I'd had in the past while bathing and cleaning myself. It soon intensified and was now much better than what I had felt before. I wanted to keep at it but had to stop because it was a rather tiring exercise. The feeling faded away but as soon as I started again it came right back almost where I left off. I was now breathing quite hard and felt kind of quivery in my legs. The feeling was now very intense and felt incredible, so I didn't want to have to stop again. My arms burnt with fatigue as I pulled my crotch even hard against the pole. Then finally I felt this warm glow fill up my crotch and lower stomach. The feeling rose up to a level that made me scream and then these little contractions that felt so good ripped through my pussy. After this I dropped from the pole exhausted, breathing like a sprinter and my heart pounding madly. I smiled at Amber amazed by the whole experience.

This was the first of the many sessions we had with that pole in her basement. It wasn't until a few years later when we got caught by her mom that we found out what everything really was, but that's another story.



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