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Danger Jerking!

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What started as a youthful thrill resparked after my divorce.


Maybe I was a slow starter. I didn't start masturbating until I was 13 or 14. Unlike today where kids seem so nonchalant about jerking off, when I was young you NEVER admitted to it, in fact you vehemently denied ever doing it, or you would become a pariah.

So while I NEVER wanted to be caught, it was still so much fun and made me feel so alive to feel like I was flaunting my new-found sexuality. It was just simple harmless stuff to begin with like the one night my family stayed at my aunt and uncle's home. My cousin had to give up her bed and was sleeping on the living room couch. I was sleeping on the living room floor. As soon as I heard her deep breathing I had my cock out and was jerking out a big load! It was so thrilling to feel like I was getting away with something!

I used to love to go over to my grandmother's house. She had cable. I would sit up late into the night jerking and jerking to R-rated movies, music videos, infomercials, anything that had good looking women. (Ahhhh, the fire of youth!) In the mornings I would be ready to jerk again watching game shows with all their lovely, well-dressed hostesses. By then, my grandmother would be up and usually doing something in the kitchen. I would jerk off in the living room with one eye on the kitchen at all times! It was completely open between the two rooms and if she was in the right place I was in danger of being caught! A big risk, but a big reward with a huge cumshot as well! Sometimes I would have to go with my grandfather out to the family ranch to help him work. Sometimes after we got all ready to do our days work he would say something like, 'Oh, I forgot to get that drill we needed. I'll be right back.' As soon as I saw him walking back to the garage I would have my cock out with my eye to a crack in the wall trying to get hard, cum, clean up the best I could, and act all normal in the time it took him to walk from the tractor shed to the garage and back. What a fun game! Getting hard, blowing a load, and kicking some dirt over the evidence! I lost count of the number of times I did that.

In my later teen years I finally got my hands on a good collection of bootlegged porno films. A couple of my good friends would come over and we would all gather in the living room with blankets and we would alternate all night between sleeping and watching porn. One of these guys was my best friend and he and I had admitted to each other that we jerked off regularly. It was good to have someone to share the secret with. When our third friend fell asleep he and I would both go at it like crazy (always under our blankets, respecting each other's privacy). I only found out years later that the third friend would wait until we fell asleep, then he jerked like mad! Ha ha ha! When the third friend wasn't around my best buddy and I would just go at it openly, but always where we could see each other cocks. It was good to have someone to share masturbation with. In those young years you can feel like such a pervert and all alone when EVERYBODY YOU KNOW acts like it is a disease or something. The first friend I admitted it to shunned me and wasn't my friend much longer after that, so I was already a bit scarred. I made damn sure when it was time for me to tell my kids about sex, that I made sure they knew masturbation was 100% okay! But I digress....

The places I have jerked off... pretty tame really. Drive-in theaters, rest areas, plenty of rest rooms, even a church rest room (sorry God). When I was married I had a job that had me making a LONG commute up and down the highway everyday. I learned then that jerking off while driving is a great way to stay awake. My biggest problem is that I use both hands when I stroke so I kind of have to slouch down to hold the wheel while getting it on. At the time the vehicle I was driving kept me pretty high up off the ground so I was not in much danger of being seen, but what fun it was to shoot a load all over my steering wheel! As my marriage waned, jerking off became a secret mission unto itself since my wife didn't want me jerking, but she wouldn't give me sex. She taught me how to masturbate for spite! Ha!

I guess maybe this is all pretty tame. Fast forward to my current job. I'm pretty dissatisfied with it and I'm ready to move on. I used to work out in one of the outside buildings and while people used to joke about what I did while I was 'out there', I never did anything but work. After I had been gone on a weeks vacation I came back to find my work area was a disaster. The boss came out and wondered why I was taking so long when the people who had filled in for me had done my job so fast while I was gone. I showed him why they were so fast and all the things I had to clean up. It didn't matter. He said that would be my last night doing that job. I was pissed! After the scheduled work was done for the night, I asked the boss if I could go out and collect my things from the outbuilding. He said yes and I went out there and made my employer pay me to have an orgasm! I came right there on the floor and left it. Since then I have had to go out there a couple of other times for work related stuff. I usually refuse if I can get out of it because the whole situation still rubs me the wrong way, but if I do end up going out there I make sure my employer pays me again for an orgasm.

As the management there continues to go downhill (I have been there more than a decade), my attitude goes downhill as well. I have become like a ninja masturbator. I crawl into the recycling bins. Sometimes I jump out and scare my co-workers for a laugh. Sometimes I jerk my cock watching my cuter co-workers work. Summertime is best since they have only half the clothing on. I even told one of my co-workers I was doing it, but I don't think she believed me. One day I told her I was thinking about doing it and she told me I should go out to my car on my break and do it. She knows I am parked next to one of the other guys. The surprise on her face after break when I told her I did! Since then I have crawled into the pallet racks and knelt down and jerked while watching the cuties work. I have jerked off in every stall and every urinal in the men's room. So far, I have jerked off in 3 of the 5 stalls in the women's room. I have jerked off in the janitor's closet with the door open. I have jerked off in one of the maintainence rooms. A few weeks ago I walked into one of the semi trailers on our loading dock and jerked off in there facing the stacks of product inside. Afterward, I felt like a wimp for quickly rubbing one out jammed into a corner like that (and yes, unfortunately, danger jerking almost always has to be quick). So just this last week I went into a trailer and leaned back against a stack and took my cock out facing the dock where anybody going past could see it and had a nice leisurely jerk. That was a nice load I left on the trailer floor!

I think my days are finally over at this job and I am bound and determined to leave my mark all over that place! My boss has been a dick lately. I'm pretty sure I may need to leave a load in his office as a going away present!



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