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Dancing with Sarah

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At the age of 17 I started a job and became fast friends with the office manager Sarah. She had dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and, occasionally I'd notice her perfect breasts but I'd always feel guilty afterwards. I thought she was gorgeous in a homely kind of way but never really thought about her sexually. I'd always thought of her as an older sister and I think she thought of me as a young brother and we'd always got on famously.

We'd been close friends for a few months and then the Christmas party came around. I'd noticed she'd been drinking a lot more than usual and asked her what was wrong. She told me she'd had a fight with her boyfriend but she didn't want to think about him. She just wanted to dance so we got up and danced together.

After a few songs, the DJ put on a slow song and we moved closer to slow dance. Sarah put her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear that she was lucky to have me as a friend.

We swayed from side to side, the smell of her perfume filling my senses and I suddely realised that I was getting hard. This was Sarah. It was wrong but I just couldn't help myself. Before long my dick was pressing uncomfortably hard against her hip and there was no way she couldn't feel it. We'd always been completely honest about everything with each other so I apologised. I told her it'd been a while since I'd been so close to such a beautiful woman and told her I'd go and take care of it.

She pulled me close again and said, 'Don't. It's nice to feel wanted'. So we danced some more. A few moments passed and then she said, 'I have to admit, I've always been curious about you.' I asked what she meant, 'I had no idea you'd be so big'. I thanked her and we went back to dancing.

She suddenly asked, 'Do you think about me when you masturbate?' I admitted that I had done a couple of times. 'What do I do in your fantasies?' I told her that we'd be alone at work and she'd tell me she was getting horny (as she did in real life often) but she couldn't contain herself and we'd fuck on the desk. 'Am I any good?' I told her she was the best. 'Do you fantasize about me giving you blowjobs?' Sometimes. I told her this talk was getting me incredibly horny and she said, 'Me too.'

She started to rub her crotch against mine, 'Sometimes when my boyfriend is fucking me, I imagine it's you', I started breathing deeper,

'I imagine it would feel so good having you deep inside me' It just too much, before I could stop it my whole body shuddered as my penis exploded in my pants. The feeling was incredible but I felt so amazingly guilty.

Sarah pulled back and looked at me, 'Was that... Did you... Did you just come?' I told her I was so sorry but I just couldn't help myself. We went and sat down. I was feeling so ashamed but she seemed fine with it. I was still saying sorry when she interrupted me, 'I take it as a compliment that you would share your orgasm with me and now I'd like to share one with you'

She turned around and scooched over so her back was pressing against my front. She draped her coat over us both and then leaned her head back onto my shoulder. I could feel her hand move downwards...

I couldn't believe it. I was sitting here and Sarah was masturbating right in front of me.. for me. She squirmed for a moment 'Tell me you love me' I told her, 'Tell me you want to fuck me' at this point I couldn't disagree.

Her eyes crossed, she bit her lip, arched her back and then let out the most sensual moan I've ever heard. I could feel every shudder of her body as she came.

We sat there for a few minutes while she came down from her orgasm. Then she smiled at me. 'I've always wanted to do that'.



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