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Dancing Sister and Friends

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My younger sister has always liked to dance from an early age. She has taken lessons in many different types of dances throughout the years. Her name is Abby and she has made a lot of new friends through dancing. She likes to have a few girls sleepover and they'd create a dance routine from scratch. On this particular night over the summer, Abby had two friends spend the night. There names are Emma and Samm. They are both 16 and attractive. Abby is 16 as well but never thought of her as attractive. Emma was the real skinny one of the bunch and Samm was slightly chubbier. Since she was the biggest, Samm had the biggest boobs and my sister had the smallest ones.

Anyways on this night, I had come home late from work and was dead tired. It was pretty late and my parents were already asleep on the second floor. I heard the girls downstairs in the finished basement listening to music, talking loudly and probably dancing. I ate my dinner that was left out for me and watched some TV in the living room. A little while later, the girls rushed upstairs into the kitchen. I only caught a glimpse but their outfits were rather skimpy. Some tight blue booty shorts and tight T-shirts. All matching of course. Then they came in to see me which is something they've never done before.

'We got something to show you, Greg,' Abby said smiling. The girls in back of her had grins as well.

'What? No, I just got home and I'm tired,' I said sheepishly. They all came over to me and pulled me up against my will. 'Alright, fine. I'm coming.' They led me down into the basement and sat me down on the couch.

'We came up with some new dances and wanted to show someone. Particularly you,' Abby said. I made a motion signaling whatever. Samm turned on the music and they went into they're routine. Granted, I had seen them all dance before many times and this new dance was impressive. They're hair was flying all over the place and they were touching themselves rather seductively. After that first song, I admit I had a little wood.

'That it?' I said when it was over.

'No, we have a few more left,' Emma said smiling. Samm set up the next song and they went into it again. One by one, they would come up to me a wiggle their ass close to my face. I was pretty stunned and pretty turned on. The song ended and quickly another one came up. It was almost like something from a strip club I'd been to before. What happened next I'll never forget.

Abby took the front while the other two were right behind her. She lifted her shirt slightly while wiggling her ass. I saw her flat stomach and some of her bra. Emma and Samm followed. Then suddenly all the shirts got torn off at the same time. They were all dancing around in their bras. I was pitching a pretty big tent at this point. They all noticed and without saying a word to each other, started playing their booty shorts. They already left little to the imagination in the first place. But when they all dropped at the same time, I was in heaven. They all only had thongs on underneath. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did.

I was sitting on the couch leaning back with the legs spread slightly. I had no idea my hand was touching my hard cock through my pants.

'Someone's enjoying themselves,' Emma said with a huge smirk. She came over to me and unbuttoned and unzipped them. Abby and Samm each took a pant leg and slipped them off me. Emma then lifted my shirt over my head. 'There, now we're equal,' Emma said. I was just in the boxers now. The next song came on and Emma straddled me while facing me. She then started sliding up and down to the beat of the music. Abby and Samm slowly danced and watched intently. Emma came in and kissed me while she rubbed. The sensation on the cock felt so good. She hopped off and Samm backed her ass up onto my hard cock. As Samm was rubbing herself on me, I instinctively grabbed her hips. Then Samm hopped off and my sister got in between my legs.

'Hope you like the surprise,' Abby said. I was speechless so I just nodded. She then got into the same position as Emma and started grinding on me.

'This is so hot,' Emma said staring. I glanced over and saw she had a hand in her thong. Abby kept grinding on my cock with my hands on her ass and pushed her boobs in my face. Samm came up behind Abby and unhooked her bra. Abby's sized B tits fell free right into my face. Disregarding the fact that she is my sister, I buried my face between her tits. Emma was loving it. I could hear her moaning over the music. Samm was loving it too. She started slowly rubbing herself over her thong. Abby squeezed her tits together between my face. I took the left nipple in my mouth followed by the right. Then I felt hands on my thighs.

'Time to lose these,' Samm said as she and Emma slipped my boxers off. Abby sat up a bit to make it easier. My shaved 6 inch hard cock sprung free and Abby settled her thong covered pussy on it. She began grinding again. It felt so good having my cock rubbing against the skin of her thigh and fabric of her thong. She was starting to get really wet as well. Then Abby rolled off me and nuzzled in right next to me.

'Time for someone else to have a turn,' Abby said. Samm came over and ripped her bra off. She had some decent sized boobs for her age. She brought her tits down over my cock and squeezed them together. That felt so amazing. As Samm moved her tits up and down on my cock, Emma came over and buried her ass into Abby's crotch. Abby moved Emma's thong to the side as they rubbed. Samm stood up and I slipped her thong off. As I said, she was a little on the chubby side but still cute. Her pussy was shaved with the exception of a landing strip. She got on me and whispered in my ear 'no sex please.' Samm slid her pussy up and down my shaft. It felt so good. After a few minutes, Samm started making out with me then she got off.

'Now it's my turn, big boy,' Emma said. She stripped her bra and thong off and through them at me. She shaved as well. Abby had me move down to the end of the couch. Samm laid down on the couch with her head right next to my hips. Abby then tore her thong off and they got in the 69 position. My sister's naked ass was right in the face. Then Emma started stroking me. She used Samm's juices and it felt so good. Then she started grinding on my cock as Samm and Abby started fingering each other. All 4 of us on the same couch and getting off. It was so hot.

This went on for a few minutes. Abby and Samm fingering each other. Emma and me making out and grinding. I had my hands on Emma's ass and she took my left one and placed it on Abby's ass.

'So fucking sexy,' Emma said. I took it a step further and rubbed Abby's pussy. I looked into Emma's eyes and she couldn't take it anymore. She got up off me and kissed her way down my belly. Then Emma did something that I can't mention.

Abby and Samm stopped. 'Wow, I didn't know we were gonna go that far,' Samm said. Needless to say, they all took a turn. Samm next followed by Abby. It all ended when they all had to cum so badly. Abby and Emma sat on either side of me and Samm sat next to Abby. They all fingered themselves to hot orgasms. Emma was first then Samm followed by Abby. It was Emma who sent me over the edge. I shot stream after stream of cum on my chest and belly. We all just laid there so awhile not saying much. Then I had to get up and leave before my parents heard me downstairs.

Flash forward to now, every couple of weeks both girls would stay over and we'd fool around. Emma is now 17 and we are dating. Samm got herself a boyfriend and stopped coming. Abby has a boyfriend now too but she can't help joining Emma and me from time to time. Emma fucking loves it.



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