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Dance Floor Inspiration

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Dance Floor Inspiration
Hi - I just found your web site and wanted to share my story. Even though I am 27, and married with a daughter, I experienced the first orgasm of my life this past week because I finally learned how to masturbate.
I was visiting a single female friend back in the town where I went to college. We went out for dinner and drinks with some old friends. As the evening went on, we decided to go to a club. At the club, there was a couple on the dance floor that I couldn't stop watching. The man was tall, dark, fit, with daring sideburns, an earring. He was wearing one of those tee-shirts that clung to every muscle in his chest and arms, and a pair of tight blue jeans that hugged his ass. His dancing was amazing, and I kept staring at his crotch because I swear he had the biggest erection I had ever seen. The woman was short, slender, sleek, blonde. She was wearing a black dress with spaghetti straps. She wasn't particularly well endowed, but the dress rode up her hips and showed off her tanline and thighs when she spun around. I watched this couple for over 45 minutes, as he got more and more excited by the way she was showing off her body for him. As he got more excited, he'd pull her to him, pressing his erection (in those tight bluejeans) into the back of her and running his hands over her bare shoulders and across her breasts (and I could see her nipples standing firm through the dress).
Then, all of a sudden, he excused himself and went to the bathroom for about 20 minutes.
I was a bit drunk, so my mind wandered elsewhere, and eventually we left the club. That night, when we got home, I got into the bed of the girl who now has my old room in my old college apartment. It was positioned in the room just as my bed had been positioned in that same room years ago. I was horny and so I started playing with my nipples. It was then that my mind drifted to this couple that was dancing. I started asking myself why that guy all of a sudden got up and went to the bathroom - and then it hit me - he went in there to jerk off! I got so turned on imagining him in the bathroom stall, desperately stroking his cock, hoping no one would walk in there and see him through the little open space between the bathroom stall and door. I could see him thinking about his date, about how she moved. I could see him unzipping those tight blue jeans and pulling out the huge erection. I could see him pushing up the tight tee-shirt so that when he came, it wouldn't get on his shirt. As I was imagining him masturbating, I got so wet I could feel it dripping down my leg. So I moved one of my hands from my nipple to my clit, which, by this point, was bulging hard and tight. I stroked myself hard and fast, imagining I was watching him through a hole in the wall. I brought myself to an orgasm so intense I had to put a pillow over my mouth to keep from screaming. I didn't want my old roommate to hear me in the next room over.
So I guess I have a voyeuristic side to me, but it was the best fun I ever had. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but, whoo, it felt good to come uncontrollably. I found this web site because I really want to watch someone get off.
Hope you enjoyed my story :) - Carrie



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