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Dan and I, Part 3

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A history of our experiences from the summer of '70 to '71. This was the lead in to the time Dan's cousin Mark spent the 4th of July at his house in '71 but seemed to be a stand alone story so here it is.


Dan and I rarely got as intimate as we did in my last post. It was the only time we kissed and ground our crotches together. But we did everything else over and over. It was never an awkward experience and I think it bonded us in our friendship which continues today, almost 50 years later.

Our fun was only at sleepovers which we did almost every weekend. More often at Dan's house than mine since I shared a room with my older brother Lee. Dan didn't feel comfortable doing it with him in the room and knowing my parents were just down the hall in the living room or across the hall in their bedroom.

Dan's room was above his garage with the stairs, kitchen and dining room separating us from the living room and his parents room giving us lots of privacy and a sound buffer. Not to mention a warning if someone was coming up the creaky stairs.

Most times we would just take care of ourselves laying next to each other on Dan's full size bed. The only touching was rubbing each others thighs as we jerked. And when we were done Dan got in the habit of licking some of my cum off of my stomach and eating it. At first I thought it odd but after asking him why and getting a shrug of his shoulders and a "I don't know, I just like it" response I blew it off thinking "To each their own". The only time I ate any of Dan's cum was when I was super horny and while I liked the taste of pre cum itself did nothing for me.

It became our habit that once a month we'd hold off masturbating for a few days, planning on a more hands on experience and large load. Looking back, it was Dan's idea and I think it had to do with his fetish for eating cum.

We'd do like the first time and start by comparing our naked bodies, side by side in front of the mirror in his bathroom. Then when we were nice and hard we'd move to his bed laying down in a 69. Instead of doing each other at the same time, one would pleasure the other while they lay with their arms behind their head. Slowly stroking and fondling until close to cumming and then switch. We didn't know it was called "edging" but that's exactly what we were doing. Making the experience last and very intense until we couldn't hold our anymore and then we'd finish each other off at the same time.

As I mentioned, Dan really seemed to like eating cum. When he'd do me, he'd milk out my pre and lick it off the tip of my cock, which I really liked. I just couldn't bring myself to put my tongue there yet so would only wipe it off with my fingers to taste it. When we came, Dan would put the end of my penis on his tongue, licking the underside while he jacked me, and I'd cum in his mouth. Dan would swallow it all. I'd let Dan cum on my face or chest or both (wherever it ended up) and he'd eat that too. Though I wondered about Dan's putting my dick in his mouth I never thought of it as queer. And I wanted to try it but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Not at this time, anyway. That came later.

We also had two encounters with our "partners in crime" Greg and Tim. Since they were as close as we were we wondered if they ever messed around like we did. We found out they did one afternoon. The four of us were goofing off in the woods behind Tim's farm and decided to go for a skinny dip in the irrigation pond to cool off. After getting out we lay in some grass to dry off in the sun and tan for a while. What we talked about I don't remember anymore, probably nothing sexual, but Greg started to get a boner and the three of us started giving him a hard time.

He said he hadn't taken care of himself that morning and couldn't help it and only knew one way to get rid of it and started jacking off. Dan and I were kind of stunned but Greg was spontaneous so it shouldn't have been such a surprise. Tim didn't even flinch and started playing with his hardening penis while watching Greg. Greg said "Don't just lay there with your mouths open, do it. You've probably done it in front of each other anyway." So we joined in and had a quick session, watching each other as we came.
Then getting back in the pond to rinse off.

Walking through the field back to Tim's house we talked about our experiences together and how good it felt and that we weren't queer (the term gay wasn't used back then) just helping each other out. Not like any girl was going to do it. Not yet, anyway, so what's the big deal and why is it such a secret? We admitted we jacked each other off and planned on getting together for a four- way which happened on Tim's birthday.

It was just before school got out in the spring of '71 when Tim turned 15. He had a birthday party at his house with a lot of our friends but Tim just invited Greg, Dan and I to spend the night. We bunked in the old farmhands quarters built off their barn and just goofed off until late at night. We all stripped to our underwear and all knowing what we had planned it was awkward. Greg, being outgoing pulled off his briefs and said something like "Let's give Tim his last present".

Greg took the lead and went to Tim and started groping his crotch, motioning for us to join in so we did. Tim had a big grin on his face as we played with his cock, balls, ass and chest. We all got hard in no time and as one stripped off our briefs, letting our boners free. Greg stroked Tim with one hand while tentatively touching Dan's and mine with the other. I remember feeling Tim's balls and how heavy they felt compared to mine and Dan's. For a small guy that was a late bloomer, Tim had an adult size penis.

I saw Dan feel Greg up so I did the same. Suddenly hands were everywhere and we were on the floor pleasuring each other. Greg concentrated on Tim and Tim played with both Dan and I. Dan and I went back and forth between each other and Greg. We were all leaking pre and I could tell Dan wanted to try Tim and Greg's, but he didn't. It didn't take long before we were all shooting sperm all over the place and I remember how strong it smelled. We cleaned up with some rags and bedded down for the night saying we should do it again sometime but we never did.

Greg and Tim were the only other guys we jacked off with while in high school other than one time when Dan's cousin Mark was at his house over the 4th of July weekend in 1971.



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