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Dan and I - Part 2 Repost

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I posted this prior to the change to the website. ``This is a true story of my second experience with Dan when we were both 14. It was my first truly erotic experience and I remember this day like it just happened yesterday. Much more detailed than my first posting and I hope it's not too long.


School had only been out for about a week for summer vacation when this happened. Where we lived it was normally hot and dry but this day was hot and wet. It drizzled most of the day with a few brief heavy spells, but the rain was warm and invigorating. Dan and I had walked to town to just hang out and ended up playing football with some friends and guys we didn't know most of the afternoon. We ended up covered in grass stains and mud, our game of touch turning into tackle on the wet, soft grass.

Getting back to Dan's in the early evening we met his parents as they were just leaving to go to dinner and a movie. They asked why we looked so dirty, had we been in a fight? We laughed and explained and Dan's mom just had to get a picture of us. She was always taking pictures, a hobby I guess. We did a few poses and the left, telling us they'd be back late, there were sandwiches in the kitchen and to clean up before going into the living room. We scoffed down the sandwiches and went up to Dan's room to shower and chill.

Dan's room was above their two-car garage and was added on by the previous owners to rent out. It didn't have a kitchenette but had a full size bed that folded up into some bookcases and it's own bathroom with a slightly larger than normal shower stall. It also had a small couch, black and white TV, radio and telephone. Quite the setup for a teen in 1970. We flipped to see who'd shower first and Dan won.

A few minutes into his shower he called me to come and see all the dirt going down the drain. I pulled back the curtain to see Dan facing away from me under the shower head with his legs spread watching the mud run off. He had grass stains on his back I knew he couldn't reach so I offered to scrub his back to which he said sure. Earlier I'd pulled off my t-shirt and shoes but still had my shorts on. I stepped in behind him and he gave me the wash cloth and soap. Noticing I was still dressed he giggled and asked what I was doing, he didn't care if I got naked. We'd seen each other naked countless times and showered together after gym class but I told Dan this seemed a little different. He told me to not be such a prude and he'd wash my back when I was done with him. So I removed my shorts and briefs and we had a nice shower, talking about random stuff. I scrubbed his back and he scrubbed mine. We took turns under the shower head and stepped out to dry off.

In front of the mirror and mostly dry I leaned in to look at the mix of peach-fuzz and light whiskers growing in on my face, thinking I'd need to start shaving soon. Dan mentioned he wished he had as much hair as I did and I was kind of taken aback. Like most teens I thought I looked ugly and wasn't very happy with my changing body. I was envious of Dan's body and secretly wished I had his physique..

At the time I was just a little over 5' tall, I'd guess roughly 120 lbs. My blonde hair had started turning brown when puberty started and was thick and wavy and hard to control so I kept it short. Kind of a "stocky" build, not fat, just solid. My shoulders were broadening and I had more muscle than guys my age with a fairly defined chest, arms, and abs visible under a thin layer of baby-fat. A round butt with large thighs and calves. And I was hairier than most of my peers with a lot of peach-fuzz on my face mixed with a few whiskers, short hairs coming in around my large areola and over my stomach. My forearms and legs had dark brown curly hair coming in and my pubic hair was getting thick like the hair on my head, spreading down around my penis and blending in with the hair on my inner thighs. I also had hair coming in on my scrotum and below it down to my anus.

Dan had the body I envied. He was close to 5'6" already and the tallest in our class. I'd guess he weighed a little less than me. He had dark brown, straight hair that he could style any way he liked and it was close to shoulder length. He wasn't skinny but had what I guess you'd call a runners build. Some muscle definition but nothing like mine. His chest and stomach were flat and toned at the same time with an "outie" bellybutton. He wasn't too hairy yet. He had a thin moustache of light tan hair above his lip, a line under each arm, noticeable growth on his arms and lower legs and a trail of short hairs from his bellybutton down into his shorts where he had a perfect triangle of downy looking curls over his penis.

I wondered why he wanted to look like me, the short hairy guy, and said so. Dan said since he was older than me (by 9 months) he thought he'd be ahead of me. I reminded him I started puberty first so had almost a year on him. I also confessed I wished I looked more like him and had a body like his. Dan said he didn't like his body either and wished he had more muscle like me and not the "stupid outie" on his stomach, saying it made him look like a little boy. I told him it looked fine and gave the hard nub a little poke, making Dan giggle. He took his finger and stuck it in my bellybutton making me laugh.

Dan then asked, if I didn't mind, if he could feel my biceps. I thought it a bit strange and asked why? Dan said he just wanted to compare to his so I flexed for him and he squeezed one, then flexed his own and felt it. Saying his was softer than mine he flexed for me and I felt it, smaller than mine but I thought just as hard, and told him so. Dan then flexed his chest and ran his hand over his own pecs, looking at my chest in the reflection of the mirror so I too flexed, picking up on this new game of Dan's. He reached over and ran his hand over my chest while feeling his own, kind of poking and kneading. Also lightly tugging on the hairs in the center of my chest and then lightly touching my nipples that hardened instantly. Dan mentioned that even those were bigger than his, which was true. I had quarter sized areola compared to Dan's dime size and our nipples were proportioned to their size.

We were both still standing there naked while doing this comparison "game" and Dan's nipple rubbing started to get my penis plumping up. If it was any of my other friends I'd freak out to have them touch me this way or see me starting to pop a boner, but with Dan it was OK. We compared our bodies when we were younger and going into puberty, even comparing erections, but that seemed to stop once we started jacking off. I guess the novelty wore off. We'd still see each other erect from time to time in the morning at sleepovers but they were always covered by briefs. I'd been curious as to how large it really was and he seemed to have larger balls than me, but never asked to see.

Since Dan felt up my chest I did the same and was aroused at how soft his skin felt. It was neat to feel him flex under my palm and I ran my thumb over his nipples like he did to me and I looked down to see he was getting erect too. We shared a smile and Dan looked at my stomach so I flexed it and he slid his hand around my stomach, tracing the lines of my muscles with his fingers. Again tugging the fine hair growing in and playing with my bellybutton which really tickles, making me flinch back and laugh. Dan flexed his stomach for me and it seemed like one solid muscle and felt the same, I couldn't feel any separation of his abdominals. I lightly pinched his "outie" making him flinch like I did and gasp.

By now we were both completely hard. Dan started making his bob and I did the same and we watched ourselves in the mirror, laughing. Openly staring at each others penises I was again envious. Mine was about 5" long and pale in color, thicker than Dan's with a large, pink head. Dan's was a little longer and seemed naturally tan and his skin looked loose around the shaft where mine was stretched to the limit. Dan faced me and said to put mine next to his. I moved to where they touched, his cockhead into my pubes where mine barely grazed his. Dan said even my dick was better built than his and I countered that his was longer.

We stood that way for what seemed like forever, I remember hearing our breathing and the dripping shower. I suddenly wanted to do things with Dan that had never crossed my mind before. I never had any sexual attraction to Dan, just envy, but this was different. I wanted to run my hands all over his body, feel his dimpled ass, feel his balls, play with his dick. I wondered what Dan was thinking, maybe the same things?

Dan broke the ice by running his fingers lightly through my pubes, looking me in the eyes to see if I protested. I put my hand on our cocks, holding them together and giving them a light squeeze. I remember the difference in the feel. His had a little give and felt softer than mine where mine felt like marble. They almost felt hot to the touch.

We both obviously had the same ideas and without a word we left the bathroom and Dan locked his door even though nobody was home and we got on his bed, head to toe in the traditional 69, even though at this time we didn't know the term. His penis was right in front of my face, mine in his and we began feeling each other up and examining each other like we had done when we were younger except now we were using our hands too.

I ran my fingers though his soft pubes and lifted the heft of his balls, rolling each one lightly through my fingers to gauge their size compared to mine and they seemed a bit larger. And his scrotum was so soft. Moving to his dick I first just ran my hand along it, up and down lightly to feel his skin. Then grabbed it and started to give it slow strokes, watching his looser skin glide up and down and bunch up below his glans. Dan was doing the same along with running his hands along the insides of my thighs so I opened my legs wider for better access. He surprised me by rubbing under my scrotum and feeling the hardness there and grazing over my anus. I'd never explored there and it did feel good so I did the same to Dan and he gasped.

We were starting to sweat a bit and the musky odor mixed with our freshly washed bodies turned me on more and I knew I was going to start leaking pre. Figuring Dan was too, I tried to milk some out of him like I'd do to myself and was rewarded with a big drop at the tip of his penis. I took my finger and rubbed it over the glans making Dan gasp again. I liked the taste of my pre-cum and wondered what his tasted like so I put my finger in my mouth to find Dan's wasn't as salty as mine. Dan must have looked down because he asked if I just did what he thought I did and I answered him with a red face. He then milked some out of me and I was stunned and in heaven when he took his tongue and licked it off. I'd never felt something so good in my life. He said mine was like eating salt, then laughed to himself. I asked what was so funny and he said "Think mom would take pictures of us doing this?". I busted up.

After laughing, Dan asked if we should just finish up since we'd gone so far. I'd figured that was the whole point of this and said I'd get up and get some oil, I didn't like to do it dry. Dan said we didn't need any and leaned over and spat on my dick, which I thought was a little gross being his spit and not mine but I didn't care once he started stroking me. I did the same and we took our time, probably not that long but long for two teens. When he'd leak more pre I'd rub it over the head and around the ridges like I'd do to myself and Dan would follow my lead and milk some out of me. We seemed to be in sync and sped up at the same time and Dan started making those whimpering sounds like the first time he jacked off. This really turned me on for some reason, maybe knowing I was giving my best friend so much pleasure, and I started thrusting into his hand. Dan tightened his grip and spat on me again. I did the same and Dan suddenly stiffened and I knew he was going to cum.

He seemed to get even harder and his cockhead turned purple as the first shot came out and hit me in the cheek. I still don't know why I did it but I opened my mouth and let the rest shoot in and over my chin. It just seemed like the thing to do. While Dan had his orgasm he just held my penis tightly, going "AAAHHH, UUUHHHHH, AAAGHHH" with each volley. Maybe seven in all. Once he was done he let out a big breath and I thought he might not finish me off but he started stroking me again really fast. I told him to slow down a little, it kind of hunt my balls with their flopping all over the place. He saw the cum on my cheek and asked if I got any in my mouth. I said yes and it tasted a lot like my own. Again surprised, he opened his mouth with his tongue out, aiming my dick at his face and I knew he was going to let me shoot there. I couldn't hold out any longer and I came harder than I ever had before. It seemed like one long big stream and most went straight in Dan's mouth. I remember he had his eyes closed, his hair half over his face, and my cum running down and off of his tongue. When I was done he swallowed and smiled at me saying it tasted OK, not as gross as he thought. He said he'd tried his pre but not his cum.

I flipped around so we were next to each other and he put his arm over my shoulders. Just laying there for a while as we got flaccid. The stench was almost overpowering. Dan said that was the best orgasm he'd ever had and I agreed and why hadn't we done it before? Dan said he'd wanted to but just never brought it up, and would I like to do it again some time. I said of course. We lay there for a bit talking, wondering if any of our friends had done anything like this. We figured two had, they were as close as us and seemed to flirt with each other a bit.

Talk of sex got us hard again and it only seemed natural to do it again. This time was more of an exploration/experimentation and we sucked each others nipples and french-kissed as we lay on each other, me on the bottom. It seemed perfectly natural to do this with someone I loved more than my own family. This time we used baby oil and ground our erections into each others and humped into each other until we came all over our stomachs as we hugged each other.

Both covered in cum and sweat we went and showered together after catching our breath. It was cool to give each other a bath and while we didn't get erect, we did get really chubby. After showering we went and raided the fridge and watched the color TV in the living room until his parents got home, then went to bed.

We never really talked about that night. It was if it was normal and no big deal. But at many sleepovers after that night it happened again. And we'd masturbate in the open instead of in the shower if we didn't help each other our. As we grew and talked to friends, we found some did it too, which led to some fun sleepovers and campouts where jacking off was the primary reason for getting together. It wasn't openly stated that was the reason but we all knew it was. I may post about those experiences but only plan on one more about what Dan, his visiting cousin, and I did the following year on the 4th of July.



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