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Damian and Earl

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Hot site. Love reading guy-guy slash online.


This story is pure fiction.

Damian was hot. There was no denying it. He sat next to me on the school bus, and his body smelled so good-a cross between musk and vanilla. He had sexy blue eyes, sideburns, and soft pink lips. At night, I had dreams about undressing him and exploring all his nudie bits.

Little did I know that my opportunity would come, sooner than I thought. Damian, although he was a full two years older than me, had noticed me too and thought I was cool. Once, playfully, when I was getting out of the bus, he grabbed my buttocks and pulled me down into his lap. I definitely saw a bulge form in his neat grey trousers. And I felt a gentle twitch in my own.

'Earl,' he said, in his melodious voice.

'Yeah, Damian?'

'We should have a sleepover sometime.'

'Yeah. Sure. Cool.' I grabbed my bag and clamoured out of the bus, the happiest guy in the world. Damian was so sexy, so masculine, and so cool. I was going to make his scent my own-even if I had to barge in on him, soaping up his balls in the shower.

Damian and I were in the middle of a chess game, about three weeks later, when we had our next close encounter. I look yearningly at my friend, hoping he would hear the desire in my voice. 'Damian, can I see your dick, mate?'

Damian looked startled. He had been concentrating on the game. But his hesitation was short-lived. 'What? Oh-oh yeah. Why not?'

Wearing a huge grin on his face, Damian stood up, so I could get a good view of him stripping. My heart almost skipped a beat as Damian pulled up his brown T-shirt, revealing a nice smooth white belly. He had very large nipples for a male-light brown in colour-and a mane of light brown on his head. 'You're been wanting to see my cock for a long time, haven't you, Earlie boy?'

Reluctantly, I agreed. Damian's physique was unimaginably beautiful-like a god. I sighed in pleasure as he lovingly pulled down his cargo pants, revealing a tight pair of yellow briefs underneath. Damian gave me a dirty, smutty, sexy look. I felt my penis grow. Unselfconsciously, he stroked himself through the fabric of his undies.

'I'll only show you my meat if you show me yours. That's the deal, man. That's the deal.'

'Deal,' I said, confidently, eying the burgeoning tent in Damian's briefs. Barely able to contain my excitement, I ripped off my shirt and jeans. Soon, I was wearing only boxer shorts and looking Damian in the eye. Giggling, he gave me a hug.

'Okay. On the count of three,' he whispered.

'On the count of three,' I said. And simulataneously my friend and I dropped our underwear. It was a beautiful moment. Damian's dick was so beautiful. His dick was so beautiful and perfect-an exquisitely shaped length of brown skin, topped with a gorgeous pink mushroom. I estimated his cock to be around six inches in length (my dick was five inches) and around five and a half inches round-the same as mine.

'Stunning,' I said, admiringly.

Damian guffawed. 'Well, look at you. That's a decent-sized fuck-stick, if I do say so myself.'

'Yours is bigger.'

'Yours will grow.'

Tenderly I slipped my hands around Damian's bare waist, gently cupping his smooth buttocks, very pale compared to the rest of him,and covered in soft down. It was nice to see a vulnerable side of Damian, I thought. Cheekily, I felt along my mate's crack, making out as if I was going to touch his hole. But at the last minute I stopped. Bending forward, Damian laughed like an elf and flashed me his tight pink rosebud. Delirious, I bit down on my tongue and tasted blood. Even his anus was pretty damn cute.

'What are we gonna do now?' said Damian, clapping his hands together. He looked a bit nervous

I shrugged. 'Dunno.' I was really hoping that the sexy seventeen-year-old athlete would make the first move. I was too awestruck admiring his awesome body-his strong legs, his compact butt, his broad chest. He was an amazing-looking man.

Beaming, Damian kicked off his yellow undies-which were hanging round his ankles anyway. Laughing, he indicated for me to do the same with my boxers. He pushed me over to the double bed.

More than happy to oblige, I jumped up on the bed, lay my head against the pillow and parted my thighs, just slightly. I thought Damian deserved to see every part of me-including the hairs on my arsehole. After all, he'd be nice enough to show me his. Suddenly, a great idea entered my mind. Grabbing my dick, I pulled back my foreskin, so Damian could see my torpedo-shaped cock head to best advantage. The glands were purple and glistening. I wanted to please my friend.

Damian was pleased. 'Fuck,' he said. 'You're even hotter than I thought.' Climbing up on the bed next to me, Damian stretched out his magnificent body. He took my cock in his hand and massaged the warm shaft, up and down. I gave a little squeal of pleasure, and he kissed me on the ear. 'You like that, don't you, Earlie boy? You like that, you sexy animal. Holy shit. You're pissing-wet already. Now you do me.'

Willingly, I grabbed Damian's dick. His manhood felt so smooth and warm in my hand, and I found myself floating on a cloud of ecstasy. My dream had come true. The hottest man in the world (to me), was lying next to me, in bed, buck-naked. I could smell his wonderful odor and absorb his incredibly masculine energy like I never thought possible. The emotions of joy choked me up.

Damian caressed my face. He saw that I was moved beyond words and lost in another world and he smiled, indulgently. 'Together,' he said kindly. 'We'll stroke our fuck sticks together.'



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