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Dad's the Man

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My Dad is Latino and Italian. He's a huge ladies man, and has always had women flock around him. We're taller guys, but he's always jogging and big into sports. I exercise, but I'm not very built, just in shape and toned. My dad could probably be a fitness model, but he's got a wide bridge on his nose, which makes him less attractive in the face, but he's got a very defined body. We have moderate body hair in our family, and if you go shirtless, it's usually best to trim it down, or it's out of control at times. Dad keeps his upper chest smooth, except for hair around the nipples and the definition down the center of his chest and abs, which I guess women love.

Anyway, it's just us in our house. My room is upstairs and across the hall from our workout room, which is easy for me to keep motivated. But one day I came home from class and went upstairs to change because I think I had an interview that day, or something important. I had my earbuds in and was just jammin to Pitbull, when I walked out of my room and saw Dad in the workout room. His back was towards me but I could see his reflection in the mirror and he had his dick whipped out, and was jackin it watching himself. He caught my reflection and quickly pulled his shorts up and turned around laughing. I pulled my earbuds out and was like wow, having fun? He nodded and smiled, I could see a very large outline of his wood in his workout shorts. He was sweaty and his body hair was really dark against his body. I heard moaning noises and looked around the corner, seeing a porno playing on the projector screen. A man was wiping his dickhead against a woman's clit hanging out of her pussy. Dad asked if I wanted to join in but I had to go. He shrugged and said another time.

A couple of weeks later I was getting out of bed and heard moaning again, but louder than before. I knew he was in the workout room, and so I went out in the hall and saw that the door was wide open this time and he was sitting on a bench, with a jockstrap on, dick hangin out and watching himself in the mirror again. I said okay, why are you so open all of a sudden, and he laughed pulling the pouch over his dick, but it didn't cover much. He said he's a sexy fuck and why wouldn't he want to be seen, and I was his seed, and should be more open and sexual. He was talking about us being of good breeding, or whatever, completely powertripping.

I was getting hard hearing the porno and dad said to come in and join in, not to be ashamed. It took a few minutes but dad pulled his dick out and started jacking it again. Are you like your padre? Thick and long? The ladies love you too? I shrugged and slowly pulled my pajamas down, then pulled out my semi hard dick from my shorts. It kind of looked like Dad's but lighter. I was starting to drip a lot of precum, cause I didn't jack off that much. It dripped on the carpet and dad was laughing slightly just saying I was like a mini him.

He said watch this, and let go of his dick, but it kept bobbing up and down, I could see precum dripping from his too, and his veins were flexing too. He laughed and started jacking again. He held his hand to me and told me to lube up. I swiped my hand against his and got my dick lubed, as we both started watching the porno. I was already wanting to cum, as the girl on the screen was pulling at her clit. I looked at dad and felt my eyes rolling in the back of my head, I tried to sit down but missed the bench, dad moved over to balance me, and his dick rubbed against my side as he quickly moved to help, he moaned as he shot cum all over my side and stomach, he let me go and I fell back against the wall, as he grabbed his dick and started jacking it again, he was moaning louder and almost grunting like a lion or large animal, thrusting his hips, he came again and started shaking a little as cum shot out of him, and landing all over the floor.

I was catching my breath and staring in amazement at how much cum a 43 year old man could shoot. He slowly stopped jacking and laughed at my reflection in the mirror. He said you see how good your dad is? You come from good lines. I forgot I hadn't even cum yet, as dad left the workout room, and left me covered in his cum. I was throbbing in my dick, so I gave myself a couple of jerks and came strong all over my body. It felt good as the moaning in the background slowly faded. Dad hooks up with women frequently, but once in awhile I'll hear the moaning and even Dad's grunting. I think men get more sexual as they age, and I don't want to get to that point, but it was interesting to see dad in action. I hope I am as fertile and endowed as he is when I'm that age.



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