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Dad's Reunion Friend

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I guess I go for older guys


My dad's 25 year high school reunion was last month, and one of his old friends, who I'd met only a couple times while growing up, was flying in for the event. Greg was going to stay with us for the weekend, and since he arrived mid-day while dad was working, he asked me if I'd mind picking him up at the airport.

I'm 19 and go to night school, so most of my days are free. I'm also a bit of a sexaholic. I jack off at least twice a day, sometimes more, and have had shared experiences with both guys and girls. I'm about 6' and 180, cute, comparatively speaking, with shiny brown hair. Outgoing personality, too. To look at me, you'd definitely think I was a HS quarterback, or something.

So I picked up Greg and we stopped for a snack and talked awhile. He was very cool for his age, 42, and seemed a lot younger than my dad. He was about the same height as me, but weighed probably 30 pounds more, so he was stocky but hot, face wise. We were quite comfortable together, even though we were basically strangers, for all intents.

Back at the house, I showed him his room and told him dad would be home in a few hours; mom arrived an hour before dad, usually to get dinner started, but we all planned to go out to dinner tonight. I told Greg he could lay down for awhile or watch some TV, and joked that I was gonna go for my midday wank. He looked right at me, and half-joked that 'that sounded like a better plan.' 'Hey, I'm open for company, if you wanna have a quick jerk.'

Normally I wouldn't have been so blunt with one of my dad's friends, thinking they would repeat our conversation, but he and I seemed to click. 'I don't know, your dad and all,' he hesitated. But I quickly said, 'It's just between us, man. We all gotta take the edge off.' I could see him thinking, and then he said, 'let's go for it.'

I closed and locked the door behind me, and started loosening my pants. Greg watched and smiled, so I walked over to him and started helping him undress. He was beefy, but I liked it and told him so. Finally, we were both standing in our tighty-whiteys, with outlines well-evident.

'You wanna take turns dominating each other,' I queeried? And with that, he tossed me on the bed, as we both laughed, and kind of felt each other all over, with our underwear still on. 'You're hot, you know that?' Greg asked. My boner got a little harder at that. We wrestled around, with our briefs sliding down a bit over our butts in the action, and both of us grabbing a handful.

I made the bold move, when I was laying on top, to kiss Greg. It wasn't that unexpected, given all of our body contact, and he really got into it. We both got out of our briefs and touched each other's cocks, which were bobbing and twitching from being so turned on. We decided to do each other, something he'd never, ever done, he said.

Greg leaned against the headboard, and I leaned against his chest between his legs with his hardon pressed against my butt and lower back. He reached around and massaged my dick and nuts with both hands like an expert, and we tried to prolong the ecstacy as long as possible before I exploded, heaving heavily.

He held me and kissed my neck for a couple minutes while I calmed down, then we traded places. I whispered sexy things to Greg while I jacked him slowly, and the moans he made turned me on so much, I got wood again. I played with his nipples and ran my hands thru his pubes, teasing him every which way. When he finally began spurting, he cried out 'Oh!!!' so loud, people definitely would've heard him, if they'd been home.

He shot onto his chest and neck, and I kind of played with his cum, rubbing it around while he relaxed from his giant climax.

We cleaned up and talked til mom got home, and throughout the night, Greg and I traded knowing smiles when no one was looking. Unfortunately we didn't get to repeat our adventure, since there wasn't much weekend privacy, but I did sneak into his room on Sunday morning when he was packing to leave and thank him for the best jackoff session I'd had in a long, long time. He put his arms around me and kissed me very sexily, and said he hoped we could get together during his next visit to town. I'm counting the days.



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