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Dads Massage

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As I wrote before, my dads a masseur.Please read Dads Massage Sept 9th then everyone will get the picture.At home Dad said to me, that if I wanted to come to his clinic on Friday and he would massage me.Isaid sure ok so Dad said he would book me in as the very last person to be massaged, that way everyone else would have gone.He also said Mike who works for dad as a masseur wanted to speak to me.I said ok as I knew Mike who was a quiet unassuming nice guy.Apparantly Mikes son who was slightly older than me was flashing him everytime they were alone.His son would come out of the shower nude with a hard on,lie on his bed naked with a hard on,everywhere Mike seemed to turn his son was there with a hard always naked. I said that's ok I'll listen to Mike to see what he wants.

Friday came and as usual I was as horny as hell knowing I was going to get one of dads massages.I went in and dad came up to me.Have you had a shower he said.I have dad.Ok come into this room.I stripped off completely and dad motioned me to get on the massage table. I lay on my front and dad asked if I was horny.Not half dad I really need to be maturbated. Ok son Mike is going to come in to have a word with you.Im just going off to lock everything up as there is only us three here .Ill be back shortly but Mike is going to start on your massage till I get back ok.Is he staying I said? I don't know said dad.If he want to stay with us its ok with me I said. You are horny today eh son.Ok I ll tell him if he wants to stay its ok with us.

Mike came in and started my massage.He confided in dad about his son and asked me what I thought.Itold him that I think that his son wants to masturbate with him. Itold him before when I used to come for a massage with dad ,that's all I got. I wanted to masturbate with dad but it wasn't until he came into my bedroom and saw my erection and I more or less told him that I wanted us to masturbate that he took notice.Now we do it when we can.I said why don't you offer to give him a massage and take it from there .Mike said good idea that's what he is going to do .

By now Mike is massaging my back and I've got a huge hard on. As I am being gently pressed onto the table, I'm getting harder and hornier. The door open and in comes dad. Do you want to stay and help me massage my son Mike ? If you want please feel free to stay.Gladly I will said Mike .So mike went to my top end and dad stayed at my legs end .Dad started to massage my legs now while Mike looked after my shoulders and back.I was as hard as ive ever felt .Soon it was time to turn over,so when dad said turn over Idid.My cock was like a bar of metal.Isaw Mike swallow hard when he saw the size of my erection.Mike started on my chest and shoulders while dad stayed at the fronts of my legs now.I felt dads hands going higher and higher.ThenI felt his fingers encircle my hard cock.Mike was sweeping down from my shoulders down as far as my dark pubic hair. I instinctively opened my legs a little and his fingers touched the base of my cock.Dad gently pulled my fore skin right back over my glands and gently shook my penis. Wow .

Dad started wanking me really slowly and Mike came down now and joined dad at my legs.They gently opened my legs more and that seemed to make me even more sensitive.Oily fingers where gently stroking my bum hole, my balls where being lovingly caressed and my penis was being perfectly masturbated.I reached down to try and touch dad but he said no look, this is a one off. it will only be me as usual in future so just lay back and enjoy what we are doing ok.It seems there where hands everywhere on me. Someone was holding and squeezing the base of my penis while the head of my penis was being stroked beautifully My balls where getting gentle kneaded and the oily fingers where still stroking and rubbing my bum hole.Me I was in heaven.

Dad now started wanking me faster. I wouldn't last much longer at this rate.Even the insides of my thighs which by now were well apart were being caressed.Dad upped the pace wanking me faster then faster. I felt it build.Then wham, my toes curled up my back arched as I came .I couldn't help shout out Daaaaaaaad as I shot and shot my load. Some even reached as far as my shoulders.Wad after wad of cum then some just dropped onto my dark pubic hairs. Even my face felt on fire afterwards.You are turning into a very lovely young man dad said.

Afterwards Mike said to me I can see the lovely bond you and your dad has, especially when you getting all that pleasure, reached out to give you dad some.I hope me and my son have a bond like that.I said to Mike ive got loads of mates that I can go fishing ,hunting with, but at least I know that if I ever had a problem, personal, intimate or anything else,I can go to my dad.Some dads don't even have time for their off spring. I welcome any comments from readers.



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