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Dads Massage

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I just started swimming for a local team.Dad is a masseuse and said if I wanted, he would give me a massage every now and then. I agreed although I've had massages before with different people and always got a hard on even with men doing it.This is a true story.Some people might not like what Dad did to me or what I did to him but to me it was lovely.I hope to do it again soon and hope Dad does it as well.My wank buddy.Please feel free to comment as I don't think I am the only one who feels like me.


Come in son dad said,as I went to his treatment room.Strip off and ill put a towel over you .I lay on the bench and dad did just that. Be back in a moment. He came back with a bottle of oil. it smelled nice. He took off the towel and I was naked in front of him.Slowly he began his massage of my back It was nice. When he started on my legs,I could feel myself getting hard as usual.The more he massaged my legs ,the harder I got even though it was my dad.

After what seemed like ages he asked me to turn over so he could do my front body.I was a bit reluctant as by now I was throbbing and some precum was there.I turned over and dad saw my hard erection.It happens ,don't worry. he proceeded to carry on as normal with the massage. He just held it in one hand and carried on massaging my lower body as if it was in the way. I couldn't help uttering a little moan as he touched it,but that was it and soon the massage was over. I couldn't wait to get home and give myself some relief.My next two massages went the same me getting a raging erection Dad holding it out of the way and nothing more.

One night Mum and Dad were watching tv. I said I am going for a shower.Dad then said give me a shout when you have finished and I will have one after you. I had my shower called Dad to say I was finished and went into my room. I lay naked on the bed on my front.My door was slightly ajar.I reached under my bed and found some of my porn stash and flicked through it. I was as horny as ever.Remember I am eighteen with raging hormones.A short while later, I heard Dad coming along the landing.He saw me on my bed and came in.He sat on my bed next to me and saw what I was looking at.Do you like looking at those pictures? Do they get you aroused.He had his hand resting on my back gently rubbing my skin.By now I was as hard as a rock horny as hell and decided to take the bull by the horns.Yes they do get me really horny Dad and flipped over onto my back. He looked at my throbbing cock and said hang on.He got up called downstairs to my mum asking her what she was doing.She replied she had just sat down to watch Coronation Street a soap on tv.He said ok come back into my bedroom and shut the door.

He sat on my bed and started tickling my nipples and ran his other hand down and Ifelt his fingers encircle my cock. Slowly he started to wank me. Crikey it felt so damn good.He knelt on the floor and then kissed me from the nipples down to my raging hard on.I then felt his l warm lips on my cock as he gently sucked me whilst using a finger to tickle the outside of my bum. I opened my legs as he played with my balls.Is that ok son.Dad please don't stop please don't stop.Ssssssh not so loud ,Mums only downstairs son.I reached over to feel him and he had a huge hard on.Dad take it out let me wank you.No its too risky with mum downstairs.The next time I come to your clinic I am going to do what you done to me ok. Alright son done deal.I could feel myself nearly cumming. Dad was wanking me fast now Then bang I erupted.I shot four big wads of cum mostly on Dads towel.Wow what a release.Two days later I came home early.Dad was in my room looking at my mags in nothing but a towel.Mum has gone to see her sister and I shut early for a change..Go have a shower . I did and went in and done to Dad what he done for me two days earlier.



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