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Dad's Big Deal

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My dad's a big guy. Not overly muscular or anything, just big. He's a pretty quiet guy too but when he chooses to speak he has a deep authoritative voice. Nobody messes with my dad.

He's always been pretty laid back about things. Probably because no one would ever challenge him. He's also pretty open about things but we'd never had 'the talk' about sex. So I was really surprised when we were sitting by ourselves last month watching some TV show featuring a really hot young female cast and dad out of the blue says 'I'd hit that.' I didn't know what to say.

My mom had been away for three weeks visiting her sister in Seattle so we were all alone in the house. 'I said, I'd hit that.' he repeated and as he said it and shifted in his seat I could see his erect cock head coming out through the side of his shorts.

Now I'm not gay but I have to say I was unable to take my eyes off my dad's cock. I'd probably seen it before when I was a kid but not hard. This was a brand new experience. It was getting huge. Dad, true to form, didn't seem to give a darn and went back to watching the chick on TV. I tried to go back to watching myself but, again I'm not gay, I started getting my own chub just thinking about my dad's big cock laying there just a foot or so away from me on the couch.

In another minute or two he says 'she's got a really nice pair, I like them like that don't you?' and as he looked over at me he could see me trying to cover up my own now very large bulge. 'Um, uh sure, of course' I managed to say. But I wasn't paying any attention to her. The only thing I could think about was my dad's prick now halfway exposed and sticking right out the bottom of his shorts and down his thigh. He shifted a little in his seat and now it was almost completely exposed and I could clearly see his hairy man-bush poking out too.

I swear I'm not gay but now I couldn't pretend it wasn't there and just stared right at it. Okay, so maybe I'm a little Bi. I've often found myself getting really horny watching the guy's cocks in porn movies and thinking about what it would be like to touch or even suck on them. I also love to watch them cum. But I've never done anything like that, I swear.

So now my dad sees me looking directly at him, and I see him look down at my growing cock and he says 'You look like you've never seen a real man's cock before kid.' and he grabs his and sort of holds it up to look at. My own cock was ready to explode. I didn't say anything at first but finally said, 'Man, that's a pretty big deal dad.' He seemed to like that and said 'yea', as he started to slowly stroke himself and went back to watching the TV.

I didn't know what to do. My dad's got his huge cock out and is stroking it in front of me. I'd probably read about this kind of thing or maybe even thought about what he looked like erect but this was blowing my mind. I tried to relieve the pressure on my own cock by shifting in my seat but it didn't really help and all my shifting around got my dad's attention again and he looked back at me and said, 'what's wrong, if it's getting uncomfortable you need to let that thing out. Its not like we're gay or anything.' and with this he pushes his shorts all the way down to his knees and his giant cock is just standing there bouncing and he really starts stroking it. 'Don't tell me you've never masturbated before, your mom told me she caught you a few times in your room.' I was shocked and didn't move an inch.

'Suit yourself', he said, 'but its nothing to be ashamed of. I do it all the time, especially when your mom's gone. I probably do it at least once a day when she visits your aunt. You're old enough that I shouldn't need to keep it a secret anymore.' He then added, 'I used to do this with my brother when we were kids and once when we were camping with your grandfather we all ended up doing it together a few times.'

So I figured, what the heck. No big deal its what the guys in my family do, and pushed down my own shorts and started stroking my cock. 'Nice one' my dad said and started stroking himself even faster. Neither of us was watching the TV anymore. We were both looking at each other's cocks and stroking ourselves and pumping our hips.

I'd always heard older guys could last longer and it was sure the case for us because I was ready to cum in no time at all. Dad seemed to know I was ready to blow and offered a few words of encouragement 'Go ahead son, you first, show me what you've got.' and with that I moaned and shot a huge load all over myself. I opened up my eyes in time to see dad closing his eyes and then in his low voice softly letting out a long 'Ahhhhhhhh' as he shot his own load and pumped hard on his cock for several moments.

We sat there on the couch for a few minutes recovering. The smell of our sperm has incredibly strong. He looked down at the mess we had made. 'Go get a towel, we need to clean this up. Your mom doesn't mind me jerking off but she hates to have to clean it up.' and suddenly I remembered a few times when mom had said something about not expecting her to clean that up when she had caught me jerking off as a kid.

I threw my dad a towel and he wiped himself off and then he threw it to me. I picked up my dad's cum soaked towel and could smell him on it. His cum was a little different smelling than mine. I used the same towel to wipe off myself and then got up to get a drink. Dad later said, 'Hey, that's just between us right?' Like I would ever say anything about it. Oh, and I took care to hide that towel in my room. I like to take it out and smell it now whenever I get the chance while jerking off. I just wish mom had more sisters to visit!



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