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Dad's 'Army Trunk'

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This is my second contribution, the first one was called 'Nightly Ritual', but my first male-male one.


When I got home from school today I found a note on the living room table. It said my parents would be home at seven and were shopping for a new sink.

Looking at the clock I realized it was 4:00pm, which gave me three hours of alone time. Of course, being the late-adolescent I am, I quickly went to my room and undid my pants. My seven-inch member was already hard as I thought of the different things I could do in the session.

Just then, it hit me: I could try to open my dad's massive porno trunk again. It was a huge black box in our lower level that my mom had said contained his 'personal items.'

Erection going down, I skidded down the hall to my parents room in order to try finding the key. This search went on for thirty minutes until I realized the obvious. On top of his dresser was a key set he used only for our RV and trailer locks. I swiftly grabbed the keys and headed downstairs to the massive trunk.

Key number one was a miss, and my heart beat fast in fear of not getting in. Key number two didn't work either, and I began to sweat. The third key slid right in and twisted, causing the padlock to spring open. Heart racing, I anticipated seeing a sea of naked women on various dvd covers and magazines. I unlatched both sides of the chest and opened it slowly. To my dismay, it did not bring immediate satisfaction. The porn on top was bagged, and as I opened one to have a look at a dvd, I found the receipt. It was recent, in fact, it was one from yesterday. This made me hard again, just knowing I was holding something my dad didn't want me or anyone else to see. I eagerly shoved it and the other bags aside to reveal an amazing assortment of dvds and magazines. I counted the dvds in awe to reveal he had 25 glorious movies. A lot of them were in order by series, and most of them were hardcore sex scenes. My dad, 40, is a strong man, so I didn't see this as a surprise. Next to these dvds was a yellow box, which I quickly opened to reveal an assortment of cock rings, dildos, and obviously my mom's collection of jack off porn.

Seeing these sex toys and remembering all the great female solo stories I've heard in on Solotouch made me ache so I had to pop in a dvd and masturbate. I quickly snatched the hottest intercourse dvd and a cock ring of my size. Racing up the stairs I felt as if there was nothing stopping me. The scene was hot and I began to slip on the cock ring (remember not to put it on too tight and to only use for 20 minutes!) with both hands. My dick never looked bigger and I reached for a lube that I had been carrying in my pocket. The feeling was incredible and I imagined all of the times that my parents must have used everything and the wild sex they could have had. This fantasy kept me in oblivion for what seemed like eternity until I heard the living room room open.

In a matter of a second, I let go my red member and stared blindsighted at my dad. He began to laugh as he saw the dvd he had bought the day before playing on the screen and his own cock ring around my dick. I couldn't believe my dad wasn't killing me for looking in his things.

'I see you're having fun with my things,' he said. 'Don't worry, I won't tell mom, I understand what it's like for a man your age. I always looked through your grandpa's porn when I was eighteen.'

'Re-really?' I studdered, the feeling still pulsating from my cock.

'Yes, really. For god sake man, take that ring off before I have to take you to the hospital,' he laughed.

I quickly lubed the area and slid it off, setting it on the bag. I didn't have a clue as of what to do or when to do it.

'That said in done, I'm really turned on by this video and the fact that you're watching it. Mind if I join you?'

I had read stories on this website about father-son experiences before, but I couldn't believe it was actually happening to me. Nodding my head, I watched as he slid his pants down revealing a massive buldge in his boxer-briefs. He asked me if he could take off his shirt and I told him it was alright since mine was off too, so he took that off also. My dad is a very muscular man looks like he's in his early thirties. Gazing at the video he slowly pulled down his underwear revealing the most massive cock I've ever seen. It got me so much hotter to know that's what could happen to me in my final year of puberty. He took the lube and began furiously pumping while I began to start in unison. After about two more minutes of intense footage, he asked if he could help me. I responded yes, and he began to stroke me until I flew over the edge and erupted five ropes of cum onto the coffee table. Returning the favor I beat him till he shot a remarkable 7 ropes, one of which went past the coffee table.

Afterwards he gave me a talk about sex and all of that and gave me an assortment of things. He gave me heat-lube, cock rings, three dvds, and a magazine and told me if I ever needed anything he'd be happy to share. As for future sessions, he said we could do it again this next weekend while my mom is away on business.



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