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I'll start out by telling you a little bit about myself and my dad. I'm 5 feet 6 inches tall, pretty average. My hair is long and a dark auburn, I usually wear it in loose curls. My eyes are green, everyone has always been envious of them, I personally think blue would be prettier, but oh well. I have rather nice olive skin, and 34C breasts. My father, Derek, is only 40 years old (my parents had me when they were 18 and 17) I have always found him to be quite attractive, he stands at a nice height of 6'3", has beautiful piercing green eyes (similar to me, but I think his are a much prettier green), tousled brown hair. Now that you kinda have an image of us, I'll start my story.

I started masturbating as I just started to feel a tingly sensation down below and decided to investigate what it was after it happening for a while. When I was 14ish when the hormones really began to run rampant I discovered what I loved the most. Getting caught in the act. I found this out when one morning, I think it was a school holiday or something, I was in my room and I suddenly felt the need to go at it. With my panties at my ankles and my mind off in my own world I had my hand in my pussy and I was going at it really hard, when I suddenly hear my door creak open. I screamed at my brother, "KYLE WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" He just stood there like a horny teen as he was watching my dripping cunt, and soon got a boner that was easily visible through his boxer shorts. I realized that I should have covered up, but it felt so wonderful to feel him gaze at my vulnerable and naked body. He then after a minute or two left my room. Later at dinner I could see him staring at my boobs, but other than that he was kinda awkward about the whole situation.

After that I started to try to get caught, because of how much arousal it brought me. Once I was in my room, this was probably a year later, when my dad come home early from work one Saturday. I heard him pull up in the drive and was excited that I was about to be potentially caught. He unlocked our front door and called out to see if my mom was home, "Kelley, are ya home?" (She was at a neighbors for some silly tea party they loved doing or whatever.) I got more and more excited as I sat there rubbing my aching pussy in anticipation to my rather sexy father walking in and seeing his rather developed 15 year old nude daughter pleasuring herself. When he peered into my room, his eyes bugged out of his head in complete and total shock. Slowly but surely, just like my brother a few years ago he got a rather nicely sized hard on. I looked up at him and tried to look shocked, but I was so close to coming that I kept going. He stood there and stared with a gaping mouth, but with that astonishment I knew he was aroused at the sight of me. He broke his gaze with my pussy and lingered for a moment or so before leaving. I came shortly after he left, I knew he could hear me and that just made me all the more happy.

This started to happen more frequently over the years, and I think it was because neither of us even tried that much at preventing it. When I was about 18 I bought a nice little vibrator online and had it shipped to our house (the idea of getting caught is just wonderful for me), just as I had hoped when the mail was delivered it was my dad who got it. I got off at 3pm, my brother had lacrosse after school and my mom was at work until 5-6pm most nights, so that usually meant it was my dad and I until 6ish. When I came home from school that day, he simply said he had put something on my dresser in my room for me. I found it exactly where he had said he put it, except to my surprise my package had been opened. I couldn't take it any longer, I threw my clothes off and leapt into my bed and started having fun with my new little toy. I was sure my dad could hear my sloshing cunt, and if he couldn't he certainly could hear my moans a little later on.

I always fantasized about the thought of him jacking off to the thought of my masturbation sessions that he frequently heard. It always got me wet in no time. However, he was always fairly good at keeping his own sessions a secret from me. That was until earlier this month when I came home from a friends house earlier than he expected. When I walked in he was stark naked in the living room, wanking himself and smelling a pair of my dirty undies. (In his defense my brother was on a trip with friends and my mom was out of town for the week, so he really did think he was all alone.) I nearly fainted. It was so hot seeing my own father using undies I had came in to get himself off. When he saw me, he turned beet red and began apologizing immediately. I mustered up the most seductive voice I could possibly do and said "Oh, no it's fine. Keep going". My heart was beating at a thousand miles per hour. My approval was all he needed, he kept wanking his cock, and soon began telling me he was going to come. Subconsciously I began touching myself through my clothing, I only noticed when I started to feel the wet feeling develop in my underwear. Once he came he apologized, and then I apologized for barging in. We went about our business and kept to ourselves for the rest of the day, it was rather strange but still very arousing.

The next night when I went to the bathroom I discovered my bathroom was out of toilet paper. It was maybe only ten o'clock and I thought my dad was asleep, so I wanted to be quiet when I went in to quickly retrieve more. I opened the door and I was only in my underwear and bra, when I saw my dad having another session in the bed. I felt terrible. Twice, I've caught him in only two days. He quickly stopped and turned on a light. I think he could probably smell my arousal from just maybe twenty minutes before, and I know he could definitely see the dark, wet spot on my undies from my juices, because he just stared at my pussy. I said sorry again probably fifty times, before he told me to stop apologizing and that it was fine.

I quickly went over and grabbed what I had originally intended to get in the first place. On my way out he teased me by saying it looked like I was having some fun earlier too. Sheepishly, I admitted I was and we both kinda just laughed. I was trying to keep my cool, but I think he knew how horny this was making me. He told me to come over and give him a hug. Because he was in bed and I was standing up, it made it easy for me to brush my boobs against his stubbly face and act as if it was simply an accident. With that he knew I was crazily horny. He squeezed my ass as I bent over to hug him, and then he pulled me onto him. I slowly began to kiss him, when he abruptly stopped and said we shouldn't be doing this. My mind was in a million different places, but I knew I wanted this. This was my absolute biggest fantasy and it had to happen. I simply said no, no, keep going.

I resumed kissing him which he went along with. I unhooked my bra and took my panties off. He was like an eager little puppy. He slipped his hand into my pussy and began to massage my clit and slowly pushed a finger in my aching pussy. My dad pumped his finger in and out of me for a while before adding another finger to my begging cunt. Soon I could feel myself about to have the big O. I told him dad I'm going to come, and he said to me softly "Don't worry sweetheart." Hearing those words come out of his mouth sent me over the edge and I had an explosive orgasm. He gently pulled his fingers out of me and I pulled his hand up to my mouth were I began to eat myself off of his lovely hands. I could see through the sheets that he had a massive boner, and so I pulled it out from underneath the covers and gently stroked him, it didn't take long before he came. He hugged me and kissed me on the head. He told me he had always liked thinking of me while masturbating, but never in his wildest dreams thought that this would happen, but that it was wonderful and he couldn't believe he masturbated his daughter to the point of orgasm. I told him that he was amazing and that I loved him. We cuddled naked all night long, and boy was that amazing.



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