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Dad Showed Me How to Masturbate

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Dad Showed Me How to Masturbate
I am a 28 years old now and have been masturbating since I was 12. I remember distinctly the first time I did it because my dad is the one that showed me how to do it.
I had just started 7th grade and I guess my folks decided it was time for my father to brief me on the facts of life. I remember that Mom left that morning for a day of shopping. Right when she pulled out the driveway my dad and I were sitting around the breakfast table. I am an only child so we were the only ones in the house.
He said that mom had left to give he and I some one-on-one time together. They had decided that it was time to tell me all about sex since I was almost a teenager and that dad was the one to do it.
He had a few sexual development books for teenagers and he and I went over those. I knew most of the stuff already between previous talks at home and friends at school who had told me. Anyway, we got to the chapter on masturbation and dad asked me if I knew what it was and if I had ever done it. I knew what it was but had not done it before even though I had been having wet dreams. I told my dad that and at that point he looked at me and said "well, do you want me to show you how?"
I was embarrassed for sure, but told him ok because I was curious about it. We then went into my parent's bedroom where they had a king size bed. My father said "let's go ahead and take off our clothes." And he started stripping. My dad was like 33 or 34 at the time, so he was in pretty good shape and not unfit at all. I started taking off my clothes too and pretty soon we both were standing there naked. I had not seen my dad naked in several years and had never seen him with an erection, so my first thoughts I remember were comparing the size of our penises. Dad's was a little over 6 inches and he was circumcised and of course had a good amount of pubic hair. My dick, on the other hand, was like between 3 and 4 inches and I didn't have but a little bit of pubic hair on my balls and right above my dick. My dad seemed to know that I was comparing sizes because he said "Don't worry yours will get bigger as you get older and you'll be getting more hair soon too."
I remember commenting that I wished mine was as big as his and at that point dad said we could lie down on the bed. We got on the bed and he reached into his nighstand and pulled out some Penthouse magazines and some K-Y Jelly. He slid a few of the mags to my side of the bed and then he said for me to watch him and to join in when I felt comfortable. Then he lubed up his hand and erect penis with the KY, lay down on his back, and started pumping his cock while looking at a Penthouse. I watched his hand going up and down on his dick and remember my dick was so hard and it felt like it was on fire it itched so bad.
After a few minutes of watching him and lubed up to and started pumping my tool too, looking back and forth from the magazine to my dad. My dad spoke up at that point and said that I may feel like I was going to pee but just to keep pumping and that I would squirt sperm. I asked him if it was ok to do that on the bed and he said no problem that we would wash the sheets.
We continued pumping ourselves for a couple of more minutes and I remember the sinking feeling in my balls and how it did feel like I was going to pee. I told my dad that something was happening in balls and he said keep going. That's when I started to shoot sperm all over my stomach and chest...It was watery and only a little white but it was cum for sure. When I started to shoot I know I was breathing hard and I made little moaning noises. After I did it, I looked over at my dad who had watched me cum. He was breathing fast and then started grunting as he emptied his balls all over his stomach. I remember thinking that his sperm was thicker and whiter than mine.
At any rate, after he was done we rested for a minute. Put up the magazines and got our clothes on. We also washed the sheets and while we did that we talked about dick sizes and how it felt to sperm inside of a woman and other puberty stuff.
My dad was cool and although I have not seen him naked since that day, I always felt ok discussing sex stuff with him.



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