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Dad Help's Son

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I am a 15 year old male. My parents are divorced. This story happened at my dad's apartment that only has one bathroom. I was staying with him over the weekend.

On Friday night I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower. My dad knocked on the door and said he has to use the toilet. I opened the door and said 'Ok'. Then the two of us were in the bathroom. All that I had on was a towel. Then I took off the towel, hung it on the back of the door and got in the shower. I don't mind being naked around my dad because he's my dad and we have seen each other naked before a few times. I was taking the shower then I heard the toilet flush.

The next thing I know my dad is coming into the shower butt naked. He said 'Is there any room in here for me'? I said 'Sure why not'? After a while I felt my dick get hard then I got a full erection. My dad said 'That's my boy'. I was about six and a half inches long. By this time my dad had an erection too. He said 'You have got a big dick for someone your age'. I said 'No wonder, look who I am getting it from'. My dad's penis was more than 7 inches. We were both really hairy and we were both uncut. He asked if I had ever masturbated in front of someone before? I said yes once. Then he put a lot of soap on his huge dick and started to masturbate, I did the same thing. After a while I grabbed his dick and he grabbed mine. We both started yelling and saying 'Oh God this feels so Good'. Then we came, it went all over us. We cleaned up and got out.

Then my dad put on some porn videos and we watched them when we were still naked. We masturbated a few more times. We masturbated each other a few times. Then we went to bed. We did that same thing a few more times. My dick finally got bigger than my dad's.



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