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Dad Got Me Kick-started

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When I was seventeen, I thought I knew what masturbation was until one fortunate day when I was to discover what my cock could really do.

I stayed with Dad every other weekend in his apartment which was close quarters. We had been naked in front of each other ever since I could remember so walking around in the buff was a completely natural feeling for me. I always admired Dad's five-inch flacid meat and wondered if one day mine would be like his. His had more hair than mine. He never really talked to me about sex or about how I was progressing with my manhood so what came that fortunate weekend I still remember and I still grip my cock the way he showed me. I have since added other techniques to my repetoire but find this to be my 'comfort' zone.

One Saturday night, I went out with some friends in my Dad's neighborhood and came home at my usual curfew. Dad was in bed watching TV in his room so I went to bed. I had tried cigarettes for the first time that night and was still somewhat relaxed as the nicotene buzz was wearing off.

I stripped off my clothes as I always sleep naked. While I was removing my underwear I notice that the sensations from my developing cock head was more sensitive than normal. I guessed it was the nicotene. Just my brushing it lightly started it swelling and soon I had a semi-erect cock which I just ignored because I was tired and just wanted to go to sleep.

I went to the bathroom to go pee 'cause I thought this would relieve the pressure in the dangling meat between my loins which was slowly pulsing with my hot teen blood. As I walked by Dad's room, his door was slightly ajar and he asked my how my evening went. I told him fine and I would see him in the morning.

I guess I didn't realize that I was standing there at his slightly open door with the dim hallway light glowing down on my bouncing cock. He said that I should go to the bathroom and pee or 'something' 'cause it looked like I needed relief. I quickly stepped aside from the opening in embarassment and said nothing. I went pee and was walking back to my room when my Dad asked me to come into his room because he wanted to ask me something. I went in and sat on his bed.

I went in timid now that he'd seen my manhood somewhat performing circus tricks in the hall. He said that I shouldn't be embarassed by what he saw. It's natural and I've probably already seen others at school in the showers. I said yeah, but that I wasn't sure if mine was the right size and that I have noticed his when flaccid and mine wasn't as big. He told me that I was still developing and that all cocks are different especially when flaccid.

All this talk about my cock and his, started my teen cock bouncing again. As I started covering it with his sheets, he said, 'Why don't we compare how you're coming along.'

Right then, he uncovered his abdomen and revealed the biggest cock I had ever seen! Oh, it was something to stare at. I couldn't stop looking at it. I realized that I had been staring and not comparing!

My hot teen blood slammed up into my cock so fast I felt flush and still somewhat buzzed from the cigs. He assure me that he was as big as me at my age and that I would probably be that his size, too. I was so excited at the new prospect of endowment that I started oozing precum, not just a little either. It was sliding down my shaft like wax on candles.

Dad threw me a tissue from his headboard and said that I had better clean that up. I asked him if his cock does the same and he said yeah, but not as much as mine. He asked me if everything was working ok. You see, up until this day I thought my pre-cum was cum and thought that I was a short-timer as I had seen the porno pros go much longer until finally jetting their glaze on some eager beaver.

So, I said that everything was ok and that I always cum like this. He looked me in the eyes and said, 'Son, that is not cum. That is pre-cum used to lubricate your cock head. Have you not come yet?' I said that I always cum and that it is on my sheets in the morning. He explained to me that those were wet dreams and that I should be cumming by now. He asked me if I wanted him to show me what cumming is. I said sure and asked him if it hurt. He said no and asked me to lay beside him on his bed and watch what he does.

He took his seven inch cock in his right hand and put his left hand under his balls and started rubbing them. I could see the veins on the side of his shaft popping out as he slowly gripped his engorged manhood and stroked it. He asked me to do the same to myself. Other than size, the only other difference I noticed was that his cock stood straight up in the air while mine made a detour toward my navel.

My first stroke was awesome! As I squeezed the now purple head, it deposited more precum into my navel. Dad said that was some trick. He turned on his TV with the remote and I quickly figured out why he was still awake and erect. The porn tape he was watching came to view. He said that I should pretend that my hand is like a pussy swallowing the cock with wet warmth. Some people use lotion but he said that I didn't need it because my cock was providing it right there in my navel.

My heart was pounding as fast as it does when I'm working out with my buddies at school. I could feel every beat in my chest and every pulse in my cock. Boy, it felt great! He showed me his special grip using his thumb, index and middle finger to grasp his shaft and the other two pointing down to 'tap' my balls on the down stroke. This method propelled me into oblivion and I felt the swelling behind my balls start to move to the front and up my stalk. I told my Dad about it and he said that I would soon be coming.

No sooner than he said that, hot teen cum pounded the base of my swollen cock. It felt like someone was slowly pulling a thick rope out of my cock and I could feel the release from behind my balls. The first thick rope caught my left cheek and my lips. The second hit my left nipple and then I shot about nine more small ropes onto my abs. My navel was finally filled and cum was beginnig its voyage down my side to my Dad's sheets.

My Dad, as supportive as he has always been, grunted, and said that I was now a man and it was nice to see everything working as it should. He smiled at me at said how proud he was of me.

With that, he quickly sped up his pace and proceeded to place the same copious amounts of cum on the hairy line between his navel and cock. His cock stood straight up and pumped out jets. It was amazing! I licked my cum from my lips and said it tasted sweet and salty. He grunted and said that women love that taste!

We wiped ourselves with the sheets and I just crashed there on his bed for the night. In the morning, we awoke and as I pried the dried cum-soaked sheets from my loins I could see Dad smiling at me. We both took a shower together and I admired his great hard body and knew that I would look like him at his age, cock and all.

That was the only time we shared our juices. Every once in a while, I hear Dad masturbating in his room while I'm lying down, discovering my own pleasures and stroking my cock the way he showed me.



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