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Dad and Me

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One hot summer morning I had woken up from the heat inside of the house just burning up my body. I got out of bed wearing only my boxer-briefs (what I wear to bed).

When I walked out of the room, I walked straight to the bathroom getting ready to take a shower. I closed the door but didn't close it all the way.

A few moments later as I was removing my boxer-briefs, my dad walks in completely naked. All I could look at was the 5-inch cock that my dad had (not even hard). My dad says that he was getting ready to shave and then get in the shower. I told him that I was getting ready to get in the shower and he was like you take the shower as I shave. So I got in the shower.

A few moments later my dad just throws open the shower curtains and says to make room for dad.

Our shower is huge so as we walked past each other, we never touched.

I slowly starting getting hard and my dad noticed and says that I'm becoming a big man. I told him that I was nothing compared to him. He laughed.

When I finished rinsing off my body, I got out with my dad following behind me.

Dad says that he's going to go take a nap because he was still tired so I told him that I was going to lay down. Dad invites me to lie down in his bed (a big circle King Bed).

I went into his room and laid on one end of the bed and dad on the other; we both were wearing nothing.

I roll over and my dad just puts his arms around me and hugs me and I could just smell the manly smell off of him. I looked down at his cock that was slowly getting hard.

My dad starts rubbing my back and I rubbed his chest. He says son that feels good.

Then I went for it. I touched my dads' cock and my dad just let out a sigh. Then my dad grabs my ass and just starts squeezing and rubbing it. I start to pump my dads' cock and he says son that feels good.

I roll back over onto my back and my dad does the same and I stood up to straddle my dad and I laid on top of my dad to where my cock was touching his cock and he just starts to jack us both off... Within 5 minutes I start to cum all over my dads' chest and cock.

My dad says: 'That's my son.'

My dad uses my cum to lube his cock and within a minute of jacking, I take over and start jacking off his big 7 and 1/2' cock. Then he lets out the biggest load I have ever seen.

We then went back to the showers to shower it off..

This never happened again and we never spoken of again and I later got a girlfriend so I was glad that it didn't make me gay.



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