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Dad and I Go Crazy

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When I was 18, I was an avid wanker. I jerked off pretty much every day. One day my dad took me out to dinner just me and him and on the way back to his house we started talking about women, sex and wanking. About 5 minutes away from home I really needed to take a piss. I told dad and of course he told me to hold it in. I really needed to go and I was obviously uncomfortable and couldn't hold on much longer and so he said that as soon as we pulled in the drive way I can hop out and go in the back yard. He sped down the street and sure enough as soon as we got home I jumped out and whipped out my cock and started to piss.

He stopped the car and hopped out and stands a few meters away from me and has a piss too which was a bit weird, but what ever. I looked over at him and his cock in curiosity and saw that it was similar to mine. He made a comment on my dick saying, 'That's a pretty big one you got'. and I said back, 'Yeah, yours too.' He then said, 'I think I'm still the bigger man' and he chuckled. We finished pissing and shook our dicks. I said, 'Yeah what ever you think buddy!' to which he replied,'Is that a challenge?'

So we look at each other and walk closer and undo our pants to just below our asses. We hold out our cocks and it looks like we're the same size which is a suprise. i would have thought he would be bigger. He was maybe a bit thicker, but I might have been longer. So he said, 'Call it even' and I said, 'Only counts when you're hard anyway!' Then we gave each other another look and all he did was reach down and started tugging on his dick a bit. I reached down and did the same.

With in a few seconds we're both hard. We looked down and stepped closer holding our dicks next to each other. Now I have measured and I know I am above 6 and a half inches, but less then 7 and 5 and a half inches around when hard. He looked exactly the same length and width once again and this made me feel good because I wasn't even fully grown. He then says to me, 'You're your father's son' and we both laughed. I am really horny by now and just say 'I think I gotta get rid of this!' and he said, 'Only one way how!' So we full on start wanking in his backyard, his suit pants half way down his legs and my jeans the same way. He has been divorced from mum for a few years now and doesn't have a girlfriend so I guess he doesn't have much sex.

All of a sudden he asks, 'want a helping hand?' I am so shocked at this I just let go of my dick and he takes control. He takes one look at me as if to say,'You do me.' We're in an awkward position so we step back over to the car and get in the back seat. We take all our clothes off and I ask, 'Do you want toy grind cocks?' and he knows what I mean. He got on top of me and we're humping like no tomorrow! Our dicks just rubbing together and I told him I am going to cum and he said, 'Fuck! Here I go' and just hearing him say that sends me over the edge and I swear we came with in a few seconds of each other.

After that we pretty much just cleaned up and I just felt like I had the best orgasm ever. It was just crazy I still can't believe it happened!



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