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Dad and I

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First off, let me just say that I love this website and have enjoyed a lot of great jerking sessions reading these awesome stories.

When I was a child I was raised completely by my father, because my mom had died during childhood. My dad raised me pretty liberal, there were never any rules or guidelines, and he was, and still is, more like my best friend than my father. When he would go out on dates, he would have no problem telling me about the sex that he got, or didn't get, and would bring women home and have sex in the next room, and believe me, he didn't try to take it easy or anything, I would always feel the force of the bed as it slammed into the wall, or moaning or nasty talk, but I never really paid any attention and it never really bothered me. In the mornings, I would put coffee in the pot and make breakfast, while he got ready, he usually just walked nude to and from the shower, and often stole my clothes because we were the same size, then I would get ready. This all went on as usual until one weekend when I was 17.

My dad works for a large investment company and so he is forced to do a lot of travelling. I would go with him whenever I could, during the summer, or on a break or weekend or whatever. Well I did go with him that weekend to Chicago, and was happy to get away for a couple of days. The first day, Friday, we got there and settled in, and went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning around noon, my dad was gone and he had left a note on the desk that said he had meetings all day until about 10:00pm, and that he would be home then. He had also left 50 bucks for me to go exploring or something, but I just raided the mini-fridge instead and watched some tv. I was happy just to be able to relax. Around eight-thirty I decided that I should go and work out, since I had already missed Thursday and needed to keep on schedule for sports. So I changed into my clothes and headed off. I worked out for about two hours, then decided to call it quits. I headed back up to my room, and when I got there, I found that my dad was in the shower, and I realized that I must have left the heater running, because it was extremely hot inside the room. I just peeled my wife-beater off my sweaty back, and flopped down on the bed waiting for my turn in the shower. I knew that I had quite a wait so I flipped on the TV, and just waited for my turn. My dad walked out of the bathroom naked, and walked out in front of the TV to get to his suitcase, he stood in front of it for a moment flipping through his things, then he said, 'Damn, I didn't pack any underwear, mind if I borrow a pair.' I told him whatever he needs, just go ahead. He took a step over and started to flip through my suitcase, he picked up a fist full of my underwear, 'Stupid-ass boxers, don't you have anything that can give me a little support? ' as he grabbed his balls a little. I told him that no I don't, because I did not realize that I was packing for two.

'You don't have anything at all?' 'Well I have my jock strap, you want that, it might be a little sweaty though' 'Yeah, well I guess that will do' I stood up and let my shorts fall to the ground, and then took off my jock-strap, and handed it to dad, 'Here'

He smiled and slid it on. It was almost a prefect fit, which kinda made me laugh. Because he said that they were a little tight in the crotch area, but I guess they will have to do. We always joked about who was stronger, and who could take who in a fight, dick size and that sort of thing. Just regular guy stuff. My dad was a fairly buff man, With a little thin line of dark hair on his chest and stomach. He works out regularly, and keeps himself in good condition. In fact, he got through college on a football scholarship.

After he put it on, he laid down on his bed after stealing the remote from me. I walked over to my suitcase, grabbed a pair of boxers and headed off to the shower. After I finished I walked back into the main room, to find my dad sitting there still watching TV. I walked over to his bed and snatched the remote from him. He quickly stood up and started walking into me, getting real close to my face, and pushing his bare chest against mine, which he always did when he started to play wrestle. I tried to stand perfectly still, not to give him any ground. He said that if I wanted the remote I had better be prepared to fight for it. I just smiled and pushed him back on his bed, he bounced down on it. He then laid back down after a couple of seconds then he said that he was lucky that he had a hard day at work, or else he might actually want it. I went and turned off the lights, then went back to my bed and laid down. Since it was so hot, we were both laying on top of our sheets. I started to flip through the channels when I came across a porn station. My dad told me to stop, but I had already passed it, so I started to go flip back the way I was coming. I said 'what, you want to watch the porn?'

He said, 'Yeah...My god it has been a while since I have gotten any.'

I just chuckled, 'You ain't the only one.' 'What, things aren't going well with Jessica (My current g/f at the time)?' 'Yeah well....'

My dad then just simply mumbled something and continued to watch. I did the same. After a minute I looked over at my dad, and my jockstrap was sticking straight off him. It was the first time that I had actually seen him erect. I was getting really hard myself, and I am sure I was starting to tent too.

'I know,' he said, 'I am sooooo hard.' Then he just laid there for a second then added, 'Opps, sorry, but I think I am forming a pretty big pre-cum puddle on the front of your jock.' 'That's okay, it wouldn't be the first time.' Then I he and I both gave a bit of a chuckle. 'Oh, who was it? Do I know her?' I just started to laugh, 'Actually.... It was Caleb (My best friend)'

'OH MY GOD, your kidding me? So are you bisexual or what?' I knew that he would care either way, because he had told me some stories of his youthful experimentation. 'No, it was just sort of a spur of the moment thing' 'Aahh .... God I'm so hard, would you mind if I jerked off real quick, you can even join me if you would like.' He laughed, 'It could be a spur of the moment thing' He started to rub himself through the jocky.

'Okay.... I guess' I was taken off guard, but I was so hard at the moment that I probably would have made the invite myself if he hadn't. He slid over in his bed, gesturing me to come over. So I did, and laid right next to him. Both of our erections were pushing our underwear up, my jocky was barely even touching his skin, and my cock was so hard that it was pulsating, moving my boxers up and down with it. He laughed.

'Well I guess we had better take care of that before you bust,' he reached over and slapped my inner thigh. It kinda stung, 'Go get the lube out of suitcase' he commanded. So I got up and found it in one of the inner pockets. I brought it back to the bed and handed it to him before I laid back down. 'Okay, lets get started.'

He looked down at my boxers and saw that they were completely soaked. He laughed and said 'well let's save a little time here, these are ruined anyway.' and he reached through a gaping hole in the side of my boxers and tore it through, and put through the rest split half of my boxers and exposed my throbbing cock. He then applied a line of lube to my cock with the tube. You can go ahead and get started while I work on myself he said. With that, I happily grabbed my dick and slowly started to pump. I looked over at dad and his jock was already off and he was trying to get some lube out. Then I heard 'Fuck, it's empty.... Mind if you share?' With that I let go, moved my hand away, and let him take hold. He started to pump for a few times. Then he stopped and then grabbed his own, and started working it. I went back to work on my own. He did it pretty different than me. He would go up his shaft, the twist the head of his cock toward the end. I just went up and down over and over again.

Our cocks were almost the same size, mine was a little longer, while his was actually thicker than mine, and was more of a red-purple color. Our balls were pretty much the same, they hung from the heat, and bounced quite a bit, which was fine. We went for a little while.

'That looks like it feels better than my method, how do you do that?'

He smiled, he knew what I wanted. 'Let me show you' and with that he reached over and started to jerk me off, going so slow it sent chills up my cock through my spine. I was just sitting back enjoying the action, when he said, 'Hell, this ain't no free ride, I need some attention too' So I reached over and started to jerk dad off. This went on for about five heavenly minutes until I had to cum. When I told him I was cumming he told me to come on my hand because it was started to run out of lube. I smiled and happily complied. When the thick white juice finally came out, I made sure to catch most of it all. Then my attention went back to dad's dick. When I got a grip on his thick cock again, the cum came out between my fingers and over the top of his head. He said that the warmth felt good, and that it felt more realistic to a pussy. I jerked him off for a few more minutes till he came and shot all over his chest and my arm. After that we laid there for a minute letting the cum run off of our bodies, and talking about various things, then we cleaned up.

This happened a few more times on a few more business trips, we never really put anything sexual into our actions, we were just having fun, taking care of what needed to be taken care of. It never happened again after he got remarried, and I soon following with my wife and two kids.



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