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D and His Brother

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When my friend 'D' and I were 14 we would go to his house and wrestle on the floor in his room and sometimes on the bed. We did this most days right after school as he lived on the way to my house. I would come home with my clothes all messed up and one day got hollered at, so the next day I told him I wanted to get to my underware so as not to mess my clothes again. He said he would too. I knew I got boners when we wrestled and thought it was natural and thought he did too but now I knew for sure and he really had a big one in his underpants. One day his brother 'A', who is older than D, was in the next room when we wrestled and we made a lot of noise. His brother walked in without knocking and looked at us. We stopped, all sweaty and our underpants soaked with sweat. D looked ashamed and said we were just wrestling around, but sounding guilty like he knew what A was thinking what were doing. A said he knew we were 'just warming up for a wank session' and pointed to D's boner, which was pressing against his white underpants. He said he was going back to his room to have a wank himself, and we might as well not stop on his account. And he closed the door and went back to his room like he said. We were both still shocked and trembling from him walking in and what he said, but my boner was harder than ever because after what he said I really wanted to wank with D. I was scared but I said, 'He don't care. You want to?' D looked confused or something but after mumbling something, said, 'I guess it's ok, if you want to.' Neither of us was sure what to do next. I laid down on his bed and put my hand in my underpants and was rubbing. Then he did the same thing next to me. But it wasn't feeling so great so I said we should wrestle some more but without our shorts and it would be alright if we put our hands anywhere on each other. So we did and that was great. And after groping and feeling each other up while we wrestled, we had our legs and arms all around each other, when D started to cum and it went all over us both since our chests were together. What was real nice was I was looking right into his face when he came and I felt the warm stuff flow between both our chests while I was looking in his eyes, so I could see what he was feeling, and that made me cum then too. We didn't move for a long time and it felt real good to lie there even though we were both soaked. That was just the first time. I think it was the best though and sometimes when I wank alone I still think about how his face looked when he came that time.



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