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Cycling in Europe

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Who knew cycling could be so much fun?

Aug 2003 - Male Techniques


This happened when a friend and I were stationed in the same unit in Europe. Jay and I were closer than brothers. One thing, among many, we did together was workout at the gym. We both are 'lean mean fighting machines. ' I am 6'2', 185 lb. and a 10' cock. Jay is 5'10'.
Since our routines were so different in design we did not move from station to station together. One particular machine I really enjoyed was the stationary bike. At some point I noticed when I rode the stationary bike Jay would work the incisor/excisor machine. This machine would incline the body about 15 degrees. The knees would be pulled up 45 degrees and the legs spread wide open. The person on the machine would slowly bring the knees together and then apart, thus opening and closing their legs. It can be very provocative and arousing to watch someone on this machine. The machine was directly across from the stationary bike. Anticipating Jay moving to the machine when I began to warm down on the bike would cause my cock to engorge. Hot and heavy it would fill my briefs.
As I cycled Jay would make his way to the machine. I would just feel my heart thumping in my chest and hear it pounding in my ears. The cycling action would tug at my briefs causing them to massage my cock from side to side. It felt so good. I would slow down and let it tug side to side or speed up and feel it slap back and forth. My heart would quiver. My mouth would feel with liquid. I gently swallowed while pretending not to notice Jay. As I brought my knees up, if I brought them in a little it would cause my thighs to massage my balls. I would nonchalantly glance about the room just to make sure no one's eyes were fixed on me. If Jay and I made eye contact it was only for a fraction of a second as we pretended not to notice each other. I wondered what was he thinking. Did he think I wanted his cock? Did he just want to turn me on? Was he as horny as I was?
Once I had such a boner it popped out of my briefs and lay against my left leg. I would use the seat and my inner thigh to massage and caress my stiff hard dick. I would then open my leg enough to allow my balls to relax and fall between the seat and my thigh as well. It felt so good. This was what we did in the crowded gym. Having so many people around made it even more exciting.
One Saturday only Jay and I went to the weight room. I wanted to go farther. We stretched together. I went directly to the bike. Jay made his way to his favorite machine. As I cycled I used every trick in the book. My cock was pushed, pulled, squeezed, caressed and massaged. I looked into Jay's eyes, then at the bulge in his shorts, then back into his eyes. Jay would look directly at me as he slowly opened and closed his legs. He would stop and look as if he was in control. In a way he was. He looked so solid and strong. My cock was so hard it popped out of my briefs. I brought my knee in on the upswing, thus massaging my dick with my inner thigh. I got incredibly stiff. Jay would rest his hands behind his head and gap his legs open even wider. After a minute he would pull up on his shorts, squeezing the bulge in his pants before he started to open and close his legs again. I know the veins in my dick were bulging. The head was hurting with each violent throb. I felt a wave move through my pelvic area. The muscles between my legs from my anus to my scrotum tightened up before I shot my load. I felt hot cum shoot down my pants all the way past my knee. I slowed my cycling and milked myself against the bike seat.
We never discussed this or did anything else sexually. We worked out together many more times.
Check out the technique I posted (Kneelholdcrossedanklespelvisthrust).



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