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Cycle of Desire

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I don't masturbate every day, but the number of times I cum in a month averages out to what would be twice a day or so. I'm very in tune with my cycle and my level of horniness waxes and wanes with it. For the first few days after my period finishes up I'm not interested at all. Then another day or two goes by and I'll feel that tingle is starting. I'll be doing something hum-drum like washing dishes and notice my nipples are hard. I don't wear a bra when I'm at home and it's easy for me to give them a squeeze through my shirt. I'll tweak and finger them all day and enjoy the glimpses of myself I catch in the mirrors, my hard nipples poking out begging to be played with some more.
Now my engine is really starting to rev. All that week I cum at least once a day. Usually mid-morning I pull down my pants and sit here at the computer reading erotic stories or looking at porn. I love it when I find pics of women playing with themselves. I lightly stroke my pussy lips until they are swollen and the juice is flowing, then I rub my clit with just the tip of my index finger. Ummm... it doesn't take long until I'm cumming.
Heading to the third week of my cycle I'm horny all the time. I can hardly wait until my husband and kids leave in the morning. (My husband certainly gets his share, but this is about my masturbating habits.) I can't keep my hands away from my pussy! I leave a pair of jeans near the front door so I can pull them on quickly if I have a visitor and spend the days walking around bare from the waist down. All the better to stroke and play! It's delicious. I'm constantly wet. I hump pillows and sofa arms. Pushing against the corner of the washing machine while it's going is marvelous. The cold metal pressing against my hot cunt, the humming vibration from the spin cycle makes me quiver. I'm a total bitch in heat. I don't even stop when I'm on the phone. My friends chatter away and all the while I'm sliding my fingers in and out of my greedy hole imagining what they would say if they could see me with my legs open wide happily finger fucking.
I'm tempted to tell on myself sometimes, especially to my friend Tracy. She's amazingly sexy. I've seen her naked in the pool locker room. Big heavy breasts with fat gumdrop nipples. She's smooth and round everywhere and the little patch of light brown hair between her legs looks as soft as kitten fur. I HAVE to play with myself when I'm talking to Tracy. Her familiar voice in my ear and my own mental pictures of her beautiful sexy body and my finger gets busy on my clit doing it the way I love best. I move my index finger in tight circles pressing my clit against my pubic bone and I orgasm over and over. I'm hoping that one day when Tracy asks, 'So what're you doing right now?' I'll be brave enough to answer, 'I'm rubbing my pussy and I'm about to cum thinking of you.'
When I'm not secretly jilling while I'm on the phone, I often treat myself to a couple hours of self-pleasure. I warm up my dildo in the shower with me, using the same hot water I'm using on my cunny, holding the dildo between my legs while the water from the hand held showerhead gushes at my clit. I don't put the dildo in. I just nestle it against my pussy lips while I ride the pulsing water to Heaven.
After the dildo is hot and I've cum a time or two, I dry off as quickly as possible. Then I stretch out on the bed and start the porno tape I'd loaded in before my shower. I always watch girls-only videos. Either girl-girl action or women alone giving themselves the pleasure only they know how to give. I even have my favorite scene memorized and coordinate my movements with the woman in the video. She has a big fat dildo to play with. It starts out slow and easy but soon the woman on the screen and I are fucking our pussies with abandon. Shoving those latex cocks in deeper and deeper! The moans from the TV are drowned out by my own gasps of delight and the squishy sound of the dildo plunging into my streaming pussy as I fuck myself for all I'm worth. Coaxing my clit to respond again and again with persistent fingers while my other hand works the dildo. I completely let go of every inhibition and wear myself out cumming as many times as I can with only the tiniest of breaks in between. It's a frantic horny masturbation orgy!
Then finally when the urgent need has passed, I slow down. I lie in a swampy puddle of pussy juice stroking my tired clit softly and drowsing a little with the dildo still buried in my cunt.
Ummm... the house is empty right now. Think I'll go take a shower.



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