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I'm a 31-year old woman. I have been married to my first and great love for almost 7 years now. I love him very much, and we have great sex. There's only been one problem: I wasn't able to reach orgasm. I like to have intercourse and I like oral sex as well, but it always seems as if there was some shyness that I couldn't overcome. Also when masturbating I experienced this shyness, and sometimes it would feel great, but I didn't have the courage to go 'over the edge'.
Then one week my husband went away for business for a couple of days. At night I felt really horny and watched a porn-movie on TV. It turned me on, but not enough. When the movie finished I decided to visit an adult chatroom. I had never done that before. Just a few days earlier my 10-year-old niece had been visiting me and my family. Since she doesn't have a computer at home she asked if she could visit a teen-chatroom. She liked it very much, and having her chat-joy fresh in my memory I decided to give it a try. I sat down at my computer, naked, and a vibrator at hand. In the chatroom was this guy named Tom, single, 30 years of age, and we had a nice chat. It soon turned into a real horny chat. At this time I had put the vibrator against my clit and it felt great.
After a while the chat became more serious. He told about his unrequited love and his insecurity with women. He seemed like a really nice guy. Then we discovered it was 3 a.m. and both decided to go to sleep. I couldn't fall asleep. Feeling still horny I tried to get myself off, but nothing seemed to work. I fell asleep unsatisfied. The next day, early afternoon, I visited the chatroom again to see if he was in, and he was. We chatted some more, nothing horny this time, and we decided to exchange e-mail addresses. I was still feeling very turned on, I really wanted to get off now. I had discovered that masturbating in the bathtub with a hand-held massage-shower was nice. In a daring moment I sent him an e-mail inviting him to share my bathtub by telephone.
He agreed and that night I dialed his number while my hands were trembling. He answered the phone, also sounding quite nervous. Within five minutes I was in the bathtub and turned on the shower. I was still very nervous and remember thinking 'what have I done! I must be crazy to do this!'. He told me that he was lying naked on his bed, playing with his dick. Knowing that he was already enjoying himself put me back in the mood. I directed the stream of water to my clit and relaxed in the tub, trying to keep the phone from getting wet. I got hotter and hotter. He was breathing a bit faster, and so was I. Sometimes it was hard to speak because of the warm joyful feeling.
My own moaning sounds were also turning me on, and just knowing that he could hear me....
I started to feel goose bumps and knew that I was on to something. In a moment of fear I held back the showerhead. 'Go on, go on', he said. I decided to proceed. I told him I sometimes cum in my sleep, always dreaming the same dream, that I walk around in a short skirt with no panties. In my dream the wind lifts my skirt, giving a cute guy full sight of my genitals. I moaned a little more, sometimes squealing with the pleasure that I experienced. 'Oh, it's so horny hearing you cum', he said. I squealed more, I moaned, I started to shake and shiver 'oh yeaahhhhh...' I whispered as I had my very first 'conscious' orgasm.
Soon after, he came too, and after that I talked him into a second orgasm, telling about a real event that once happened between my husband and me. I was so happy that I had finally reached an orgasm. I felt a bit guilty doing this on the phone with a mere stranger, but I knew that my husband wouldn't mind me doing this (I told him right away and indeed, he was happy for me, he felt this could only improve our sex life). We talked for over an hour on the phone. Tom really was a nice guy, we both enjoyed talking to each other. The next day we repeated the whole event, but after that I didn't want to anymore. He was becoming more of a close friend, and my erotic feelings weakened.
I found that I could reach orgasm by myself, the first time I tried I actually had 3 orgasms in a row...




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