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Cushion Grinding

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One day when I was about 10 I was at the beach with my dad and we were messing about. When it was time to go he offered me a piggy back ride to the car so I jumped on his back. As we had a way to go he cupped his hands under my bum to make a it easier to hold me and I felt really nice snuggled into my dad and his hands were squeezing my bum as he walked which felt even nicer. After a bit I felt a strange but nice tingling in my pussy and looked down and saw the way dad was holding me under the bum meant his thumbs were rubbing me right between my legs, I wasn't sure if he realised what he was doing but I was getting very horny as he rubbed me through my combats, so much so I remember spreading my thighs wider to press myself harder against his thumbs. My wide spread pussy was now throbbing and tingling in my panties as my dad's thumbs rubbed away. By the time we got to the car and he let me down I was bright red in the face and trembling, the whole way home I kept glancing between my thighs and the wonderful feelings still happening down there. A few nights later I was alone in the house as mum and dad were next door and laying on the sofa in my nighty when I was watching a horny scene on the TV and I began to get tingly in my puss and I remembered how good it felt when dads thumbs rubbed me and I wondered how l could get the feeling again so I grabbed one of the huge cushions and jammed it between my thighs to spread them apart as if I was on dads back, then taking a corner I began to rub it and my thumbs over my blue panties. After a while I began to feel warm and tingly again so I carried on thrusting and grinding into the cushion, the stiff corner bit was right ahainst my hole and my thumbs were rubbing my lips. I watched myself the whole time I did this and got so turned on as I ground myself up and down, my thin panties showing my swollen pussy hiding inside them. A while later I was breathing hard and sweating and found if I ground down, held it for a second then ground up it was incredible, my lips had swollen so much I could make out a huge groove between them and the knuckles of my thumbs rubbing my lips was making me tremble, it felt just like my dads thumbs. Suddenly I gasped and clamped my thighs around the cushion and bucked into it feeling my pussy throb as I had an orgasm. When I had calmed down I felt around the outside of my panties, they were dark with a wet patch on them and it felt nice as I poked the material around a bit. Since then my fave way to masturbate is with a huge cushion or pillow between my thighs. Sometimes I will roll up a pillow and lie on it grinding myself down onto it, the only problem is the noise my bed makes!



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