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Curious To Learn With a Guy!

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Real experience I had earlier this year. Always makes me hard remembering it, and still can't believe I actually did it.


Well I'm 20, a virgin (by choice lol. no seriously I have had the opportunity many times) and decided I had to take some sort of action..........

You see, a few weeks before new years I was at this girls party and we hooked up, but I had to stop because neither of us knew how to kiss and I felt too uncomfortable (though she really didn't mind or want to stop I might add).

Anyway, since then I was always thinking about it and wondering how on earth was I gonna learn if I was too nervous to kiss girls. It was a cycle of destruction which I saw no way to end, until I had an idea! When I was younger I was kinda interested in guys. I go through bi-curious phases and another one was about to begin it seemed.

So after contacting some guys and putting myself out there in the world wide web I found one guy (Darren the 27 year old/[altered name]) who seemed really nice and genuine and wanted to teach me to kiss. He also lived alone and really close by so this suited. I'm not some pussy and can take care of myself so I perceived no real risk.

To shorten a long story, nothing came of it, as we were messaging as I made my way to his place, but then he stopped replying as I got close and I never got his exact address!!! While slightly annoying given that it was quite late, I didn't mind much and enjoyed the early morning etc..

A week or so later, I was on my way to a party I didn't particularly want to go to, but had nothing else on that night. The guy, Darren, texted me and apologized as he had fallen asleep the other night apparently. He had also been drinking that night and was really horny he told me. I still wanted to have any sort of experience with a guy as of course I am a fan of this site every time I have a bi phase. So I ditched the party and went to Darren's place which was close by to the party too.

I was pretty nervous but went ahead knowing I could back out if I wanted to.

His apartment was small and a bit messy but cosy and comfortable. He was watching a movie on tv, and I sat down and joined him. We started to get to know each other, and then I told him my girl fail story and he just laughed. It was silent after that and we were just watching the film for a bit when he scooted across the couch and put one arm around me. My heart rate shot up with a mixture of every emotion running through me, good and bad, in anticipation. He leaned over and began to kiss me. I hesitated at first but he reassured me and just continued.

I was quick to adjust to this wonderful new experience! There was something so electric about having our tongues rubbing together, it was so fantastic. We continued this for what felt like hours and maybe it was. I was amazed when I realized my dick was as hard as can be right from the start of the kiss. Also I must add that I felt a high from this that was so amazing I didn't want it to end any time soon, and it wasn't about to! He moved to sit on top of me so he could use his hand and feel my muscular body. He was average, didn't work out, but I'm quite lean and muscular and this was a definite turn on for him. After a while he got up and led me to his bedroom. This brought back some nervousness as I was unsure what would happen and didn't know how far he would try and go, but was even more excited as I thought I may get a chance to do the things I had fantasized about doing with other guys. So we got onto the bed and continued making out side by side, getting a bit more intimate with our bodies; feeling each other under our shirts, and pressing our boners against each other through our pants. We then removed our tops and changed positions, sometimes with Darren taking the lead, and exploring my body a bit with his tongue, then he would let me do the same. It was amazing and I was enjoying every bit.

Well I could have continued for hours, but then something unexpected happened, and he put his hand down my pants and jerked me off a bit and before pulling down my pants. It felt so incredible to feel someone else holding my still dick and the feeling was overwhelming! He then led my hand to do the same to him and I was real excited to be doing this! His dick felt wider than mine but not too long. But his head was massive when mine is just about the same size as my shaft. Anyway his dick felt so warm and strange as I had obviously never held another guy's dick before. I then pulled his pants off too and took a look at his dick in full. Like I had felt it was wider than mine but the same size, though he was fully shaven where as I'm not.

He seemed to like what he saw too and so we jumped back into position and continued to make out, only this time we were grinding our dicks against all parts of our bodies and doing a little more exploring. Then he got into a position directly on top and began kissing down my body, all the way down to my dick. He massaged my balls and then slipped his fingers around my dick. It was so incredible, the best feeling so far! He continued for a bit, and I couldn't help looking down to his dick. Mine points straight out and a little up, but his pointed straight up towards his head and the way we were positioned, it looked like it was pointing right at me. Well this continued for a bit and then we swapped positions and I jacked him too. We got back to making out and jerking each other and then we began rubbing our extremely hard dicks together. I was definitely going to come soon, surprized at how long I was going for any way, and he noticed this, and so got up and grabbed my dick and balls in each hand and massaged away while stroking me really fast. I couldn't last only for three seconds of this before blowing all over myself and him. It was such an amazing orgasm, but I was so horny I didn't lose my erection. So I reached up and grabbed both of our dicks, using my come as lube and rubbed then with the one hand, I felt his balls draw real close to mine and watched as his dick swelled up to a purple colour and shoot a big load all over us like I had done too. We both lay there a bit, enjoying the ecstasy of the situation, both covered head to toe in sweat and come.

We got up to go shower, Darren setting everything up and then left to get a towel for me. I was pleasantly surprised to see he left the door open and returned a few minutes later and joined me. I was still hard although he was obviously done, so we made out under the hot stream of water and got real close, allowing me to grind my dick into his ab's. He then jerked me off some more before we finished up and got dressed. I realized it was three am at this point and thought I should get back home. He walked me to the door, and I snuck some last minute tongue action in the doorway of his apartment, then left. I jerked off at home, re-living this over and over in my mind, still in shock at the amazing new experience I had had. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.



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