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Curious Timing

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My wife's cousin and I have been teasing each other for years but she would always stop short until..


Jean, my wife's cousin, is the same age as my wife. Her husband is younger than I am also..about four years but their sex life is absent since he began taking heart medicine six years ago. Jean is relentless in her openly sexual teasing at any time all of us are together or the seldom occasions we find ourselves alone.

This spring I went with them in their RV on a fishing trip and my wife was committed to working so couldn't go with us. This was our first trip together as a threesome. The weather was awful and the rain was relentless, so we stayed in most of the time the first day...that evening before dark we ventured out to fish a bit and got absolutely drenched. Back at the RV we had to change into dry clothes quickly and they went into their bedroom but didn't shut the door all the way and as I was taking off my sopping clothes in the living area, I could see Jean facing me disrobing as well, and never taking her eyes off me.

As she took off her outer clothes I could see her hairy pussy through her now transparent panties and then off came her bra. Her breasts, something I have lusted after, were even bigger and more magnificent than I imagined and her nipples were larger and puffed out stiff, from the cold and I now knew, from her thoughts. By now I was undressed, facing her and my cock was as hard as I can ever remember. Her eyes never leaving it, she ran her tongue over her lips. She ran her hands over her breasts, and I knew it was for me. Her husband slid by her, with his back to me and she pushed him on the bed and I could only see him from his chest to his knees. She lay next to him and was caressing his cock, but I knew he couldn't get an erection from his medication. She was lowering her head to his limp cock and he pushed the door shut. It's close quarters in an RV, don't you know.

I got dressed, and when they came out we all acted like nothing had occurred, except Jean once looked at me and smiled while licking her lips, secretly. That night they were retiring and said they were going to watch a film on dvd since we didn't have TV reception, and I had a book I told them I was going to read. They shut their door and I heard some conversation and then the sound of the movie playing. I had turned off my light and was laying on the couch/bed in just a very long t-shirt that I wear to bed, stroking my cock and thinking of the afternoon episode and Jeans wonderful tits.

Then their door opened and out came Jeans husband Phil. He said "why not join us...plenty of room on the king bed and its a good movie". I was surprised but instantly said yes. When I went into the room Phil was on the far side with Jean in the middle.....it was perfect...Jean patted the bed beside her and told Phil to start the movie again. She was wearing two piece mens PJs and Phil had on the same. Phil asked me if I was wearing a night shirt I said no just an extra long tshirt. Jean then asked impisihly if that was all and I said of course.

After I lay next to her she turned slightly toward Phil and started to rub his belly beneath his shirt and then slipped her hand down his pants...I still didn't know what the film was, since I could not watch anything but them. I snuggled up to jeans butt and my tshirt slipped up so that my hardening cock was rubbing her PJ covered ass. My breathing was really getting ragged, I hadn't been this turned on for years. Jean turned her head back and "what do I feel on on my butt, is that a snake...let's take a look." With that she turned over and said, "Phil look at this, I think he's getting excited!" Phil had turned on his side and was watching my cock expand with a smile on his face, he said," Jean, I know you've been missing one of those for a long time and I also know how much you tease him, I think you should do something about this...but first why don't Ken and I help you out of your clothes?" He started unbuttoning her top and he looked at me and said, "Take off her bottoms, why don't you Ken, we need to get her some satisfaction or she will go crazy and do something behind my back!"

With that I knew they had come to a mutual understanding and were using me as an acceptable tool to save their marriage and to satisfy her needs and his as it turned out. She was naked in about two seconds and she told us that we had to strip as well, which we did. Now Phil's cock soft was about 4-5 inches long and mine hard was bearly six inches, but I have and expectionally thick one and Jean was now slowly stroking it, commented that she didn't know if she could get it in her mouth. Phil said take your hand away, I want to see this! He said,"wow, that looks like a beer can honey...you're going to have to really work on it."

Phil and I were now both caressing her with both hands and her eyes were definitely becoming glazed with lust, she had a cock in each hand and with two men using both hands and mouths all over her body she was writhing on the bed...the film was forgotten. I had massaged, licked, sucked, tweaked her breasts and nipples and was now kissing up her thighs and she wrapped her legs around my head and I thought I would suffocate before she finished her first violent orgasm. She lay shaking and moaning as she continued to have small orgasms, to which Phil said,"Damn I NEVER saw her do that before." He indicated that he wanted to see me enter her but I wanted her to do him so I could see if he could get hard too.

She started to stroke him and lick his cock and it did get about half hard and she said "look ken, that's harder than he has been in years...and then started cumming, a couple of short sqirts and then a pulsing flow...good god that guy came like a race horse. Jean rubbed her tits and belly in it and turned her attention to me. She straddled me and began to rub her pussy up and down on the underside of my cock, getting wetter all the time, she then leaned down and gave me her tits to lick clean as she steadily picked up her pace. That was the first taste I ever had of another mans cum...it wasn't that different from mine and added to the feelings of lust on my part....

Phil was watching me do this and started to get an erection again...I thought, maybe there are other reasons this guy can't get up with his wife. My attentions quickly left him and concentrated on Jean...the object of thousands of my jerk off sessions in fantasy. Her Pussy was now a sopping wet object of desire, and she was cumming again and her moans were becoming almost screams. I haven't been that hard for many years before and I could feel the beginnings of my own orgasms building. I told her I thought I was going to cum and she was over her second huge orgasm except for the small jerks and moans and she quickly slid down my body and engulfed my throbbing cock with little difficulty, despite earlier misgivings as I pumped out what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth.

She couldn't contain it all and when I was finished she turned to Phil and gave him a very long passionate kiss, sharing her mouthful of my cum with him as she stroked his hardening cock. The next two days were spent inside the RV...can you believe it was because of the rain?



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