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Curious Neighbor Girl

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I stayed with our neighbors for about a week between my first and second grade as a baby was entering our family. Our neighbor girl was about 2 years older than me and, having no brothers, was very curious what a boy looked like. So she arranged for us to go 'play outside.' It didn't take long till she wanted to 'see it.' I don't remember whether she touched 'it' or not but wanted to watch me 'pee.' Some time every day that week she wanted to 'see it.' By the end of the week, I sort of looked forward to our private encounters, even though she would never show me what she had. She simply said, 'I don't have anything.' (Now I think, how sad.) Near the end of the week, we wandered over to our neighbor's yard. He wasn't home so we could wander around freely. Behind an old building was a pile of trash. She found some Sloan's Linament (It was over 50 years ago, but I still remember the name!) and asked if she could put some on me. By this time I was enjoying her interest in me, even though my shaft had not matured and had not experienced an erection yet. Well, the Sloan's Linament burned awful. I think it was used to relax sore muscles. She apologized. But that may have been the start of my 'awakening.'
One day we were outside playing in a small tent her dad had put up for us. She wanted to 'see it' again, so I slid down my shorts. Then I told her that I really wanted to see her too. Reluctantly she complied, pulled down her shorts and said, 'See, I don't have anything. Just a crack.' She turned around so I could see her butt. We were just about to get familiar with each other when her mother called for dinner.
Another day we were playing near the tent and she said 'Let's pretend we're naked husband and wife and walk across the yard.' We were dressed, but I remember being terribly embarrassed by pretending we were naked, but held her hand timidly as we walked across the yard. We went up to the barn loft and again she wanted to 'see it.' Her dad came into the barn to chore, so we quickly changed activity.
We went to different schools, but in the summers I used to enjoy going over to her house to play. She had two older sisters, both outgoing and all 3 were good looking. About 2 years later, the whole family moved out of state and my sex education stopped for several years (another story). I'll always regret that they moved because I know we could have learned much more by way of experimentation, especially with her 2 older sisters who could have informed her about the facts of life.
Di, whever you are, I've missed you over the years and miss you now and wish you the best. I hope we meet again. I also hope that over the years you learned how much pleasure females can experience! I know you'd really like to 'see it' now that I'm a man with a full 7' long and a full 2' across at the base as well as my purple head. I'd like to show it to you right now because it's big and hard. If you were sitting down, I'd come around the table so you could unzip my pants and uncurl my erection, and play with it and maybe even suck on it!
I'm thankful all females can experience as much pleasure as males. It's sad that because we were taught as children to keep our bodies covered in public that we think self-pleasuring is 'naughty.' I'm thankful our Creator made us so marvelously and am grateful for every erection and every orgasm! Time to submit this so I can read some stories and play. Thanks everybody for all your stories! I'll have some about grade school and later in life. RC



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