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I'm a mature married man who has enjoyed the fun and delights of masturbation since an early age. I love touching and stroking my cock, and I also love having it touched and stroked. What normal person wouldn't?! When this is happening, my own fingers are normally enjoying a lovely wet pussy, but since I love touching my own cock, I often wonder what it would be like to touch someone else's. It's something I'd love to try and also something I'm certain I would enjoy. Although I've never really been involved in any boy/boy relationships, I really think I'd like to try something now!

Some years ago I was walking along a beach in the south of England and I began to realise that there were only men on this beach. It was a vast area but scattered about were groups, couples or just single guys, but nowhere did I see any females. Hmm, was I in a gay area? Some curiosity overcame me at this point and perhaps also a small tingle of excitement. Imagine my feelings when I saw a middle aged guy standing upright on a sand dune some distance away and sporting a huge hard-on! Boy, this was something I'd never encountered before and which made me feel a bit unsure. The next day, though, I ventured back to the beach and looked for the same area, and there, lying on a towel this time but fully erect and with one hand on his stiff cock, was what I assumed to be the same guy. I couldn't help looking, and we made eye contact and he smiled, but then I walked slowly past. My curiosity made me stop after a couple of paces and slowly turn round. I looked back at him and he had stood up by now. He was still looking my way and was gently stroking his nice-looking dick. I couldn't take my eyes off it, but I still felt rather uncomfortable and unsure. After a few moments of silence he asked me to get my dick out, I was wearing only a flimsy pair of shorts and it can't have escaped his attention that I was also really stiff by now! Despite my arousal, I declined and said something to the effect of, no, you keep going and I'll watch. My curiosity and voyeuristic interest seemed enough so he carried on wanking, and I sat down nearby and watched, fascinated. He carried on stroking and became more and more excited and eventually he shot a nice load. The first few shots arced downwards and plopped into the sand and as his orgasm lessened more spunk oozed from his cock and dribbled down his hand. My own cock was dribbling big-time by now, but it was still firmly in my shorts.

At this point the guy produced a tissue and wiped off his hand and his cock and, as his erection began to subside, he seemed to become a little embarrassed. I think I said something about being impressed, great show, enjoyed watching it, but that I had to go. So that was it. Off I went, but of course I absolutely had to wank myself off just as soon as I was somewhere where I could be relaxed about it. Nowadays I wish I had had the courage to touch him or continue the conversation with a view to a repeat performance or maybe even more, but that's history.

I cycle for pleasure these days and often my thoughts are of sex or wanking and occasionally I'll see a car parked on some country lane and imagine that some guy has stopped to take a break and is pleasuring himself. My big fantasy is that I stop to ask directions or something and catch this guy unawares. If that happened I would just love to reach in and take hold of his dick just to find out how it felt. Stiff, juicy, warm, good to touch and hold and stroke. Yes, I know, all of the things my dick is, but yet so different! If things went that far they'd be bound to go further and either I'd have the pleasure of wanking him to a nice orgasm or maybe I'd get him to wank me off as well. I'm a happily married family man, but this is just an experience I long to have!

This is all fantasy, of course, but when I see cars in remote locations I can't help but think... Maybe one day...! Any comments on how I can make this happen would be welcome, but thanks for reading anyway!



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