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Cum With Me

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From the first time I masturbated and had a climax I couldn't get enough. When I first saw cum shoot off I was hooked even more.


If you are looking for some 'Kinky' material, be assured you will NOT find it in this contribution!

When I read the stories of men who want to watch their wives masturbate or afraid to stroke their cock in front of them I can't imagine not wanting to enjoy every sexual moment to the fullest. Just do it! The most beautiful lovemaking times you can have is when you allow yourselve to be free and enjoy everything you both want to do. Always remember to satisfy each other and not be selfish!

There is nothing more intimate than masturbating together and being able to time it so you both cum simultaneously. With a little practice my husband and I eventually became experts at it. We openly masturbated whenever we were in the mood and also enjoyed being watched.

Before engaging in our nightly sessions (YES, I said nightly) we bathe together and I put on a dab of a light sented fragrance perfume which always turned him on. Often it was a masturbation only night. I had a good library of porn videos I liked to watch when I was alone. This night I had a new one entitled 'The Masseuse'. I watched it as soon as it arrived so I knew what my husband's reaction would be.

I turned down the sheets before we got into bed and told him this was to be one of our special 'Cum with me' masturbation nights and I had a new video for us to masturbate to. We propped up a few pillows and I turned on the video. Of course, as you can guess he was already semi-hard. Aren't men always when they know we are?

The video began with a handsome somewhat shy young man in his late 20's entering a Massage Parlor. He was ushered into one of the massage rooms, asked to undress, lie on his stomach on the table and to place the small towel provided to cover his backside.

In a few minutes the Masseuse, probably in her early 30's, quietly entered the room. Since I had already seen the video I knew my husband would be hard in a second as this lady was absolutely gorgeous! She was dressed in a one piece tight short skirt white outfit that zipped up the front. Talk about perfectly shaped breasts too!

She said, 'Hello, I'm Samantha, is this your first time here?' He said, 'Yes, it's my first time for a massage too'. She said, 'I'm sure you'll enjoy it. You will be with me for about thirty minutes so just relax and enjoy it'. She stared from his legs and slowly progressed upward. She skipped his buttocks and moved to his back. She then said, 'Relax, you're way too tense'.

However, she could tell by his almost silent moans he was becoming aroused. Finally she raised the towel and said, 'It's time for you to turn over now so I can do your front side'.

As he turned over she gasped and thought to herself, 'OMG... he has the most beautiful 7', straight, circumcised cock I have ever seen............and super hard too!' He said he was sorry for his erection but since this was his first time for a massage and he was a little embarrassed.

I said, 'Don't be. Most guys get that way so I'm rather used to it. Do you have a girlfriend?' When he said no I asked him what he did for sex he said, 'Jerk off'. I knew then what I needed to do. I don't do it normally but he was my last customer for the night and he was so handsome and lonely looking.

It had only been a few minutes but my husband was beginning to stroke and so was I! I asked him not to rush it as it gets much better in a few minutes.

By now the Masseuse could see her customers dick was throbbing in anticipation so she eliminated the front side massage, oiled hers hands and slowly began to slide up and down his shaft paying special attention to the head. He looked up at her as he lightly touched one of her breast and asked, 'Do you mind?' She said, 'We aren't supposed to let anyone do that but it'll be OK for you... just this once.

As he gently squeezed her breast he could tell she was beginning to enjoy his touch. He then reached up and began unzipping her top. She said, 'It's getting hot in here anyway so I might as well take it off'. She was now only wearing a lovely designer bra. He then gently squeezed her breast and she closed her eyes so he slipped the strap off her shoulder and pulled down her bra cup and began to stimulate her nipple. In seconds it was hard and as she began to moan she reached back, released the clip and removed her bra.

There he was staring at the most beautiful breast my husband or I had ever seen. They were probably 36C, very firm and proudly stood straight forward. She was still very nonchalant with what he was doing but obviously becoming aroused.

I told my husband, 'Get ready, we're about to watch him cum!'

The Masseuse began to stroke him faster... then faster. It wasn't long before he looked up at her and said, 'You're going to make me cum'. She said, 'It's OK....let it CUM'. She then raised his cock to almost vertical and they both watched as his cum begin to squirt. (My husband and I climaxed as soon we saw it start shooting off.) Surprisingly the customers cum shot up only a few inches then dropped down covering the head of his cock and her fingers then oozed down to his stomach. Not a word was spoken by either of them but the satisfaction was very visible on their faces.

She then took the towel, cleaned him up and they began to get dressed. As he opened the door to leave he turned to her and said, 'I'd like to see you again next week if it's OK with you'. She smiled, winked and said, 'You can cum again anytime'.

They did see each other the next week and it later progressed to more in her apartment than can be mentioned on Solo Touch.

The lesson to my story: When you do masturbate together talk with each other and time it, as we do, so you cum virtually simultaneously. It doesn't get much better!



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