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Cum Kink for My Boyfriend

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My first contribution ever :P


I've had a very healthy and growing sexual appetite ever since about 10 minutes after I moved out of my parents house a few years ago. I have masturbated quite a bit since I was about 15 years old, but I never had sex until I was 18.

My boyfriend is a few years older, and he is a pretty kinky guy, so he basically lead me down the path to where I am now. I feel like I've done a good job of pleasing him sexually; I am fanatical about my appearance, I have accepted practically all of his sexual requests including my nipple and genital piercings, and of course the myriad of sexual exploits through the years-

I've gone pantiless with skirts on in public, I've given him a blow job in public places, I've fingered myself at restaurant tables, and even some 'light lesbianism' at strip clubs a few times. The list goes on and on lol, and I have pretty much enjoyed pleasing him all the way.

A few weeks ago I was on our computer about to search for something on the internet and I found a history of his recent searches, and they were all very kinky, mostly about girls playing with cum.

I was very curious at first, and a little upset to be honest. But I spent the next hour looking at his history deciding I was going to fulfill his cum fantasies, so I 'studied' the websites to plan my actions.

When we went to bed that night, he reached for my pussy, but I guided his hand back to his own crotch and told him to jack off for me. He started stroking himself and I quickly jumped up and straddled his chest, with my pussy right in his view. I stared down at his eyes and pulled my breasts upward and sucked on my nipples.

Then I reached down with my right hand and started masturbating my clit and lips while still sucking on my left nipple. I could tell he was loving the show! It had been a very long time since we watched each other masturbate, and this was HOT!

I could feel myself getting hot and very wet, so I slid my middle finger along my vaginal entrance and then pulled away very slowly, allowing the string of wetness to elongate from my pussy to my fingertip. I said aloud 'wow, I am really horny' and then inserted my two middle fingers into myself and started rocking them in and out slowly.

Now that my fingers were nice and wet, I took them out and then rubbed the wetness on my right nipple, leaving it shiny and moist. He loves it when I taste myself from my fingers (or his), but this was the first time I rubbed it on my nipples. I sucked my wetness off my nipple.

I spent the next half hour or so teasing him; posing and fingering myself in different ways, using my vibrator as a show, and rubbing my juices on his dick.

I knew he was ready to cum, and he told me he wanted to cum on my face (which we have done quite a few times before) but I said 'no, not this time'. I held out my hands in front of me (kind of forming a bowl) and said 'I want you to cum in my hands'. He looked confused and excited, and then he ejaculated five seconds later into my hands. He came a lot too. A large drop landed on my forearm, and the rest went into my hands.

He undoubtedly thought the show was over as he finished stroking, and then he reached for a towel and held it toward me so I could clean up. I had much better things in mind though. :)

I held my arms up a little higher and licked up the clump of semen that was on my forearm, then I moved my hands to my face and I began licking his cum from my hands while he watched in total shock. (I've swallowed his cum a thousand times before, but only 'straight from the bottle'). I continued licking until every last bit of his semen was off my hands and in my mouth. Then I opened my mouth to display the cum to him. (you should have seen his face!). I squished it up to my lips a few times and through my teeth, just like I had seen on the internet. (wow! you should have seen his face!).

Then I carefully spit the cum back into my right hand into a puddle and kind of 'Stirred' the puddle with my left index finger. At this point he started stroking his half hard dick and telling me how hot this was. (I was well aware how hot it was).

I then slurped all the cum back into my mouth and showed it to him once again, and then spit it back into a puddle in my hand again. Then I used my index finger to put a small dollop of semen on each of my nipple piercings. (he was fully erect by this point in time).

I was rolling the cum back and forth between both my hands, careful to not drop any, and then I moved my face down a little and my hands up and methodically smeared his cum all over my cheeks, mouth, and nose while he watched. I leaned back so he could see my work and I continued to rub his cum around my face like lotion.

I wiped my semen-wet hands on my breasts and then I started masturbating with my vibrator again while he was jacking off. I was laying on my back and the semen was drying all over me for the next 15 minutes or so. We both had an excellent climax of course.

Not to mention, he has been an extremely better boyfriend ever since!



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