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Cum into My Shed

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This happened a few years back and I am just writing it now as I am no author. Pardon the length of it but I remember like it was yesterday...


Years ago I built a garden shed with an attic in the shape of a barn and the attic being the hay loft. My wife works a lot and I jerk off a lot to relieve the tension.

One day it was really dark and threatening to storm out. I decided to wear my suit out to my shed and listen to some music, read a little and possibly jerk off if the mood hit me.

So I was in there with the front service door open off of the porch and the back barn doors closed towards the street to our subdivision... It was starting to really get dark and windy with lots of thunder and lightening nearby.

At this point I should explain that we live in a really nice subdivision with many attractive women who jog and ride bikes past the house as well as walk their dogs of different breeds.

I have always found storms romantic and for some reason I got so horny, I decided to climb the ladder into the attic and jerk off. I was not up there for five minutes and it really started to pour down with rain. Soon I heard somebody stomp their feet out on the porch and ask, 'Is anybody in here?' Being naked with my dick in my hand, I did not respond. I laid down flat on the attic floor so as not to be seen over the edge.

The woman entered the shed and began to squeeze out her hair.... I could not see it but I heard what she was doing. I also heard her mumble to herself, 'Damn... I am soaked to the skin.' Soon I heard her close the front shed door to the porch. I began to hear a zipper coming undone and just had to peek over the edge of the attic floor.

I saw the most beautiful blonde of the neighborhood in the process of removing her jogging suit! As she did so she hung each piece of her outfit on different nails in the wall of the shed. I am sure I gave a gasp but she never heard me due to her motions.

I had seen this woman before. She was about 35 and married... she could have been a model.

She began to turn around to face my direction and I quickly ducked. I heard her sit on the stool by my workbench.

The hard rain coming down outside on the roof probably impaired both of our hearing but soon I recognized the familiar squishy noises of a woman playing with her pussy. I was stunned! Was this beautiful woman masterbating in my shed? The shed of a stranger? I laid there breathing heavily hoping she would not hear me when I began to catch her scent. I had to look.

As I leaned up on one elbow to peer over the edge of the attic floor, I caught a glimpse that will be burned into my mind for all my life. Here was this beautiful creature playing with her shaved pussy with one foot up on my workbench and the other down on the floor. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown straight back looking up at the ceiling not far from my direction.

I could not help myself. My dick became as hard as a bat. I instinctively grabbed it and gave consideration to the noise of the rain and began to stroke myself. I guess I thought she would never hear me or smell me the way I did her.

As time passed, she moaned but I remained silent other than the inordinate amount of pre-cum coming out of me causing me to make my own noises down below.

Soon the rain stopped as if someone had flipped a switch to turn it off. She was startled at both the abruptness of the rain stopping and the squishy noises she heard from the shed attic. Her eyes popped open and she cast her eyes in my direction catching my face looking at hers. She gave an audible gasp and then said, 'What the hell are you doing up there?' She dropped her legs and clamped them together while sitting upright and covering her breasts.

I had the advantage so I gave her two flip answers without missing a beat. 'It's my shed and I was doing the same thing you were until you walked in on me.'

She looked as if she was about to cry and I felt bad. I said, 'Hey look. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I am just as lonely and horny as you are. How about this; I wont tell if you wont. I am not asking for sex. We can just carry on until we are done and then go our ways.'

She stood up and I assumed she was going to get dressed and leave when she stunned me and asked, 'Can I come up there with you?' I agreed.

Once up there she asked me if she could touch my still erect dick. I, again, agreed.

She spent far too little time at my dick and began stroking and pulling on my leg.

Kind of like I have been doing yours this whole story!



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