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Cum Curiosity

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Names changed to protect the guilty


Cum Curiosity

Well, here it is, my first contribution to Solo Touch. I have been an avid reader on this website for the last 2 - 3 years and in that time I must have masturbated to many stories.

I have to say at this point that I have pondered over the percentage of truth in some of the submissions from both of the genders, but those gladly are in the minority. Conversely, some of the submissions have been written so well that my mind is transported, and it feels like I am a fly on the wall watching as the story unfolds.

So to my story, as I said I have spent many an afternoon , or evening reading stories on the sites saving my favourites and reading them whilst slowly allowing my cock to become so hard and wet with pre-cum that even the slightest touch would send me over the edge. One time I actually surprised myself and came without touching, a very tantric moment indeed, the orgasm was so intense that my ears were ringing and I felt faint.

So to the reason for my submission. I have read a few stories from guys who have either gave in to curiosity or demands from partners and tasted their own cum. For years I thought this was a little strange and while I never thought it was disgusting , being liberal minded, I just concluded that I would never want to try it myself.

Time passed, girlfriends came and went, sometimes quite literally, and I was reading some post in one of the many forums out there on the web about guys who had tried this and the views of the women who had seen this activity first hand so to speak. I replied to one of the female responses and asked her more about her opinions which eventually led to us swapping msn contact information and chatting occasionally online. I hope you find and read this Beth.

So as expected in these cyber conversations, the subject of sex and opinions and preferences makes its way to the forefront of the conversation one night , she starts to deliver an awesome story about how she , and a friend had dared this guy to do it for them at a party in front of them. I claimed that she was a bull-shitter and that she was embellishing the story for the shock value, but reading the story as she laid it out in front of me was extremely erotic, I was getting hard at the thought mainly of being watched, but also at how excited she was getting telling me and how the whole event had shocked her, but made her in her words 'the wettest I have ever been'

Well, at this point I am thinking that if I don't get my cock out and cum soon I am going to burst into flames. She then tells me to be honest and asks,' so have you like never even tried your cum? ' I say that once I got really horny through edging myself over and over that I used my finger to taste some of the pre-cum that came out of my cock, but after cumming I had lost the feeling to do more. She then proceeds to say that I am turning her on a little and that maybe I should turn my webcam on and play for her a little. I do this , I stroke ever so gently on cam , making the pre-cum just ooze out, she then tells me to prove that I can taste my pre-cum , well I see no problem with this, her eyes grow wide on the webcam and I can see her hands moving between her legs , this gets me very turned on. Things progress and we both get pretty explicit telling each other to do more and more.Then it happens, she says, 'How horny are you' and I say that I would do anything to fuck her right now' so she asks me to let her be the one that watches me tasting my own cum. I sit in silence for a second, for the first time I am contemplating the idea and as I tease my cock and rub the pre-cum around the tip with my fingers and then finally relent and say 'what the hell' , 'I will do it'

She tells me to lie on my back and bring my les up so that my cock is directly pointing over my face , so I spend 5 min's positioning the webcam so that all of this can be seen, and I get into position, I will say at this point that I never knew I was that flexible. From the cam you can see my balls and my hand pumping up and down my shaft and my head and face below. Before long I can feel that all too familiar feeling and I have some butterflies in my stomach at the same time which is heightening the pleasure. Before I know it the moment of orgasm is upon me and as I had not considered, naturally you would open your mouth to let out that ultimate gasp of pleasure and release.

At this moment almost unbelievably my mouth opens as the first jet of cum goes straight to the back of my throat, and as if edited to perfection my room door bursts open to the sound ' Hey Dave, can I borrow tha.....' , the sentence was never finished . from the corner of my eye I see Laura my housemate with her hand over her mouth frozen to the spot as my orgasm continues, ropes of cum pour from my throbbing cock into my mouth below. I panic at this stage and swallow, the cum sticking in my throat, making me gag a little , the last drops from my ebbing orgasm splattering my cheeks and chin. At this point Laura says, ' I am so sorry leaves the door ajar and walks back down the hall towards the front room, in the distance I hear faint 'giggles.'

I swear, I have never felt so panicked, exhilarated and satisfied in my whole life to that point..

It is now 3 days on from that night, there is a definite tension in the air between Laura and I , she has not mentioned it really , only to say that she should not have barged in and that what I had done would never be uttered to another living soul by her

My cyber mate, Beth although not seeing Laura enter the room from the angle of the cam said that she had came three times whilst watching me and now that I had told her about Laura , she said that she wished she had been there and that the image would probably get her off many times to come .

Thanks for reading guys and gals. I would be happy to read your comments opinions and reply to your questions if you have any. Suffice to say my preconceptions of guys who claim to have done this have changed dramatically. I am hoping to repeat this for future women that may have an interest in watching, but not from cyberspace as I have found that in person really blows me away, what a rush .



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