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Cum Brothers

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My friend Sam came to visit, and a stranger introduced us to each other in a special way.


I won't say I was innocent; I'd played with my friends fresh little cocks when we reached puberty together, and later, hitch-hiking in college and in Europe, some men had picked me up and wanted to fondle, and I'd let them. And after a couple of times, I fondled their man-cocks, too. In fact, I began to hope a man like that would pick me up again. But these were secret encounters, known only to me. My girlfriend, my friends, my teachers, and, god-forbid, my family, had no idea, and it was only when I was alone, masturbating, that the memories and desires flooded back, and, feeling my own cock in my hand, I was reminded of another's.

And so I could never admit my desire to masturbate with me to anyone I KNEW, as much as I might want to tell a friend. After all, I'd been the one seduced by the older men, not the other way around. When I left college and was on my own (and not hitch-hiking any more), the desires returned and grew. I masturbated ever night thinking about stroking cock with a guy at work, or on the bus, or just an imaginary man. Then my friend Sam came to visit for a week.

Sam and I hung out in college, not that much, but enough to be friends. We dated the same girl once, and so we bonded with that, and used to go to parties and clubs and check out the girls and share our notes. Looking back, a few times we bordered on masturbating together, and we were pretty open about telling the other if we were masturbating over a particular girl. But the idea of pulling out our cocks in front of each other was too taboo in our circles for that to happen.

But a little life experience can change those things, and when Sam came to visit, it was HE who suggested we go to a nude beach together. That was on Wednesday, and I really couldn't wait until Saturday!! Staying together in my small apartment, also, afforded chances for me to expose myself naked to him, after the shower, or whatever, and he did the same to me. I masturbated quietly in my bed imagining the warmth of his beautiful thick cock in my hand. Somehow, all those men in cars, their cocks were nasty and gross. But Sam's!! It was beautiful. Long, floppy, beautiful round balls that I got to watch dangling as he walked. All for me, I thought, and even imagined that he was especially putting on a show.

Friday night, I took a shower after work (which I never do...you can guess why I did!) and came out naked while he was on the sofa. I was trying to be cool, wiping myself off a little, but I began to get a boner. I got really embarrassed, and couldn't hide it, same made some remark, embarrassed himself, and I said something about thinking about the nude beach tomorrow. Sam said, yeah, he'd had boners thinking about it himself. We talked about how it was going to be hard not to spring one there, and I told him that I thought there were areas where mostly men went and it was ok. Sam, I noticed, got tongue-tied, and I ended the conversation by saying, weakly, 'Maybe we'll find it.'

We got to the beach, and were being super-cool. Stripped right away and lay out in the sun checking out the scene, and the tits and pussies, and our erections were natural looking....not full-on stiffies, but neither of ours were what you would call flaccid, either. After a while, Sam suggested we take a walk, and we went way down one end, checking out the girls and talking pussy, and as we got to the end, we saw that some men, usually single men, were going around a little point. As we were walking, it dawned on me that must be the place I'd heard about. Now it was my turn to be tongue-tied, I wanted so bad to go there!! Finally I blurted something out, and next thing, Sam and I were around the point.

We walked about fifty yards, and a fit, older man came up and started talking with us. He quickly figured out we were tourists and told us what a friendly beach it was, and how safe. I didn't think he was talking about the water. Sam was all eyes, and interested in keeping the conversation going, and the man started to fondle himself, and pretty soon had a full erection. I felt a boner coming, but was too shocked, actually, to touch myself. Sam was the same, but less stiff. The man was extremely easy to talk with, even so, and he began talking about how it was really ok to let yourself go there, whatever you liked, even if you just liked to watch. He didn't actually SAY that men were having sex, but...just then Sam told him that he masturbates thinking of men jerking off.

The man didn't miss a beat, and asked right away, 'Don't you two at least jerk off together?'

We kind of laughed, and blushed, and I blurted out, 'I've always wanted to!!' and turned even redder.

The man said, well, now was our chance, and he'd feel privileged to watch us. We could just come with him to a place behind some rocks, and that was the longest, most exciting, scary, walk that I ever took. We got there, and it was beautiful and creepy both. There was a used condom, and other signs of sex. And the rock had a soft, polished seat just made for two. The noise of the surf there was really loud, and I suddenly felt scared I couldn't hear anybody coming! Then I remembered what the man had said about the beach being safe, and sat down next to Sam, and we began nervously playing with our cocks.

The man stood in front of us, with a full erection now, a big, long thin cock, tan and well used. I couldn't look at him, and anyway, wanted to watch Sam, whose beautiful erection was growing stiffer and stiffer with ever beat of his heart. Mine did, too, when I thought of touching Sam. But I couldn't, I didn't dare!! So I stroked and watched, my eyes never leaving the fold of his beautiful crotch. Sam opened his legs, and began to fondle his balls, and I almost came, right then! Really. I had to let go of my cock.

Sam was stroking, erect, but nervous, too. And then the man said, Don't you want to stroke each other??

Sam and I looked at each other and Sam kind of laughed nervously, and shrugged his shoulders, and said sure, like it was no big deal, done it tons of times, and he let go of his cock, held his hands away, and left if stiff in the air for me to take. It was SO warm, so really warm, so thick, so soft, and so hard. It was everything I'd dreamed of, and more...his hair was really soft and thick, like nothing I'd ever felt, and his thighs were soft and almost hairless. So sensual. I think I stroked him a long time, though maybe it wasn't, and he was holding my cock, trying to stroke, but too overcome by pleasure to give it much attention. Pretty soon, he started to breathe hard, his stomach stiffened, and he let out a moan, and thick, thick gobs of cum dripped down over my hand. Sam's cum. Not some nasty man's cum, but my friend's. Without thinking, I put my hand up to my mouth and licked. (Sam later said he was shocked by that).

I was totally hard, and in a funny way, Sam, who had just had the orgasm of his life, was in not shape to stroke me (he was still kind of nervous about it). The man just looked at me, that is, he gave me a look, and looked at my cock. I knew what it meant. I'd seen that look before, been given that look by men who desired my cock more than anything on earth right then. He wanted to jack me. And I wanted him to. He knelt down, and I had a sudden fright that Sam was watching, that Sam would know that I'd let men do this before....but I wanted it badly, and the man's fingers were already sliding down my shaft....

Sam and I left quickly after the man jacked off for us. Sam liked watching him, and even touched him a couple of times, and then we were in the parking lot, clothes on but feeling funny, our tender cocks yearning for more. We didn't talk much on the way home, except to say it was hot and awesome and scary, too. But not weird, Sam said, like he thought it would be. We got to the apartment, and took showers. Sam was first, and I went in right after him. When I came out to dry off, he was still naked, on the sofa, masturbating and hard.

'Hey' he said, 'you know when that guy jacked you off? That was fuckin' the hottest thing I ever saw! You let him DO it!!! Fuckin' hot!'

I sat down next to him, and started playing with my cock. He asked if that had ever happened before, and I told him it had. He got really hot, and started precuming. He wanted details. I told him, about older men picking me up hitch-hiking and wanting to play with me, and how it was totally hot, and totally not something I would ever tell anyone. Sam got MORE excited, and we were both glistening with cum and precum leaking while I told him the dirty things I'd done.

Finally, Sam moaned, 'Oh fuck, I really want to do that!!!' and he shot cum onto his stomach. I came moments later, so amazing!!

Then Sam wiped some of his cum onto his finger, and put it to my lips, 'Take it,' he said. I licked and swallowed.

'Give me yours,' he said, and I scooped some off my belly, and fed it to him. He made a funny face at the taste, and licked his lips and smiled.

'Cum brothers,' he said, 'we're cum brothers now.'



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