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Cucumbers and Hot Water

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Cucumbers and Hot Water
My boyfriend showed me your great page on masturbation, and I want to share my pleasures with others.
My new masturbation pleasure started with my new boyfriend, who is a fantastic lover, and very into pleasuring me to get me to come as much as he can. Which is a lot!
Two techniques he used when playing with me, I have started using when I masturbate. wow! (so far he does not know I have tried them.) One thing he started was using a cucumber in my pussy - at first this felt weird, then, as I got used to it (he put it in the refrigerator, and the coolness felt great). Then he massaged my clit, while using the cucumber as dildo (because is stays cold for a long time feels better than a dildo). He asked me what if felt like, so as he did not want to hurt me. Suddenly I felt I was starting to come. I almost yelled "I am coming now!! He asked if I wanted him to stop and put his penis in, I said 'NO!! I'm coming!!! And I had a major orgasm while he kept moving the cucumber, and massaging my clit. I put my hand down, and the cucumber was soaked with come! What was so great for both of us was that I really had not expected to come. just start getting aroused. And, I came harder than I usually do.
The other technique is even greater. He did this to surprise me. He told me he was going to shave me, but it would be different! He put a lot of towels under me, then got on top of me, put his big penis in, and started to rub my clit. I asked him about the shaving, as he had the warm water there. He waited until I was getting aroused, then, using a wash-cloth started squeezing warm water down my pussy - it was almost hot! But, it felt sooo good! He kept doing this as he moved his penis. Talk about a great orgasm!
When I was by myself and feeling very horny - which is quite often! I got a cucumber, put towels on the floor, got large bottle with a small nozzle, and filled it up with water as hot as I could stand. Then, with the cucumber in me (it felt so cool!!) I started masturbating, and slowly poured the water onto my pussy. The sensation was wonderful. I did this on and off until I started to come, and as I started, poured water on my throbbing pussy. What an orgasm! Thanks goodness no one was near the room, as I really started yelling! It was that good.. Girls, you have to try these for that extra thrill. Use lots of towels, or you will have a damp bed - or floor! Oh, make sure you have plenty of water, you do not want to run out just as you cum - as I did once!
Odd sex
I really love your site! And letters from ladies giving me ideas on how to masturbate. I have to get a new vibrator this week-end! I like sex with b/f, but masturbation is my special pleasure - alone!
Yesterday I sent you a note about sex with warm water and cucumber! Well, I told my g/f about it - since she and I share our sex experiences. Then she told me her 'secret', and event she was too embarrassed to tell me about before.
She and a b/f had gone out to dinner, came back to her apartment to relax and have sex. She had not been with the b/f for more than a few months, so they had not really experimented with sex. This night they played around, she asked him to go down on her, which he did and she came quickly, as she almost always does (lucky her!) Then...he wanted her to suck his penis. She really did not want to, as her stomach was a bit uncomfortable after the meal and orgasm. However, she had done this once before, and then only licking around the top and masturbating him til he came on her tits.
Unfortunately this time asked her to take it 'deep throat'! she started to refuse, but he was very aroused and thrust it deep in her mouth. She not only gagged, but began throwing up! She told me, it happened so fast that she had no time to more than push him out of her mouth! And threw up the dinner on the bed!
The b/f was as embarrassed as she was, and helped her clean up! By this time he was no longer hard! But to her surprise, he suggested they put a blanket on the floor and intercourse! He even got milk to help her stomach recover She soon felt better, since her throwing-up was caused more by his penis in her throat, than really upset stomach.
The odd part, she said, was somehow, thinking of the event made her horny! And wondered what it would have been like his penis had been in her pussy while she threw up. She had a really great orgasm, and they continued well into the night.
I have never heard of anything like this, and I doubt that Renee is the only one to have had this happen. I am glad it was not me, as somehow throwing up (even if from a gag reflex) does not seem a way to get sexually excited. But. curious to know if Renee is alone with her experience - and enjoying it afterwards!



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