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Cruise Ship Lady

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This winter, my wife and I went on our first cruise, a six day trip from Florida to the Carribean. After the first evening we decided that we were eating too much and started to do different things at supper time. Skipping the big meal, she went to the casino and I went to the on-board gym.

There was a nice hot tub in the entry way to the gym area, one that was usually quite empty unlike the two on the main deck of the ship.

I began the habit of working out, taking a quick shower and then soaking in the uninhabited hot tub each evening at about 7:00. On my third night in the tub a nice looking woman, probably in her late 60s came to the tub to soak. She peeled out of a modest white robe, revealing a one-piece black swim suit. She was slender and had small breasts. Her suit gave her the appearance of a conservative lady. I guessed that she might be a retired school teacher.

Since she was the only other person in the tub, my eyes were drawn to her as she shifted about on the other side of the tub, apparently looking for a 'good' place to sit. She closed her eyes, and shifted her position finally finding a spot over some of the most forceful bubbles.

I watched, fascinated, and wondering if the bubbles were reaching any of her special places. Since here eyes were closed I was comfortable watching her. As I watched I could see that the bubbles were being diverted and that they were percolating up from the area that seemed to be immediately between her legs.

I was having a fantasy and watching her, but not really believing that what I imagined was really happening, until I noticed that she seemed to slump over and use an arm to divert the stream of bubbles toward her breasts. Slowly as I watched, her nipples appeared from under the modest, but now wet, black suit. Her previously hidden breasts began to take shape and her nipples rose up to become as prominant as pencil points. As the bubbles boiled, her face took on a look of strange relaxed pain and she slowly twisted in place.

This exstacy went on for several minutes and as I watched I decided that she was pleasuring herself but that the show that I was watching could not possibly lead to anything more than some ssurface stimulation. Meanwhile I was developing quite an erection and shifting to direct my bubbles toward myself as well. I carefully let my own penis out of the confines of my swim suit and allowed the bubbles to cascade directly onto it.

Then it happened. Suddenly and without warning, she gasped, bent over in the water and began to convulse in controlled contractions that had to be an orgasm. She tensed up and alternatively twisted back and forth several times. As she did her hand disappeared beneath the water where it was obvious that she was pressing against herself.

Then it was over. She splashed water on her face, stretched and then made eye contact.

'Sorry,' she said in a whisper. 'I didn't expect that to happen.'

I told her that I had enjoyed it and she seemed relieved. Before she got out of the tub she explained that she was on vacation with three friends and that there was no opportunity for self-relief in her crowded stateroom. And she was, as I had guessed, a retired grade school teacher, who had never been married.

She crossed to my side of the tub before she left and glanced down at my penis which I had extracted from the confines of my swim suit during her performance. I didn't think that it was visible underneath the bubbling waters.

'What are you going to do about that,' she asked, glancing down in the water.

'The same thing you just did,' I answered.

'Can I watch?' she asked.

Then she sat down just a few feet from me.

With her sitting right next to me I discreetly brought myself to an orgasm using just two fingers of my right hand. I tried to delay my pleasure but the situation was so erotic that I couldn't stop myself from cumming within a few minutes. She thanked me and admitted that If I had not been there watching, she wouldn't have been able to climax.

'YOu made it a lot more sexy,' she said, as she climbed out of the tub.

I returned to the same hot tub every day for the remainder of the cruise but never saw her again.



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