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Crossing the Line Worked Out!

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I had always been an incredibly horny person, a risk taking masturbator and fornicator for that matter and so obviously I loved to flirt. My best friends wife had always flirted back with me and for a few years we had had a friendly back and forth with innuendo and slight mock touching, mock in that perhaps I would nudge her and she would squeal. I always looked forward to hanging out with my best friend and his wife, she, Marilyn, would always cook and her husband and I would have a few beers and speak about the world at large and our mutual endeavour in a four-piece rock band. I think Marilyn really got off on my stage presence and the subject matter of some of the songs.

When I would call their house, never with the intent to speak to Marilyn, we would chat and a few times while her husband was at work I would head over to keep her company with their beautiful daughter to whom I was the Godfather, nothing had ever crossed any lines before and we were good friends and I wanted to look after my best friends wife and his wants were my own. We would exchange emails and facebook messages every once and a while and sometimes chat online with each other.

Well one day I had sent a response to one of her usual slightly flirty messages that I felt I had said too much, something had been too direct, basically challenging her to try me out and perhaps boasting over my genital size, which I often did, and do have bragging rights too. I worried about sending this letter for a few days, I must have sent it off when I had had a few beers or something. I waited to see her response or hear something from the husband himself. Well her response was not to scold me but to encourage me further, and so with this encouragement we began to exchange more and more messages each escalating the reality of our want of each other.

I would begin to 'joke' about how I would love to bend her over their kitchen table and pound her into oblivion and she would 'joke' about how she wouldn't mind that at all. Eventually our stories became more involved and inspired and we would talk about how we were playing with ourselves, talking about how her toes would curl in orgasm and her back would arch, how her nipples were rock hard and generally that she was laying naked panting and thinking of me. In turn I was talking about the cum flying out of my cock how hard it was and how much I longed to show her how deep my want went. I would wait for every email and jerk off thinking about Marilyn cumming so hard knowing she was cumming off on my words and thoughts. We confessed that we wanted each other, it was obvious.

Eventually I got a surprising email from Marilyn saying that she had let the cat out of the bag to her husband that she wanted to fuck me. I was shocked! I didn't know what to do, I awaited fallout from this, but was also curious to see where this was headed. We shared our most explicit fantasies now with each other and there was no mistake that either of us were joking now. To up the ante, I got another email about a week later saying that she had cleared it with her husband that we could be with each other. My heart leapt into my throat and blood engorged my cock. This floored me. I didn't know what to do with myself.

I didn't actually address it for a few days but then I was invited over for dinner with a few other mutual friends and without having seen Marilyn at all since our flirtations began and certainly wasn't going to turn it down, it would be suspicious.

I arrive and pizza and beers are had, we all sit in the family room watching something, maybe it was the Wii being played or something.

Marilyn sat beside me in the corner of the couch beneath a blanket and her legs stretched towards me. The lights are somewhat dim and everyone is engrossed in their game. Marilyn and I begin to steal glances of each other. There is no mistake in the look in her eye, and now that I see it in person, I am no longer afraid and I am becoming excited. She pulls one leg up and is kind of moving it from side to side hinged by her hip and foot which is close to me on the cushion I am sitting on, slowly I watch her move her hand, the whole while looking at me, beneath the rim of the blanket and nestle it somewhere where my eyes can no longer see but guess.. I watch her slightly raise her hips and close her eyes in slight moan. I am rock hard. As she is doing this she also manages to throw the blanket over my crotch and rests both her barefeet across my lap.

No one really had known that I have a mild foot fetish, there is something indescribably sexy about a woman bare feet with painted nails, she begins to rub the heel of her foot across my crotch through my jeans and play with my cock rubbing the soles of her feet across my erection. I am unbelievably turned on by this, all the while our friends remain around us, ignorant in the glow of the tv. I am watching her play with herself beneath the blanket and ever so slightly grab at her nipples every so often. I can practically feel her stifled breathing coming across at me. I move slightly closer to her on the couch and at the same time manage to undo the fly of my jeans, but that is all I can risk for the time being with people around us. but as luck would have it, everyone decided to have a smoke break at that moment and as it was a non-smoking house hold, and I had recently quit, I was shortly to be left alone with the object of my immediate desire.


with the door closed and us not having too much more time alone together Marilyn hopped up onto my lap and pulled my cock out between her legs and against her bare pussy and began to rub me and pull on me in a mutually satisfying way. My cock was dripping pre cum and her pussy was so wet. I unhooked the strap of her dress from over her shoulder and began to suck on her nipples and grab her ass. She was completely naked beneath her thin layer of fabric. We kissed each other hard, possessed and wanting to own every second of our brief time together which was shortly going to be interrupted. She kept on stroking me and I could feel I was soon to cum and she had her body positioned so that she I could rub her clit. She began to make the most tiny whimpering sounds, soft but high-pitched, they were nearly too much to take, I dont think I had ever heard anything sexier. Quickly her sounds began to escalate and she pulled my pants down further to be able to feel me better. My cock was nearly about to explode, but she beat me to it. She came violently against me, shuddering powerfully and with perfect timing, from where their front door was, you could hear the loud closing of the outside door and we knew we had a few minutes before the gang would be back.

She quickly hopped back into the corner of the couch but leaned forward with her feet on either side of my cock and jerked me off with her dress hanging low so that I could see her breasts. She tried her hardest to make me cum before they got back but they arrived too quickly and had to put herself back in position. I was able to compose myself enough and she picked up a magazine as the door opened and the game quickly resumed around us. She began to use her feet on me once again and I layed back and let her do the work. She knew how to work her toes and ankles and I came shortly after with the blanket slightly off me staring down as the cum exploded onto her painted nails and dripped down onto my exposed crotch.

There is much more to tell about this arrangement, not all of it strictly masturbation related, eventually the husband was involved and we had a glorious time together. If youd like to hear more please comment!



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