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Criminally Captivated

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Happened today.


I found a normal girl. I wanted to corrupt a normal girl. I placed an ad. She had a boyfriend, had bills to pay and what not. Needed to be discreet. Her name was Emma. She sent me a few pictures. I did not believe the pictures she sent me. I stared at them for at least five minutes. There was no way she was that hot. She looked like a model. Naturally, I made an appointment to see her. She had to cancel, but we rescheduled. I was nervous, excited. I was really gonna do it. A sweet, normal girl selling out for money. If only her hands. By normal of course, I mean supermodel gorgeous.

When she opened the door, I was floored. A) It was really her. B) She was really that hot. C) She smiled. At me. I ran to the bathroom. My suave, self effacing sense of humor was gone. It would not be seen again. I was all nerves. I washed up, calmed down, and went to have some fun. I hoped.

I kept stammering about how hot she was. I couldn't believe it. She stripped down to her bra and panties. She was cool, distant. She said she felt guilty. She calmly stroked me, detached. Looking into space. Or at my penis. I hoped my penis. Was it too small? Had she ever been with an uncut guy? I was corrupting a normal girl. It was incredibly hot. I informed her of this. Perhaps continuously. I'm not sure if she warmed up to my incoherent babbling or not, but she offered to take off her top for more money. I thought it might ruin the fantasy. After all, there was no way her breasts could retain the perfect shape that the bra held them in, right?

Not so much. Her breasts, like the rest of her, were flawless. They were heavy, yet perky. Zero sag. Perfect nipples. She stroked me more. I wasn't sure if she was having fun, or wanted to get it over with. I was losing steam, so I suggested she get some lotion. I got a great look at her ass. It, too, was free of blemsih. She was tight, taut, had a creamy skin tone, a killer smile. She boucned back to me with lotion, kneeling next to me. Her hands were amazing. She had a no touching rule. I would have given anything to go further with her. I got her to lick her lips playfully a few times. She was pretty damn sensual about it. She started smacking her hand down against me hard, and for a minute or two there was nothing but the perfect sound of her beating my sex. Her breasts jiggled, the independant motion of them was getting me close. As I was about to come, I asked her to rub her breasts against my leg, to put me over the edge. This was partly to work around her no touching rule, if only because I didn't want to just lose control and maul her tits during my orgasm.

She teased her breasts against my leg, it was wonderful. She drained me. I couldn't stop repeating how floored I was by her looks. I wasn't sure how long I was there, and I knew I had to leave soon. I wanted to ask her so much. I'm an idiot. I get infatuated too easily. She was distant. Guilty? Did she have fun? Did it matter? Next time I'll last longer. Maybe. If there is a next time. If you ever read this, thanks, Emma.



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