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Crazy Girls

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I can say this story is true, but so few really believe me that I'm not going to even try. This was the best time of my young life and I'd never take it back.

By the way, all names have been changed.


My highschool sweetheart, Summer, and I started getting serious during our sophmore year. She was the third girl I had ever slept with, but I was with her the longest. In fact, I'd even go so far to say that she was my first real love. If it wasn't for me joining the Military and heading off to make another life for myself, we probably would have gotten married. However, I was young and wanted to go out and live life first; with only me, myself and I.

Anyway, after graduating highschool, Summer made a friend, Jenna, who was two years older than us and married to this guy by the name of Cory. Since Cory was a manic-depressive, he didn't hold down jobs very long and spent a lot of time at home smoking weed. But despite the drug habit, he was a good guy. Their only problem was that it was hard paying rent and bills. And despite the fact that I didn't know them very well, we moved in so that Summer and I could be together. We'd have our own room and could be with each other every night.

Jenna had a lot of girl friends, some of them still in highschool-like Vanessa and Hillary (both of them confirmed lesbians and 14-years-old). These two, amongst most of them, were always around. The apartment was their place to go to kiss and makeout without their parents around.

After about two months, all of us got to really know each other. Cory and Jenna were modern hippies, smoking weed and walking around freely naked, not giving a damn that other people were over, able to see them. I'm a lot more conservative than that so when Jenna asked me why I never got naked I told her that, 'It just wasn't me.' Each time they got naked, they asked Summer and I to join them, but I kept refusing. Summer finally gave in and one would think that this'd be great, with two girls walking around naked but it wasn't usually done in a very sexual way. It's not like Cory and Jenna ever started having sex right there in front of us. All it did, was make me nervous.

After a while I began to get 'fatherly' around Vanessa once she and Hillary broke up. She really needed somebody to cheer her up and keep her out of trouble and her mother didn't seem to give a damn about her. So I began to get close to Vanessa, even with our friends walking around us completely naked.

To add a little more 'strange' to the mix, Jenna began to call me her 'cutie' and told Cory that she wanted to fuck me. Right there in front of Summer. Cory told her that I was a good guy, so if we wanted to we should go 'have our fun'. Summer said that she wanted to watch; that was her only condition. (I was beginning to realize that Summer was really liking this 'experimentation' phase of our lives. She writes erotica and I guess she wanted to experience a lot more of the things she wrote about. At least, that's my only theory about her behaviour).

However: Guy-brain said, 'It's a trap. You'd go and screw Jenna and then Summer would be blowing up the next day about you being a cheating asshole.' So, of course, I told Jenna thanks but I was serious about being with Summer and I didn't want to ruin our relationship. Summer heard this and told me that I was a chicken, but it still didn't feel right.

Month seven: Things progressed as normal and somehow I still hadn't gotten used to the idea of getting naked with everybody else. I was out on the closed porch smoking a cigarette (there was no smoking...cigarettes...inside the house; yeah, don't ask me). Anyway, Vanessa came over and gave me a hug and started talking with Summer. Summer gave her a cigarette and they began to talk about sex for some reason. (I don't remember how it got started, I really don't). I overheard Vanessa telling Summer that she thought I had a nice ass for a guy and Summer agreed and said she ought to see it. Before I knew it Summer grabbed by sweats and underwear and pulled them down to my ankles. I was turned around, back facing them, trying to tell the dog to stay out of my food and she took the opportunity!

I, of course, bent over to grab my sweats to pull them up and Vanessa screamed, 'I can see his cute balls!' I was so stunned and embarrassed that I didn't even realize a lesbian was telling Summer I had cute balls. Instead I, red faced, chucked my cigarette into an ashtray and acted as though I ignored it all to stop the dog from attacking my food. I heard them giggling and laughing as I sat down to eat, totally unable to say a word.

I found this out later, totally unaware that something was up: That night while I was working on my computer, writing a paper for my first college class, Summer got Vanessa to stay over and they told Jenna about what had happened earlier. Giggling, they conspired to get me naked if it was the last thing they did.

When I was finished with the paper, after four hours of research and drafting, I went out to the living room to eat and play video games but Cory was out 'buying some stuff' (which usually took him a few hours). The girls ate with me, joked around with me as if nothing was up and after I sat down to start playing games they decided to attack. They started by tickling me and wrestling me, which was all in good fun (or so I thought), but then Vanessa exclaimed that it was time for me to get naked. Frightened, I put up a lot more resistance, which made it much harder, but they won. Maybe it was because a part of me was getting very turned on by this obsession with me being naked, or maybe I'm just a wimp, but they were able to wrestle me onto the floor. Summer sat on my chest as Jenna lifted my legs up and Vanessa yanked my sweats off. Then they let me go, except Summer still sat on my chest, Vanessa holding the sweats behind her.

Then Jenna saw what was happening to my genitals and started chanting, 'You're getting a boner! You're getting a boner!' And Vanessa walked over to the side of us to get a good look of my growing cock. I couldn't see it, of course, having Summer on my chest but I did feel Summer wrap her fingers around it and start to yank on it.

This quieted Jenna and I realized they were watching Summer's hand jack me. She did it fast at first-I could feel my balls bouncing. And it felt so good and hard that...

No, I thought. I feared for Vanessa. She was fourteen and, by the look on her face, she had never seen this before. But I relaxed when I saw her bite her bottom lip, smile slowly and nod her head at me when she saw that I was looking at her. Then her attention moved back to what was happening.

Summer got up off my chest and sat beside my hip and I saw Jenna, finally, and how she watched with a smile. Summer gave me a smile, too, and then we were all watching Summer's hand sliding up and down my shaft. Summer told Jenna that my cock was nice and hot-Jenna and Vanessa agreed.

Then Jenna got courageous and began to slightly pull and caress my balls as Summer slowed her pace.

'Your husband pre-cums?' Summer asked. Jenna said, 'Yeah, sometimes.' And then Summer began to squeeze out beeds of pre-cum from my cockhead.

'I'd so jump your bones,' Vanessa told me.

but I continued, 'If you weren't a lesbian?'

And she chuckled and said, 'I'm bi, dumby. If I was a total lez my pussy wouldn't be so wet right now.'

Summer asked Vanessa if she had ever touched one before and Vanessa said no, so she let go of my cock and told Vanessa to 'go ahead and get him off'.

Vanessa hesitated and Jenna took the opportunity to rub my balls and cock, sliding her hand up and down it. (I have never been that excited in my life!) But when Vanessa moved to grab me, I told her there was a more comfortable way to do it. I told them to sit on the couch, Vanessa in the middle so they could all watch. They all quickly did as I said.

Vanessa then opened her shirt, exposing her small breasts and told me that she wanted me to come on her titties. She thought the idea was hot (and the other girls agreed), so I agreed. When I stood in front of her, my cock was half hard like a big, lazy index finger, pointing slightly down and a little lower than face level. Now I was looking down and three cuties were waiting for one of them to jack me off. I was in heaven!

I had to instruct Vanessa a little to get the right pressure, etc., but when the girl was off, she was off. While her small hand worked up and down my shaft at a deceant speed, she cupped my balls and squeezed a couple times, but later Jenna took over playing with my balls as Summer rubbed my ass.

The slit at the end of my cockhead let a stream of pre-cum out, which poured over Vanessa's finger. She stopped once just to lick it off, to 'give it a try.' But then her hand began moving again. I told the girls how hot and sexy they were and they returned the favor, spoiling me with comments about how much my cock turned them on and how they all wanted a turn.

Then I couldn't take it anymore. I told Vanessa to be careful, I was going to cum. Vanessa reacted just on time, pointing my cockhead downward toward her chest and gasped.

The feeling was so intense, that my knees buckled and I used Summer's shoulder to keep me on my feet. I ran a hand down my stomach, over my mons pubis just as my cock sprayed my milk upwards, coating Vanessa's neck. The girls giggled as I sprayed a few more times, coating Vanessa's breasts and relaxing, falling to my knees in utter exhaustion.

I told Vanessa I'd get her a tissue, but she told me that she wanted it and rubbed it into her breasts. Then Cory walked in the front door, catching me still with my dick out. He grinned at me and asked if I had a good time and I told him that it was great.

After that, all of us got naked, and we talked it out. There wasn't going to be any intercourse except between couples, but we'd all allow one another to masturbate each other. Luckily, Cory and I were straight, so we never touched each other. However, for another two months, I met three or four more girls that masturbated me and I returned the favor. Everyone ended up walking in on each other over and over again. And I was hardly able to keep a steady supply of cum in my balls long enough before it was meeting the great outdoors.

While those days are fun to look back on, Ive moved on and haven't done anything like that again. Believe it or not, it didn't become much different than being with one girl (as far as my feelings went), so I didn't get bored, really. Just 'finished'. I don't know why.

Now I'm happily married and we keep our sex life to ourselves, but I do like to dream and remember...



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