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Cowboy Boots and Front Snap Bra

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Warning-this story is a 'cliff hanger' but it is still lots of fun and worth the read


We went to a friends party. I wore a skirt with cowboy boots. Because the shirt was white I wore a white lace number underneath. The party was fun, but my favorite part was catching him watching me, looking me over, wanting me.

We got back to my place. Tired from a night of fun. I turned to set something down and he came behind me, hugging me lovingly, rubbing my shoulders. It had been a long day and he knew I was exhausted so he was just being sweet. I knew he wouldn't make a move, afraid to pressure me. But we rarely got time alone, and I wanted to make the most of my time with him.

I rolled my hips back into him and heard a low gasp. I smiled then rolled them again, pressing my ass up against him before bending over slowly. He placed his hands on my hips and sighed as I continued to tease him with my moves.

'I like skirts' he said

'why?' I asked innocently.

'Because you can do this' he answered and slowly ran his hands down my legs and back up under my skirt, brushing my core temptingly.

It was more than I could take. I stood up and spun to face him, ripping my shirt over my head before grabbing him and pulling him into a hard kiss. His hands met my passion and lifted my shirt to grab my ass.

'Sit down' I commanded between breaths. And he moved to sit and I released him.

Standing before him I stripped off my skirt so that I wore only my bra and panties and my black cowboy boots.

'I think I'll keep my boots on' I said with a smirk and a wink. He nodded and I climbed on top to straddle him.

His hands were everywhere on me at first, our passion overflowing. He grabbed my tits through my bra, finding and fondling my hard nipples through the fabric. I sighed and moaned, hungry for his touch.

He then slowed, and his hand drifted down my stomach, running his fingers over my panty line I was already wet at this point but was growing wetter by the second. His slow tantalizing tracing made me clench and my panties grew cold as my wetness soaked through and the air hit it since my legs were spread open before him.

His hand drifted lower and in one swift motion he swept his fingers over my core and up my slit, making me suck in my breath. 'God you're wet!' he whispered hoarsely between kisses.

He continued rubbing his finger tips from clit to ass, up and down my slit, slowly at first but growing faster. My thin satin and lace panties were literally sopping wet as he worked his magic on me. I jerked and cried out, my breath catching and panting on his lips as he ran up and down, up and down my slit. He ever so slightly slid my panties over and gently rubbed my lips, making me relax into his touch. Before I knew what was happening hit finger was on my clit, rubbing and pressing! I jerked and gasped, shocked at his motions, the intensity of the feelings made blood rush to my head and I swear I saw stars! I gasped and drew back, 'I can't take any more I think I might black out!' I whispered, making him laugh. I'm not sure he believed me.

I sat back on his legs, stretching mine out and placing my boots out straight on either side of him as he sat in the chair. Gasping for breath, I rubbed my neck and my eyes, trying to see straight again. I never believed that pleasure existed. But he wasn't finished with me yet. I leaned forward to hug him and rest my head on his shoulder, but could feel his fingers under my bra strap at my back which made me laugh.

'It hooks in front' I said with a chuckle. And sat back up to reveal my complicated bra hook. He ran his fingers over the tops of my breasts, teasing me, making my eyes roll into my head again. His fingers moved down over the clasp, making me laugh again. He kissed between my breasts,

'I'll make you a deal', he said, 'If I can figure it out, I get to take it off'.

I grinned. 'Deal! Because I really don't think you can!'

I laughed but remained still as he fumbled with the hook. It didn't look like it was going to budge, the trick being that you have to turn then slide it up and down to get it apart. With a shock my breasts suddenly tumbled out, my nipples hardening in the cold air, he had unhooked it! My mouth dropped open as his eyes met mine, mischievous and smug. Before I had a second to think his mouth was on my tit, sucking my nipple, twisting it with his tongue, his hand on my other, pulling twisting, palming. God it was the hottest thing to see my breasts hanging out in the open before him, in his hands and my nipples in his mouth.

This is where my story ends today. Our rules about only touching over the clothes still applied, but we had crossed all those lines that night. It was too much for me, and we had to stop. But there will be more,..... stay tuned



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