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Cousins Will Play!

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Cousins Will Play!
A few months ago my cousin was at my house because we both like to skate around town and we always hang out for a little while after. My cousin is a year older than me, she's about 5'2", great body, and nice big tits. We were both sitting in my room (which is in the basement, and we were home alone) and watched some movie on HBO which had a lot of sex and nudity in it. I was getting excited and my cousin, Sharon, noticed and started to giggle.
I felt so embarrassed, my dick was bulging through my jeans and I couldn't hide it. After about twenty more seconds of me being embarrassed out of my mind, my erection went down. I felt so relieved and awkward. I changed the channel so it wouldn't happen again, but Sharon started asking me questions.
She asked me if I jerked-off a lot. I do it about three times a day, but I told her I only did it a few times a week. Than she asked me if all guys did it. I told her every guy I know jerked-off at least once a week. She asked me a few more questions but than I asked her one.
"Do you like to masturbate?" She sat there for a few seconds and than she told me she did. She was the first girl that actually admitted she masturbated. I asked her how often she did it, she said every time she got horny. I figured that was only like, twice a month, but she told me otherwise. She said she did it four times a day. In the shower, in her bed, in the bathroom, and wherever she could get privacy for a few minutes.
All the talking about masturbating got me hard, and I didn't even notice. But she did. She asked me if she could touch it. I didn't know what to say, she was hot, but she was my cousin. After thinking for a few minutes I unzipped my jeans and let my prick pop out. I'm about average sized, six and a half inches. She stared at it for little while than reached out and grabbed it. It felt pretty good to me, and I guess it felt good to her to because she smiled and licked her lips. I was ready to put my dick back in my jeans but than she started stroking my cock. It felt soooooo good!!!
I just sat back and let her go. I closed my eyes and started thinking about other things -- like fucking her. While my eyes were closed she surprised me. I felt her lips close around the head of my cock, I looked down at her and saw her head bobbing up and down. It felt so much better than her jerking me. I told her I was about to cum and she just kept going. I shot a nice big load into her mouth, and she swallowed it all.
After receiving all this pleasure, I felt that I should repay her. So told her to take off her pants and spread her legs. She took off her jeans, and she was wearing a nice little pair of cotton panties. Than she took off her panties and revealed one beautiful shaved cunt. I dove right in. I started licking, sucking, fingering her pussy. She was moaning in delight. It's a good thing no one was home or someone might have heard her. I started eating her out faster, and fingering her harder and she enjoyed it. Then her pussy tightened around my fingers and I could barely pull them out. She bit her lower lip and screamed. I licked up all her juices and smiled at her. Than she leaned over French kissed me, which wasn't as good as some other things she did to me, but I enjoyed it.
After a few minutes of making out, she pushed me down on my bed and climbed on top of me and slid my cock up her pussy. I was a virgin and I never thought my first time would be with me cousin. She started bouncing up and down on my cock and IT FELT GOOD. I was licking and sucking nice C tits the whole time, they tasted good. I told her I was going to cum so I pulled my dick out and was going to jerk-off until I cummed. But she told me not to. She told me to hold it in and she ran up stairs. She came back with bottle of cooking oil. She poured some out on her hand and rubbed it on my cock. She bent over and spread her legs so her ass was wide open. I slid my cock right in there and she screamed, but it was in delight. I started slow but picked up the pace after about thirty seconds because I was ready to cum, it was hard enough holding it in that long. So I cummed in my cousin's ass and moaned. I pulled my dick out and Sharon turned around and licked off the cum that was still on my cock.
She kissed me again, rubbed my dick for a little while longer but than we both got our clothes back on and talked about it than Sharon left. After that experience, we did stuff like that whenever we could find time. One time she brought a friend with her, which is another great story.
It was a rainy afternoon, I was home alone and extremely bored. The phone rang, I answered it, and I was so happy to hear my cousin's voice on the other end. She asked if I wanted to do "something." I answered yes right away, but than my cousin said that her friend was coming over too. I got so excited when I heard that. The whole time between when I hung up and my cousin got to my house I was praying that my cousin's friend was hot.
When my cousin came to my door, I saw a gorgeous girl standing next to her - she was about 5'8", C tits, great ass, and long beautiful legs, her face was beautiful too, and her blonde hair made her perfect.
We all went down into my room where it was awkward for about 5 minutes until my cousin decided that it was time to do something. She got up walked over to me and kissed me while she slowly moved her hand down into my pants while my cock was eager for some pussy. She slowly moved her head down until she was face to face with my cock. She opened wide and practically swallowed my dick. I moaned with pleasure. My cousin's friend, Lindsay, was sitting on my bed just watching. I could see that she was horny and wanted to get in on some action. I smiled at her and she took it as a sign, she stood up and took off her pants, and than her shirt. My mouth dropped, she was the most beautiful thing I ever saw, she had this sexy see-through bra on that turned me on even more. She had a these tight light bikini panties on, which were soaked because of how horny she was.
Still facing me she took off her bra and panties and I cummed in my Sharon's mouth without warning. Lindsay's tits were amazing, and her cunt was neatly shaved, and very wet. Well after Sharon finished swallowing my load, she got up and asked me to return the favor, but I wanted to see what Lindsay did. I got Sharon in a position on the floor where I could still see Lindsay. As I started to eat out Sharon, I saw Lindsay start to finger herself. I couldn't stand it. Lindsay was so into her body, she was feeling her tits, licking her fingers after a few minutes in her pussy. My dick was throbbing, and I was barely paying attention to Shannon's needs, but she tapped me in my head with her foot so I got back to business.
After about five minutes in Shannon's bush, she cummed and I licked up every drop. I looked over and I was shocked to see that Lindsay had a vibrator in her hand, and of course in her pussy. She was really into, she was moaning and rubbing her tits and licking her lips, I wondered where she got the vibrator from but than I noticed a bookbag by the foot of my bed.
I looked back at Shannon and she was sitting on my couch with her legs up and her pussy waiting. So what else could I do but go fuck her? I went over and slid right in and started pumping away. I still had my eyes on Lindsay though, she started breathing hard and the her body just stopped as she screamed and soaked my bed with her sweet juices. So now I could focus on the task at hand. I look at Shannon's face and she was biting her lip while grabbing my couch cushions. I leaned over one licked her tits and sucked on her nipples than moved up and shoved my tongue in her mouth. I could tell Shannon was having fun as I saw the big grin on her face. I took another glance at Lindsay and she was rubbing her vibrator between her tits while rubbing her cunt with her hand. That site made me ready to cum. I started to pump harder and faster, than I pulled out just in time to spray my cousin's tits with my warm cum.
We were all exhausted. Shannon asked, "Now what?" Lindsay's eyes lit up and ran over to her bag, I couldn't tell what she pulled out over her bag, but than I saw her putting it around her waist - it was a dildo and harness. She looked and Shannon and smiled, Shannon smiled back and got up and walked over to Lindsay. They started to make out. I was blown away, two beautiful girls making out right in front of me. Lindsay moved her hands down to Shannon's ass and rubbed it, so Shannon did the same.
Than I saw one of the greatest sights ever. Shannon lay down on my bed and spread her legs, and Lindsay started to fuck her with the dildo. I don't think I blinked once during the whole time Lindsay was fucking her. I was amazed at this, my dick was aching to cum but I needed a reason to. After 10 minutes of the greatest thing ever, Shannon had multiple orgasms and soaked the dildo. Lindsay pulled out and collapsed on my bed. I was ready to fuck Lindsay, but she said not yet. So I didn't know what was going to happen. The two girls smiled at each other and than ask me a difficult question to answer. Shannon said, "We just did something for you, so now you owe us. We want to butt-fuck you." I didn't know what to say, I was kind of curious but I was really surprised by one of the people who was going to do it.
I thought about it and finally said yes. I bent over and spread my legs and got ready for an interesting experience. I made sure that the dildo was lubed up, and it was still well lubed from Shannon's pussy. So Lindsay got behind me, and slid the dildo up my ass. It hurt the first few times Lindsay pumped the dildo, but after a little while I found the great pleasure in the pain. I noticed Shannon slide under me and started to play with my cock and started to suck it. I was in heaven. After a few minutes, they switched positions so my cousin was actually butt fucking me. But I enjoyed it very much, I finally cummed in Lindsay's mouth so Shannon pulled the dildo out of my ass.
After that, we were all to tired to do anything else. We all got dressed and watched some TV. As the two girls were leaving they insisted that we did this again, and I would make sure it did. -------- Anon



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